Briar Hospital

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"It's more like pity," Oliver shrugged, "A thank you for your service and I'm so sorry then they move on," He told her.

"People don't know how to act." Daphne said. "All they see is a disability."

Oliver just shrugged, "Can't do much about it so why worry."

"Positive outlook." Daphne smiled.

"I try," Oliver shrugged, "It doesn't help to be negative."

"Thats what my parents always told me." Daphne said before checking the time. "I'm getting hungry. Do you want to go down to the cafeteria?"

"Yeah, I could go for some lunch," He said before pulling the blanket back and shifting himself around in the bed to lower himself in his wheel chair.

Daphne got up and tried not to stare at his leg. "You ever try crutches?"

"Without my eye sight and hearing on my left side it's hard to get the balance down," He told her as he got into the chair, "That's why it's been so hard to get the prosthetic leg."

"Do you take anything for it?" She asked curiously.

"No," Oliver shook his head as he was finally adjusted, "Ready?" He asked as he wheeled toward the hallway.

"I can push you if you want." Daphne half teased.

"My arms are the only things I have two of and I use them to my full advantage," Oliver laughed.

"Between us we have only 1 working ear but we've got 3 legs." Daphne teased.

"Don't forget 3 eyes and 4 arms," He chuckled.

"We're quite a pair." Daphne laughed before turning to walk beside him.

Oliver just laughed as he wheeled himself down the hall, he hit the automatic button for the cafeteria door once they reached it.

Daphne got to the cafeteria and went to grab them each a tray.

"Thanks," Oliver said as he pushed his tray with one hand and wheeled himself with the other.

"Do you need help?" Daphne asked after putting some food on her tray.

"I got it," Oliver said as he got her food.

Daphne went to the check out line and paid for her food before looking for a table. "You want to sit over there?" she asked, pointing to the table by the window.

Oliver nodded as he set his tray on his lap and wheeling over to a table.

Daphne sat down and took a bite of her food. "This isn't very good hospital food." She laughed.

"I don't think there's a hospital that doesn't have bad food," Oliver chuckled.

"Maybe it?motivates people to get better and go home." She teased.

Oliver couldn't help but chuckle, "That makes a lot of sense," He said as he again to eat.

"When can you go home?" She asked curiously.

"When I get my new leg and can somewhat use it," Oliver said, "Then I'll just come back for physical therapy," he told her.

"I'm sure you'll be walking again soon." Daphne said.

"Thank you for the positivity," Oliver smiled as he ate his lunch.

"You're welcome. And I can help. I'm practically a nurse." Daphne teased him.

"Do you ever think about becoming one?" He asked.

"Can't. Being deaf and having seizures aren't qualities you would want in a medical professional." Daphne explained.

"Have you thought about maybe medical administration?" Oliver asked.

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