Briar Hospital

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Oliver smiled as he took the card and read it over, "Thanks," He told her, "My favorite in the collection," He teased.

"Thats what I was aiming for." Daphnre teased back.

"Do you have others to deliver or was I the last one for today?" Oliver asked her.

"You're the last." Daphne told him. "Theres leftover candy if you want some."

"I'll definitely take that," He chucked as he leaned forward a little to grab a piece, "So I was wondering if you'd help me learn sign language? I mean I've already lost complete hearing in my left ear, I'd like to be ahead of the game if my right side ever goes."

Daphne read his lips and nodded. "I'd be happy too." she said as she signed. "Want to get started now?"

"Yeah," Oliver smiled, "I know nothing so we've got to start at the very beginning," He chuckled.

"We should start with the alphabet so you can spell words you don't know how to sign." Daphne told him. "Thats how I learned."

"Okay," Oliver nodded, "Why don't you do it and I'll follow as best as I can," He chuckled.

"This is A" Daphne said and made the sign with her hand.

Oliver followed along as she did letter by letter, "How long did it take you to learn?" He asked.

"When it's your only option you learn pretty quick." Daphne told him. "I had the alphabet down in a week."

He nodded as he continued to follow her hand movements.

"Try spelling your name." Daphne suggested.

Oliver couldn't help but chuckle a bit, "I feel like my name has the easiest letters in it," He said, see as most of the letters he signed actually looked like the letters on paper.

"Try your middle and last name too." Daphne said.?

Oliver nodded before starting his middle name, stopping, "Wait what's T again?" He asked.

Daphne smiled and made the sign for T. "I'll send you some videos so you can practice when I'm not here..I'll need your phone number."

"Is it bad if I still don't know my phone number?" He chuckled, "I got a new phone and number when I got back to the states," He told her, "How about you put your number in mine and text or call yourself," He suggested as he handed his phone to her.

"You know you can't call me right?" Daphne laughed. "Textings about it." She said as she put her number in his phone and texted herself.

"No, I know that," He said, "I was just saying that just calling your phone would be quicker to get you my number at this moment," He said.

Daphne nodded and handed him his phone back. "Try spelling your full name again."

Oliver held up his hand, signing his first name perfectly but then getting his S and T mixed up in his middle name, "Did I get it right?"

"Almost. This is S." she said and made the sign. "And this is T."

"Wow those two are really similar," Oliver nervously chuckled.

"Its easy to mix up." Daphne laughed.

Oliver went over his name again, "Let me try your name now," He said before signing her name.?

"This is P" Daphne interrupted when he got the sign wrong.

"Dammit," Oliver laughed as he tried again.

"you'll get it." Daphne laughed

"Hopefully," Oliver chuckled, as he continued to practice his alphabet.

"Do the doctors think you'll lose your hearing?" Daphne asked curiously.

"No, not the right side," Oliver said, "The left side is completely gone, along with my eye sight in my left eye," He reminded her.

"Do you mind if I ask what happened exactly?" Daphne asked. She was always curious about what happened in the military.

"My unit was bombed by and IED when we were heading back to base, I was in the passenger seat of the humvee when it hit. We were only twenty miles out," He said, "I woke up in a military hospital in Kabul after being in a medically induced coma for a week," He told her, "But I'm all right now, now pun intended."?

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