Safe Haven

20 years after the world?s end mankind has managed to prevail. Safe Haven started out with just a few survivors and a housing community that was left in shambles. 20 years later it has flourished under the thumb of one of the first survivors, Abraham. He is protected by a guard of people so there is no getting to him. Some may not like the things that go on in Safe Haven but they don?t really stand a chance to survive on their own outside of the compound. It is the only way to live now, or so they are told.
?Safe Haven a Community For All.
Rules and Guidelines
1.)??? You cannot leave the compound?s grounds under any circumstances, unless appointed to do so by Abraham or his guard.
2.)??? Women shall be appointed to husbands and can bare a maximum of two children.
3.)??? Men are allowed multiple wives if their social status is of high class.
4.)??? People are appointed different task according to their abilities; this affects their social status in the community. We have guards, architects, wielders, doctors, teachers, gatherers-people that go out and scout for supplies, hunters, etc. Everyone contributes to keep the community going.
5.)??? Guns and provisions are kept and guarded in the compounds center and are only accessed by people tasked to ration things out. Guns are strictly for guards use only, no civilian is allowed to have firearms.
Name. Age. Looks.

Lenora. 38. Teacher.
Lenora is Abraham's first wive, she has been in Safe Haven since the beginning. Her father was Abraham's right hand man and build the place from the ground up so to speak.? Once the place became established with Abraham at the head of things his father fell out with Abraham, he was accused of stealing rations and banished from Safe Haven. Abraham didn't allow Lenora to go with her father, he instead kept her there?and forced her to marry him.? Over the years Lenora's hatred for Abraham has faded into the background. She grew up and found her place in the community, teaching children and raising one of her own.?Overtime she has become a?prominant figure in the compound,?guiding and helping as many people as she can.?She still wonders if her father is alive from time to time, but she knows she can't change things.? She can only do her part to help and make sure that everyone is safe and treated fairly.? Abraham still doesn't treat her as an equal but she has learned how to play off of him and get what she wants for the most part.?

Sage. 30. Herbalist/Midwife
Sage has been in Safe Haven since she was 15. Her parents taught her how to use nature as medicine and she assisted her mother in delivering babies since she was a child. She's respected in the community and people come to her specifically for fertility purposes. She's secretly a big supporter of the rebellion. She doesn't like living under Abraham's thumb, especially because of the 2 child rule. Many women who end up with a 3rd pregnancy come to her for herbs to induce a miscarriage. Others use pregnancy to get out. Its not uncommon for women to "die in child birth" with Sage. Truth is, she helps them escape. Sage is part of a modern day underground railroad. She has a 7 year old daughter and is currently pregnant with her second child.
Daughter, Bitsy-

(i cant decide if she should be one of Abrahams wives or be married to another secret rebel so I'm open to ideas)
Wyatt. 23. Gatherer.Wyatt has only been in Safe Haven for a 3 months now.? He has grown up in this post apocalyptic world,?knowing?nothing about what was once a great civilation. His mother died during child birth as it was only her and his father at the time he came into the this world. His father was devastated by the loss of his wife and shut everything and everyone out. It's unreal that the boy even made it, but his father managed to do what he could for himself and the boy.? He grew up traveling around with his father, they never stopped moving, staying in one place for too long was never an option for them, they just kept going. Wyatt never knew what his father was searching for.? His father went out alone one morning to scout for supplies in a city and never returned. Wyatt searched for weeks upon weeks for his father but came up with nothing. He stumbled into Safe Haven in his search for his father?and has decided to stay there?while he is still able to go out and search for his father; volunteering to?scout and gather for the community. When he is out he can't help but to hope that one day he will find a trace of him somewhere. Wyatt is definitely all brute and no brains, he has the social skills of an ape and doesn't really fit into the community, but he likes it here. They seem to have figured out a way to live and he does his part to get by.? He goes to school and is learning how to read and write. Wyatt is now basically on his own journey to self discovery with his father not there to guide him anymore.

Petaline is of the age where her husband will be chosen for her, and being as beautiful as she is someone very important will be chosen for her. But Petaline doesn't want to be married to some old man who already has 3 wives already. She's in love with someone else.?

Adam is the first child who was born at Safe Haven. His mother was pregnant and alone when she joined Abraham and came to Safe Haven. He never knew his father all he knows is that he died a hero.
He was named Adam after the first man from the bible a very fitting title all things considered. All though his mother was never one of Abrahams wives Adam was taken under his wing as if he were Abrahams own son.

Ejay. 19. Hunter.
Ejay has been a hunter since he was 13. He's still technically in training but he's one of the strongest amongst the young hunters and a very skilled archer. He wants to marry his girlfriend, Petaline, but he knows its not up to him. He's only lived in Safe Haven and knows nothing about life outside. He's knows a few people have tried to escape and it didn't end well. He wants to stay but he doesn't want to be forced to live under the strict rules.

I'm joining! Will form as soon as I finalize some character ideas! :)


Emilina, 21
Emilina was born into this "new" world. Her parents were saved by Abraham and are devout followers. She was married off a year ago, to a man twelve years her senior. He is kind but they have nothing in common. She has just started her duties as a teacher here and so far she likes it. She finally feels like she has a purpose in this community.?


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