Hello Everyone! =)

I see that a few of you are still active here.? I hope everyone is doing well. =)

Oh my goodness, hello! I hope you're doing great!?

hey bamf!!! i hope youre back!

If anyone is interested in picking up any of our old rpgs let me know. Oh and if any new rps need a character I'd be interested in that as well. =)

we shall MAKE new rps =]]]

Just so you know, there are question marks that keep showing up all over posts and we don't know why lol it especially happens if you backspace.

I noticed the site is a bit more laggy than I remember as well, I was wondering if that was just me, but I have a brand new computer so I think it's just the site itself.

Hai all, I am a newbie here. Hope you all are fine and I'm really glad to be a part of this forum.?

Hey, Everyone out there! I would love to hear all of your opinions on the amazing romance novel?Definitely, Probably, Maybe" on #Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/7hldX3K7PA

Here's the summary for those who are interested. :)

Sage Phoenix leads a simple life as a college freshman; she's a theater major and has a decent group of friends. However, one night at a Halloween party her life goes haywire when she meets the striking???? Griffin Marshall, an enigmatic young man with a very guarded family history. The instant the secretive young man steps into her life it becomes flooded with tribulations, manipulation, sex, friendship and secrets that some are willing to take to the grave.??? Nevertheless, Sage Phoenix was never one to go down without a fight.


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