Hello Everyone! =)

I see that a few of you are still active here.? I hope everyone is doing well. =)

Oh my goodness, hello! I hope you're doing great!?

hey bamf!!! i hope youre back!

If anyone is interested in picking up any of our old rpgs let me know. Oh and if any new rps need a character I'd be interested in that as well. =)

we shall MAKE new rps =]]]

Just so you know, there are question marks that keep showing up all over posts and we don't know why lol it especially happens if you backspace.

I noticed the site is a bit more laggy than I remember as well, I was wondering if that was just me, but I have a brand new computer so I think it's just the site itself.

Hai all, I am a newbie here. Hope you all are fine and I'm really glad to be a part of this forum.?


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