Neon Lights

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Vegas! No big plot. I just thought it would be fun!Seriously like any character can be used here. Theres so many jobs and types of people- people just on vacation, struggling newcomers,?strippers (male and female), escorts, showgirls, singers/perfomers,?freak show people, circusy/magic show people, casino workers, hotel workers, etc.
Seriously, the possibilities are endless.


Asher McDaniels, 36
Asher is a good ol boy from Texas who came to Vegas for a business trip a few years and he fell in love with the atmosphere. he loved the people, the lights, and the money it came from having big time clients. He moved here a year or two later and has a successful clientele. His clients range from celebrities to casino owners. He is well known around Vegas and he is a premier bachelor. He dabbles with the showgirls, he's not into the strippers or escorts. He is Vaughn'a attorney and good friend.

Cassandra (cass-ON-dra) Dupree. 1. 2.
Aka Coco Coxx
Cassandra comes from a well off family in the suburbs of Chicago. They had her life planned out for her. She was supposed to go to the college they picked, marry the boy they approved of, and settle down just they like they did.?Cas wanted to be an actress and her parents weren't having?it so they cut her off completely. She tried hitchiking her way to LA but the farthest she got was Las Vegas. She was a waitress for a while and caught the eye of a sleazy producer who offered her a role in an adult film. She didn't go for it until she got an eviction notice and was desperate for money. She's been doing it for 5 years now and she's somewhat well known in the skin flicks world. She's accepted this as the best she's going to get. She makes good money,?has a?great plastic surgeon,?and lives in a luxury hotel attached to a casino where she can get drunk after every role. This line of work leaves a void but most of the time she hides it well.

Alice Drummund
(alias Crystal, Angel, Candy, Amber)?
Runaway/ Call girl
Alice is the product of a broken home, her Mom is an alcoholic and her father is on active duty in the army. She ran away from her home and her mom in Arizona for the bright lights of Las Vegas. She had dreams of being a famous show girl but that didn't really work out. She was nieve and stupid and got in with the wrong crowd. She met a guy and thought she was in love and that he was in love with her but really he was a pimp and he was playing her. Now she's in deep, too deep to get out.?


Vince has got a gambling problem, Vince has a lot of problems actually. He's just back at work for being suspended. He was caught accepting bribes and looking the other way on his bookie and his bookies friends to keep his kneecaps from being broken.?
Now he's trying very desperatly to get back onto his feet.?

Alice Destin A.K.A. Alvina.?33. illusionist.
Alice has been Alvina for 10 years now, a permenant residency in one of Las Vegas's finest hotel. Her show brings in people by the thousands; making her one of the most popular illusionist to date. Alice became fancinated by magic and illusion at a young age.? It didn't take her long to start practicing it on her own.? She won every talent show throughout school and got her first gig in her late teens.? She had posted multiple videos of some of her acts online and they instantly went viral.? She jumped on the first offer to move to Vegas and the rest is history. Her career took off and she has been living her dream since.? She is always coming up with something bigger and better than her last show and after 10 years she still isn't bored with it. She loves it just as much as she did when she was a little girl playing with her magic kit.? Alice resides in one of the penhouse suites of the hotel her residency is at.? She doesn't have much off time, it takes alot of time and effort to put together her shows and she is 100% invested.

​Lucio Martinez. 39. Partner of a casino? (Vaughn's Sunshine?)
Lucio has been part owner of one of the largest casinos in Vegas for a few years now.? His childhood buddy was nice enough to make him a partner.? Lucio does alot of the dirty work. Let's just say he is one of the guys that make sure the casino doesn't lose it's money to those people that think they can outsmart the system.? He is a no jokes kind of guy, he takes what he does seriously and everyone usually takes him just as serious. He doesn't give people a whole lot of leverage if it comes to debts etc. He makes sure that the casino gets what is due to them; rather it be money or a?hard lesson learned.? Lucio has never been an emotional kind of guy, he doesn't have any remorse toward the people that make bad decisions that affect the business.? When he isn't playing the tough guy he likes to live it up; girls, drugs, and money are an endless supply and he takes full advantage of the playboy lifestyle.? He thinks he living the dream,?(Cherrybomb I was thinking that maybe Jesse could get close to Alice; maybe even stealing some of her acts or something like that? What do you think?)

Vaughn Porter, 38
Casino Owner
Vaughn took over his uncle's casino eight years ago when he passed away from lung cancer. He made his good friend Lucio partner a few years later. Vaughn really isn't a business guy, he doesn't like to deal with the problems behind closed doors, that's why he has a fantastic team that takes care of the dirty work for him. He's good at the publicity stuff, looking good for the cameras, getting business for his casino, but everything else he leaves up to Lucio or his attorney, Asher. He loves his life in the city, he couldn't ask for anything better especially since his long time girlfriend just scored her own headlining show. The publicity for him and his casino is rocking.

Leila Moore
Aspiring Singer/Waitress
Leila graduated high school a few months back and decided to not take the college route like so many of her friends chose. Coming from home from a single mother with a handful of siblings, Leila took this as her chance to get out. She moved to Vegas a few months ago as an aspiring singer. She figured this would be better to get her start than to head straight to LA. She performs in smaller clubs and bars when she's not waitressing. She was crashing on her friends' couches until she finally saved enough money for her to get a place with a few other roommates. She's trying her best to get by, but sometimes it does get hard.

Cara Von Deen, 29
Show Girl
Cara grew up in a suburb of Vegas, her mom constantly pushed her into every dance competition and beauty pageant in the state. College really wasn't an option for her and when she failed at her audition with the Rockettes she banked on being a show girl. She's known along the entertainment folks in Vegas quite well, she's been in a numerous shows for big ticket audiences. This is her place and this is where she belongs. She has dreams of hanging up her head dress and becoming a choreographer one day, but not anytime soon.

Shelby Rowan
Shelby loved to dance since she was a toddler. It was always her dream to be a ballerina. That dream was crushed when she was turned down from Juilliard. She kept dancing but she hasn't made it big. Wanting to take her dancing further, she left quiet little?Iowa for the bright lights of Vegas. Its been hard for her to open up to the carefree lifestyle everyone in Vegas seems to have. She's shy and self concious but a talented dancer. She just starting working as a show girl and part of her hates it. She loves dancing but hates being treated like a prostitute when the lights go out. She's currently living with roommates and she doesn't love it. She's been in Vegas for 3 years and still isn't used to it. She's thinking about giving up on her dreams entirely and moving back home.

​Are any characters needed before we can start this one? :)

I'm good if everyone else is!?

Do you mind if Lucio and Cara are love interests?

(Let's get this show started! I can make more characters if needed =] nerf I thought Vince and Cass could become love interests?)

Cassandra put on a nice dress before heading out of her penthouse and downstairs to the casino. "Coco" had a long day of filming and needed a few drinks and a line of coke. Once there, she nursed a few martinis and decided to play a game of black jack for kicks.
Shelby forced a smile as she got onto the stage in feathers and glitter. She worked for weeks to perfect this routine and moved gracefully with the other girls to put on the best show of the night.
Jesse sat in a back row with a ticket he stole from some poor sucker as he watched the magic show unfold. He had a camera hidden and watched Alvina give him new material. He made his own street versions but had no desire to have his own stage show. He was happy to amaze and con people under the radar.

Cara got off the stage and headed back to her dressing room. She had a little time before she had to be back on stage, she took a sip of her water and freshened up her makeup.
Vaughn pulled on his blazer before looking himself over in the mirror. Once he was satisfied he headed to the elevator to head down to the casino floor.
Leila wiped down a table after some customers left. She counted the cash on the table, she was sick of getting left ah.tty tips. She headed to check in with the hostess before heading to another table to get their orders.
Asher finished up some last minute files at the office before heading out. He was headed to the casino to talk business and have a couple of drinks with Vaughn and ALucio

"Hey Cara." Shelby said as she sat at her vanity beside hers. "You going to the casino after the show?" She asked. Most of the girls liked to party and socialize at the end of the night.

"Most likely," Cara told her, "What about you?" She asked.

(Who did we decide was going to be Asher's love interest?)

"I guess." She shrugged. "I need to get used to the life style right?" She half joked. She wanted to love her job as much as Cara did.


"Well you can pal around with me," Cara said with a smile before reapplying her lipstick.?

"I appreciate that." Shelby said honestly.

"No problem, we'll have fun," Cara smiled to her as she fixed her hair a bit under her head dress.

"we've got to get back out there." She said after hearing them being called. She straightened her costume and got up from her vanity.

Cara looked herself over once more before heading out of the dressing room and back on stage.

Shelby went back out and finished the last 2 numbers easily.?She loved dancing, even if this wasn't her style.

Vince Slammed his perp into the side of the dumpster behind the casino "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Tell me who you work for and I'll let you go."?
Alice who was going by Angel today walked through the hotel lobby picking up her key from the front desk. She was meeting a john here, she adusted her slinky dress and got into the elevator.?

Cara smiled bright as she finished the last number, striking her final pose. Once backstage, she took her headdress off and headed to the dressing room, "I am ready for a drink, how about you ladies?" She said.

Craig Cooper
rookie cop
Craig grew up in Vegas so the faux glamour of it all never really appealed to him. His father was a cop and Craig grew up to follow in his footsteps. He?does well chatting up working girls for information. He's young and charming- different from their usual Johns so he's quick to build a rapport. His first major assignment has him?working to crack down on the ever rapant prostitution problem in the city. He loves his job and dreams of being police chief in a few decades.

Sirena Olsen
She was born to a famous musician so she's been in the spotlight all her life. She started laying out platinum hits since she was a tween and loved her career but it was burning her out quick. For her 21st birthday, she spent a week in Vegas and met and fell in love with?Vaugn Porter. It was hard maintaining the relationship when she was always on tour but they made it work. Eventually she got tired of working all the time so she took a small hiatus and moved to Vegas to be with Vaugn. She decided to get back into the business but wanted to stay in one location so she's been doing local shows and just landed a standing headliner. She gets to live with her boyfriend and still make music so right now life is perfect.
(i unintentionally went a little?Spears with her character but it works)

Craig fixed his wire under his shirt as he waited in the hotel room for the call girl to show up. He was nervous for his first OC?bust but he was ready for this assignment.
"So ready." Shelby laughed. She wasn't a big drinker but she wanted to relax and make friends with the other girls.
Sirena and her security walked into the casino so she could meet up with her boyfriend. Her shows were selling out fast and she was becoming a brand name again but she didn't want any of it without Vaughn so with a night off, she planned on spending it with him. "Hey handsome." she smiled and greeted him with a kiss.

Alice or Angel as she was going by tonight took her swipe card and unlocked the hotel room "You here baby?" She called into the room adjusting her slinky dress.

(I'm totally picturing an episode of SVU lol)

(right! btw i thought cassandra and vince could be love interests. i dont know if you saw where i wrote that)

"Right here." Craig smiled and stood in the doorway of the bathroom after he had just splashed some water on his face for his nerves. "Wow you are so beautiful." he said, putting on his charm.

(Cara and Luciano, bamf's character are love interests, I was thinking she could be friends with Sirena too and that's who she meets up with at the casino?)
"Hey doll," Vaughn smirked as he slid the drink over to her that he'd just ordered, "How's your day been?" He asked.
Cara for our of the cab and headed inside the casino and to the bar for a drink, "Hello boys, hey Sorena," She smiled, "This is Shelby, she works with me," She said. Asher looked up, "Hey Cara, Lucio had some stuff to take care of but should be down shortly," He said, "Its nice to meet you Shelby, I'm Asher."

"Its great. I layed down some new tracks in the studio." Sirena told him before politely greeting Cara and Shelby.
"Nice to meet you too." Shelby said to Asher but she was secrectly going nuts on the inside to actually meet Sirena Olsen. "So how do you all know each other?"
"Cara was one of my dancers back in the day before she got too big for us little people." Sirena teased. "Asher handles Vaughns legal stuff so we've all been in the same circle for years."

(i just realized we have a character named Vince and one named Vaughn..Vince Vaughn haha!)

"I introduced Sirena and Vaughn," Cara smirked, she never let them forget it, "So they owe all of this wonderful to me," She chuckled.?
Asher just nodded and smiled as the women talked, he thought Shelby was beautiful.
Vaughn just shook his head, "No, never let's us live it down," He smirked, "Nice to meet you Shelby."

"You too." Shelby said kindly. "So whose up for some gambling?" Sirena suggested with a grin.
"I don't really know how to." Shebly laughed. In all the time she lived in Vegas, she never really indulged in anything.

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