Briar Hospital

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"Adjust your watch. You're 7 minutes early." Cameron teased as he washed his hands.
"Did you really want to be a pro wrestler anyway?" Melody smirked.
"When are you getting the new leg?" Daphne asked him.

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"S'allright I ain't exactly at eye level." Aroura grinned, she spent part of her childhood growing up in Tennessee so she had a slight southern drawl to her voice.?

"Yeah but I'm a lot clumsier than I used to be." Simon laughed.

"I think we all are 'round here." She said "Can I ask you a question." She pulled out a sheet of paper "Do you know where therepy room 22B is?" She asked "I've got myself all turned around."

"I'd say so. Its at the other end of the hospital." He told her.

"Dammit. This place is so confusing." She huffed.

"I'll walk you over. I know where it is." Simon offered.

"Well you'll walk. I'll wheel." She teased.

"Thats what I meant." Simon laughed.

Lara rolled her eyes at him with a smirk as she finished up washing her hands, "You just love getting the last word," She teased.
"No I didn't, too much pressure anyways," He admitted.
"I have my first fitting at the end of the week," Oliver said.

"Thats not untrue." Cameron smirked and got his gloves on.
"What did you want to major in?" Melody asked him.
"Thats great." Daphne smiled.

Lara got her gloves and mask on before heading into the operating room behind him.
"Journalism," Taylor told her simply, "But now I think I'd like a job in the medical field."
"I'm nervous," Oliver admitted to her.

Aurora smiled and followed him.

Cameron got into place and held the scalpel. "Dr. Phillips, would you like to make the incision?"
"Really? What job?" Melody asked him.
"Why?" Daphne asked as she sat in the chair beside him.
"You from around here?" Simon asked her.

"Sort of." Aurora said "My parents are. But we moved around a lot when I was a kid."

(should Sadie and Reed be love interests? I was toying with the idea of making him gay)

"Yeah? You an army brat?" Simon asked curiously.

(Maybe he's bi? I can make a gay guy character too. OH OH maybe Sadies brother could be gay! And he likes comes to visit her)

"No we just moved around a lot." Aurora said, she didn't want to get into the whole story of her parents with a complete stranger.?

(yes! maybe hes torn between them =] )

"Well I've lived here forever so I can honestly say you haven't?been missing?much." Simon laughed.

(Hey won't be on much this weekend, going to be riding out this hurricane)
Lara nodded before taking her scalpel and making the incision in the chest.
"I don't know, possibly nursing maybe administrative work," He told her.
Oliver shrugged, "Because of my loss of hearing and sight on just one side, my equilibrium is kind of off so getting my balance is going to be tougher than usual," He said, "Also, phantom limb syndrome is a real and horrible thing."

(oh i hope you stay safe!)

"Make the incision about?6 inches long." Cameron told her.
"Awe, Nurse Taylor." Melody teased him. "Why not be a doctor?"
"Are you going to have surgery for that?" Daphne asked.


Name Jayde Jones
Age 22
(type of doctor/patient-diagnosis/etc) Medical Student on practcium?
Looks Tall and thin
Bio out of University struggling to make ends meet but loves this line of work


Lara just gave him a look, she knew what she was doing. She made the incision perfectly before handing the scalpel back to the scrub nurse.
"Too much school," Taylor chuckled.
"No, it's permenant damage," He told her.

"Nice job." Cameron said before starting on the heart.
"I guess thats true." Melody laughed.
"Does it hurt?" Daphne asked him.

"So what are you in for?" Aroura asked Simon.

"I had a consult for brain surgery." He told her.

"Oh brain surgery sounds exiciting and terrifying." Aurora said.

"More terrifying." Simon laughed

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"Well. Looks like this is me." Aroura said as she wheeled up to the pysiotherepy room.
"I hope to see you around."

"You will." Simon smiled at her.

Aurora smiled as she wheeled herself into the room "Sit with me at lunch?"

(i'll skip to the next day)

Daphne went to Olivers room last after she delivered cards and flowers to everyone else. She wanted to hang out with him without being rushed off to another room. "Hey. Get the new leg today?"

Oliver looked up from his iPad as he sat up against some pillows in his bed, "Hey," He said with a smile, "No not yet," He shrugged, "They have me doing some more balance exercises in the mean time though."

"You don't look like you're excersizing." Daphne said after reading his lips.

Oliver couldn't help but chuckle, "I just got back a few minutes ago," He told her, "After falling over a few too many times we figured I'd just try again tomorrow."

"Maybe this will help." She said and handed him a get well soon card. "this ones from me."

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