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"The cutest," Claire teased back before being introduced to go speak in front of the luncheon. She got up and headed to the podium, "Hello everyone, thank you for that wonderful introduction," She said with a smile, she continued to talk for a bit about how the high school shaped her and gave her the confidence to get her college degree in public relations. She finally finished her speech before sitting back down.?
Finn got home around 6, he was tired from all of the meetings he had to attend that day. He set his briefcase down by the door before loosening his tie.?
Callie helped the kids finish up their homework as she made their plates for dinner. She mad Everett an extra plate and set it in the microwave for him.?

Hailey looked in the oven at the rack of lamb and thought it needed just a few more minutes in there. She got out two plates for her and Johan.
"Yes," He smiled, "August Ford," He told her, holding out his hand for her to shake.?

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Elle grabbed her phone and made sure Hailey couldn't see. "Leave me alone."

"For you maybe." Devina grinned "Me. I'm sure it wouls get people reading my books." She teased
"I think I've seen you on TMZ. Sorry not a big baseball fan." Svetlana laughed.
*That any way to talk to the guy who owns your ass?* he texted back with a smirk. Elle was much more interesting than Hailey to say the least.

"It's okay," August said with a chuckle, completely ignoring the fact that she said that she had seen him on TMZ.?

"I can help promote those." Jules pointed out.
*what do you want?* Elle texted back and cringed internally thinking about him.

Claire got inside the town car with Rhys, "That wasn't so bad," She said once the door was closed.

It's only been an hour since I announced my return and I've already got a scandal for all of you. Seems as if our happy newlyweds aren't so happy after all. I think this picture explains it all. You know you love me. xoxo Gossip Girl

"No it wasn't." Rhys said and checked his phone. He instantly knew this would be trouble. He showed it to Claire and sighed. "Gossip Girl's back to screwing with our lives."

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Claire took his phone and examined the picture, she knew it was her but from an outsider's perspective you couldn't honestly tell, "How did she get this?" She asked shocked, it was a one night stand in the hampton's a few months back, she had honestly forgotten about it until now.?

"You haven't even read them yet." Devina laughed "What if you think they suck?"
*just checking up on you.* Johan texted.
"So what exactly do you do....in baseball?" Svetlana laughed. She wasn't very well versed in the sports universe.

"You can deny it. You can't really see your face." Rhys pointed out.
"Let me read them then." Jules laughed.
*I'm fine.* Elle replied. *didn't think you cared.*

Claire just shook her head, "No one was even there, it's a private residence," She said, "How in the hell did she get this picture."
"I'm the center outfielder for the New York Mets," He told her.

"Someone had to be spying." Rhys said in annoyance. "We have to be careful now that shes back."

Claire just shook her head and looked out the window. When they reached their home, paparazzi were swarming their front doorstep, "This is all my fault," She said softly.

"We just can't have one night stands while we're married." Rhys said with hint of jealousy before getting out of the car.

Claire grabbed his hand once they were out of the car as the paparazzi snapped pictures and asked them questions, she kept quiet though.

"That would require a second date." Devina grinned.
*I don't. I'm just making sure you aren't filling my wifes head with ideas.* He sent back.
"I don't know what any of those things mean." Svetlana laughed.

Rhys got them into the house and locked the door before calling his security to get the reporters off the property and keep them off.
*Don't worry. I won't encourage her to think for herself.* Elle texted back.
"I wouldn't mind that." Jules smiled.

"I basically stand in the farther part of the field and try to catch the baseball," August laughed.
Claire watched him close the door, "Don't play innocent here, I wasn't the only one doing this She told him.?

Rhys hung up the phone and looked over at Claire. "No but you're the only reason those reporters are here. You let yourself get caught."

"That picture was taken three months ago, the last time I ever did something like that," Claire told him, "God knows what you were doing last weekend," She said.

"I made sure there weren't cameras around. You didn't. Who knows what your little boyfriend will say if they track him down." Rhys snapped back.

"This was three months ago Rhys, who knows,three months ago your escapades could be released too," She told him.

"What are you doing tonight?" Devina asked.
*so cheeky* he texted back.

"Oh. I kinda knows what that means." Svet laughed "Want me to tell you what I do so you'll be equally as confused?" She grinned.

Johan tucked his phone into his pocket as he walked up to his front door bouquet of flowers tucked under his arm "Honey I'm home." He said walking in.

"I know that." Rhys told her. "But we're not looking at what could happen. Those reporters and everyone on Gossip Girls list is looking at us for what?did happen."

Hailey was pulling the lamb out of the oven when he walked in the door, "Hey babe, dinner just finished up so it's ready," She smiled.
"Sure," August said with a smile.

"That depends on you." Jules smirked.
*shouldnt you be working?* Elle texted.

Claire let out a sigh, "Well how do you suppose we fix this?" She asked him.

"I don't know yet. I'll get ahold of the PR guy for the company. He can manage damage control in these situations." Rhys told her.

Claire nodded, crossing her hands over her chest. She looked at the picture again, then at Rhys, "Turn around," She told him.?

Rhys turned around?like she said. "What?"

Claire looked at the picture then at Rhys' head "You can't directly see my face, sure," She said, "But it's just the back of his head and it could be you," She told him, showing him the picture again.?

"Great it smells delicious." Johan smiled, being purposfully nicer than he was that morning "I got you something." He smiled handing her the flowers.?
"I think you're going to come to dinner at my place." Devina smiled.
"I'm a beauty guru." Svetlana told him?

Hailey put the plate down that she had started preparing when she saw the flowers, "They're beautiful," She grinned, "Thank you," She said as she walked over to him.
"I have no clue what that is," August said with a chuckle.

"I think that would be great." Jules smiled back.
Rhys examined the picture. Maybe it could pass for him. "He's shorter but..maybe."

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