Briar Hospital

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A sister hospital to Briarcliff Psychiatric, Briar Hospital was established in the 60s and has grown to be one of the leading hospitals in the nation. Patients?with diseases, injuries, or physical?deformities?get the best care, from treatment to reconstructive surgery to phsyical therapy.

Play patients, doctors, nurses, family members- whoever you want. Have fun! =]

(type of doctor/patient-diagnosis/etc)

(trying this character out for 3rd time!)

Simon O'Grady
Parkinson's Patient
Simon has Parkinson's disease. He was diagnosed 3 years ago and has managed to cope but now hes starting to progess. He's at the hospital for some treatments, trying out new drugs and considering brain surgery. He's an optometrist and has a nice business and he just wants to live a normal life. He doesn't want to do a high risk surgery but he doesn't want to disintegrate either. His symptoms aren't too bad now but at the rate he's going, he knows he only has a few normal years left.

Aurora Renaldo
Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
Aurora has a very interesting family history. Whereas most peoples childhood stories are about running away to join the circus her parents favorite story is talking about how they ran away FROM the circus. Her parents did their best to make sure that she had the most normal life possible. About six months ago while walking home from work she was hit by a drunk driver while she was crossing the crosswalk, breaking her spine. She is now staying at Briar Hospital doing her physio therepu

Sgt. Oliver Scott, 28
(pics later

Daphne Pierce
Looks 1. Looks2.
Daphne went deaf at age 5 when an accident left her with a skull fracture and a brain injury. As a result, she lost her hearing entirely. She has permanent brain damage from the accident and is always in and out of hospitals to get treatment for her symptoms. She gets terrible headaches and sometimes has memory loss. Worst is the epilepsy caused by her TBI. Despite her problems, she usually has an upbeat attitude. She always makes time to volunteer at the hospital so she can brighten a patients day. She loves making people smile and through her speech therapy and lip reading, she can communicate well with anyone, hearing or deaf.

Dr. Lara Phillips, 28
Orthopedic Surgical Resident

(totally doing a crossover)

Dr. Cameron Madoc
Cardiac Surgeon
Cameron was in the infamous crash of Oceanic Flight 815 from Australia to California. He was the only doctor who survived and he failed to save a lot of people in the crash. Only a few made it out alive and he has massive survivors guilt, which he hides. He's thrown himself back into his work and came to Briar Hospital for a new start. He tries to save as many people as possible to make up for the people he couldn't save in the crash. Since the incident, he's built up a habit of taking pills because he hasn't been able to cope with his guilt.

Dr. Lara Phillips, 28
Surgical Resident
Looks 1 || Looks 2
Lara is in her third year of residency at Briar Hospital. She has finally chosen her specialty in orthopedics but still has to do her rounds throughout the other specialties. Lara grew up with a single mother her worked two part time jobs to help them get by. She has worked for everything she has. Lara didn't want to be like her mother, living paycheck to paycheck. She got a full ride scholarship as an undergrad and worked her way to pay for medical school. She's finally in a place where she feels like she's supposed to be. She knows she's good at what she does and she's ready to start a career for herself. She is confident yet humble in her practice and she loves what she does. Her favorite cases have to deal with the ones who may or may not walk again. She likes working with the neurological team in efforts to help the wounded find their place again.

(I started her form on my "new" account - the one I had to make when it wouldn't let me log in- I'll make her friends with my other character, Oliver, since he is getting a new leg and all. Would like her to have a thing with Cameron?)

Sgt. Oliver Scott, 32
Orthopedic Patient
Looks 1|| Looks 2

Oliver joined the military after high school. He didn't know what he wanted to do with his life and he felt that it was the best option for him. He wasn't a troubled kid or a bad student, he just didn't know what path to take. So he chose the military. It gave him great oppurtunities which led to a few tours in Afghanastan and Iraq before he pursued his college degree. After graduating, he returned as special forces. He worked with intelligence to help track down terrorists. Two weeks before he was supposed to head back to the states his unit was bombed. He lost his left leg that day, along with the loss of sight and hearing on his left side. After all of this though, Oliver remains a good sport and positive. He knew what he was getting himself into and he says that he'd do it again for his country, he also seems to over use the phrase that he's "all right now." But just because of all of this does not mean he is not suffering from PTSD. It is quite severe, but he keeps to himself about it because he doesn't want to seem vulnerable; losing half of everything is already doing that enough for him. He's become good friends with the hospital staff during his long stay here and is awaiting his prosthetic leg so he can begin therapy to walk again.

(i've got atleast 4 other character ideas. i'm trying not to overload the rp but I can't make any promises)

Eden Cooper
Aplastic Anemia
Eden is terminal. She has severe aplastic anemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. She's an only child with a rare blood type so her chances of finding?a donor are slim and her survival rate is 5%. She basically has no immune system so she gets sick constantly and she's in the hospital waiting for a transplant and since she most likely won't get one, she's really just waiting to die. She doesn't have anyone and she tries to act like she's accepted her diagnosis but inside she's angry. She wallows and she doesn't want to acknowledge how scared she is so?she?pushes everyone away.

Sadie Gardener
Sadie is the typical college girl, she loves cute clothes and parties, except she does it all with a spinal brace. You see Sadie has severe scoliosis and came to Briar hospital to get corrective surgery. Now she just needs to entertain herself until her recovery is over.?

Reed Moreau. 28
Burn Victim
Reed's parents are opera singers and he and his sister Melody both got the musical bug. His dream was to make award winning scores for movies and tv. A talented pianist, he was working on a masters degree in composing from Juilliard when everything changed a year ago. To celebrate Melody's high school graduation and scholarship to his school, he brought her up for a visit and to show her around campus. They were with some friends at his apartment when a fire broke out. His burns are mostly on his chest and some on his legs from trying to get his sister. She passed out and was severely burned. He can hide his scars but his sister can't. She also needs a new set of lungs from the damage the smoke caused. He dropped out of school and moved back home. He doesn't feel right pursuing his dream when he's the reason his sister can't. He and Melody are in back in the hospital for skin grafting to help their scars.

Melody Moreau.19
Burn Victim
Like her brother, Melody was on her way of following her parents footsteps. She got a scholarship to Juilliard but since the fire, she'll probably never sing again. She went to light the stove but caused a fireball that blew up in her face, leaving half her face covered in scars. She passed out from the fall while the aparment was engulfed in smoke.The inhalation damaged her lungs and she's on constant oxygen while awaiting a transplant but since she's not on deaths door, there's a long list of people who will get lungs before her. She's devistated that she can't sing and had to give up her scholarship. She's lost and feels hideous with her scars but she doesn't blame her brother.

(since I have too much time on my hands, I photoshopped her with burn scars- )

Anyone planning on making anymore characters? we're 2 males short of an even boy/girl ratio. i can make another character for a love interest if needed

this is a good site for fake injuries and disfigurement pictures if you need character inspiration

I can make a boy character

i think the only people who need a love interest are Daphne and Melody.

Oliver could use a love interest and I can make a love interest as well for someone to get the ratio even

I thought Oliver and Eden could have a spark. or even Oliver and Daphne

Oh I like the idea of either, since he's a pretty positive guy and all
ill make a character for Melody.

thank you =]

Taylor Pepper, 21?
Taylor was a previous patient at Briar Hospital's burn unit. He was in a car accident about 2 years ago that left him trapped inside the car. The car was burning and the fire fighters couldn't get to him fast enough. He was burned on his back and arms, he was in the unit for months while he healed and got new skin graphs. Because of his accident he had to postpone college at the time, he has finally had his last surgery and he is ready to start his life. He has been volunteering at the hospital ever since his recovery to give back to the place that gave him back his life.?

(starting! additional characters are still welcome)

Cameron got cleaned up after surgery and went to the nurses station to update his charts. He had a successful surgery which put him in a good mood, even if it didn't last.
Melody sat on her bed and flipped through a magazine while she listened to music. She was healing from the first of several skin grafts to come. They started with her chest since her grafting her face would be more difficult.
Daphne went to the cafeteria to get coffee before she started her rounds. She was delivering cards and flowers to patients and she needed some caffeine.
Eden sat outside in the courtyard enjoying the breeze. She knew her days were numbered and she wanted to take in all that she could.

(Can Oliver and Daphne be love interests instead?)
Lara got to work and did her rounds before checking in at the nurses station, "Hey, I'm on your service today," She grinned when she saw Cameron.
Oliver was getting up for the day and stretching out his back. He had a few more days of physical therapy before they fitted him with his new prosthesis.
Taylor got to the hospital to start his volunteer shift, he checked in with his coordinator to get his rounds for the day.

(yeah I was leaving it up to you)

"That an accident or did you volunteer?" Cameron teased her.
"Good morning Taylor." Daphne said to the other volunteer. She could speak fairly well and she liked talking to people. She pushed her cart from room to room to make her deliveries when she reached Oliver's room. She knocked on the door frame so he knew she was there.

"No, it was a complete surprise to me," Lara told him, she had chosen her specialty of orthopedics but she still had to run rounds of all the other specialties.
"Good morning," Taylor said to her before grabbing his clipboard. He saw that Melody was his first on the list. He liked meeting with her and her brother because he had been in the ame boat and he knew she would talk to him. He always talked to her like a person instead of a patient.?
Oliver looked over at the door and smiled to Daphne, "Good morning," He told her with a wave.?

"You want to assist in open heart surgery?" He asked her. "or I could let you administer meds to the patients in recovery."
Melody flipped through the songs on her ipod. She still enjoyed music, even if she couldn't make any anymore. She was happy to see Taylor was working. "Hey." she smiled and took her headphones out of ears. "I didn't think you were coming in today."
"You have cards today." Daphne smiled?as she handed them to him.

Lara just gave him a look, "Administer meds?" She said, she was not going to do that.?
"Yeah, I had a little extra time so I thought I would work a shift," He told her with a smile, taking a seat in the chair in her room, "What are you listening to?" He asked her.?
"Me? Cards?" Oliver teased, "How many today?" He asked her.?

"Its part of being a doctor." Carmeron teased her.
"Habanera." Melody told him. "Opera. Want to listen?"
Daphne read his lips before answering, "Two. From family or friends?"

"I'll definitely pick open heart surgery over that any day," She told him.
"Sure," Taylor smiled and leaned closer to her so he could listen in the head phones.
Oliver nodded before taking the two envelopes, "One is from my ex-girlfriend," He chuckled, "The other is from my grandmother," He spoke a bit slower so she could read his lips.

"Be ready in an hour." Cameron told her.
"Here." Melody handed him one earphone.
Daphne smiled and nodded. It was nice of them to send cards. "do you need anything?"

"Got it, Dr. Madoc," Lara said with wink before going to finish up her rounds.
Taylor put it in his ear and listened before pulling back, "Definitely not my cup of tea but it's not bad," He chuckled.
"Leaving so soon?" Oliver asked with a smirk.

Cameron smiled as she left. He liked when she got to work with him.
"I used to sing it all the time." Melody smiled and turned off her ipod.
"I thought I would?leave you to read your cards." Daphne told him.

(Hey sorry I've not been on. It was homecoming weekend)

Aurora wheeled herself down the hall. She really hated being stuck in this thing. Her insurance didn't cover those fancy motorized chairs so she had to deal with this piece of crap.

Lara looked at the time and headed to the OR to scrub in when she saw that it had almost been an hour.
"I know you sang, but opera?" Taylor smiled, "I bet you were wonderful."
"They all say the same thing after awhile," Oliver said.

Simon was leaving his appointment with his neurosurgeon when he nearly tripped over a girl in a wheelchair. "Ow- sorry. I wasn't looking."
"Lara, you're?almost late." Cameron said harmlessly. He liked messing with her at work.
"I was okay." Melody shrugged. It killed her that she couldn't sing anymore.
Daphne nodded and looked around his room. He really had been there a while. "When do you go home?"
(should they know each other like Melody and Taylor know each other? or should they not really know each other yet?)

Lara looked at her watched before taking it off to wash up, "I'm eight minutes early," She said with a smirk.
"I highly doubt that," Taylor said, "I was okay at wrestling, it never got me a scholarship though."
"To be determined," Oliver shrugged, "It all depends on this new leg of mine," He told her.
(I think they should know each other)

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