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"They didn't fire him. Even though according to them he broke the same rules you were fired for." Olsen pointed out.
"They'll come around." Devina shrugged "My Mom has rainbow bumper stickers and everything now." Deb
Vina laughed.

"What if they do? Will that change anything?" She asked him.
"I really don't think that'll happen with my parents." Jules laughed.

"It's too late. It'll look bad even if they do fire him now. It'll show that they're trying to cover it up." Olsen told her.
"No? Well eventually they'll be senile." Devina teased.

"Say they did fire him when they fired me..would that mean I don't have a case?" She asked him.
"Thats something to look forward to." Jules laughed.

"I could still make a case it would just be harder." Olsen shrugged "Have you eaten lunch yet?" He asked
"What do your parents do?" Devina asked.

"No." Maggie told him. She hadn't eaten a real lunch in weeks. "but I'm fine. I'm not really hungry."
"They work in DC." Jules said. "I don't see them much."

"Don't be stupid you're pregnant. I'm taking you to lunch." Olsen insisted.
"Well then they don't need to know you're life." Devina said.

"thats nice of you. Thank you." Maggie said, though she really?didn't want to be around food.
"Thats an interesting way to look at it." Jules laughed.

(I was thinking at some point Maggie should like faint or something and end up in the hospital. And then she owns up to Olsen that she developed an eating disorder because the agency was always body shaming her and putting her on crazy crash diets. So he decides to actually take them to court over it pro bono)

"No problem." Olsen laughed "We've gotta make sure you stay healthy."
"You go on a lot of dates with chicks or are you like super in the closet?" Devina asked taking a sip of her latte.

(ooh yes =] and when the babies born, her baby daddy can use that against her. he can say shes unfit because she was anorexic while pregnant so shes got mental disorders)
"Right." Maggie nodded. She didn't want to eat but she couldn't say no.
"I'm somewhere in between." Jules told her. "I make sure my dates don't look like dates incase fans or paparazzi take pictures."

Claire nodded before looking around, "Wow, there are a lot more people here than I expected," She said.
"Isn't that what everyone wants?" Hailey said with a chuckle.
(Sorry, I've been Mia - super busy!)

"Any preference?" Olsen asked "It's on me."
"Lots of paparazzi follow news anchors?" Devina asked curiously.

"I don't know why. We're only high school royalty" Rhys teased her.
"I guess" Ella laughed and sipped her drink.
"Anywheres fine by me." Maggie told him.
"On occasion." Jules nodded. "They got called by money grubbers if we're seen doing something interesting. Or they'll just take pictures and sell them to papparazzi."

"Hm, I wish we were just that," Claire scoffed.
Hailey nodded before the waiter came up and took their order. Once the waiter left, she placed her napkin in her lap "I have to head to the grocery store after this, Johan wants lamb for dinner tonight."

Gossip Girl here,?

Thought I was gone forever, huh? Well you thought wrong, it's 2016 people and I'm back and better than ever before. I hope you all are ready for what's in store. I'm glad to still see some familiar faces around the city, shout out to our newly weds, Rhys and Claire Pennington, we never saw that coming. I'm also excited to see some new faces as well, looking at you Ms Reporter, I know you've got a few skeletons that I cannot wait to unlock. Gone are my high school drama days people, the adult world is booming with so much drama and scandal. Can't wait to tell you all about it.

You know you love me,
xoxo Gossip Girl?


(i totally read that in the gossip girl voice! despite the fact that I'm in rpg overlaod, I still want to make another hospital rp like the one you made. might not be today but i'll try to make if soon if you want to join =] )

"What else do you need to feel like a princess?" Rhys teased.
"Can you even cook?" Elle half teased.

Claire just gave him a look before breaking out into a smirk, before she could say anything she heard everyone's phones go off at the same time. She pulled out her phone to see what it was and she couldn't believe after all these years that gossip girl was back, "Look at your phone," She told him.
Hailey chuckled, "Of course I can," She said, she had been a decent cook all her life but she got married she got a lot better.

"I'm pretty sure I'd be one of those celebrities that got into fist fights with the paparazzi." Devina laughed.
"All right I know a good place." Olsen said.

Rhys checked his phone and saw the stupid Gossip Girl thing was up again. He hated it. It made high school such a pain. "She's back again?" he groaned.
"I've never seen proof." Elle teased her.
"Then you'll end up on a tabloid cover looking crazy." Jules laughed.
"As long as its not sushi." Maggie teased.

Claire just rolled her eyes, that gossip sight made high school and part of college a living hell for her, "She can't find out," She told him softly.?
"Well, you and Finn will just have to come over for dinner sometime," She told her.?

"She won't." Rhys said softly and kissed cheek to make the students break out in 'awes.' If they were convincing as a real couple, Gossip Girl wouldn't be able to say they weren't.
"That would be nice." Elle said, although she didn't want to be anywhere near Johan.

Claire just nodded nervously before breaking out into a smile for the students around them.
"Perfect, we'll set a date soon," She told her.?

"Im ok with that." Devina laughed "No such thing as bad press."
"That's bad for pregnant people right?" Olsen asked "I think I read that once."
Johann called the housephone and got annoyed when no one picked up after 10 rings. He didn't have time to go on a scavenger hunt to find his wife. He called her cellphone feeling annoyed already.

Want svetlana and august to meet so they can jump back in the game?

(yeah, that works for me!)?
Hailey heard her phone ring, "Hold on, it's Johan," She said to Elle before answering it, "Hey hun," She said into the phone.?

"Why didnt you answer the house phone." Johan asked irritated.
(I figure they can maybe meet at the news station)

Svetlana waddled up to the front desk of the news station "I'm looking for Julianna Carrigan. I'm Svetlans Alexsandar." She said "She called me about a beauty guru special. I just wanted to get some more information on that."
The receptionist looked on the computer for a second
"Miss Carrigan is out at the moment but you can go hang out in the green room for a bit we'll send in our show coordinator in to talk to you." The receptionst sniled.
"Thank you." Svetlana smiled walking to where she wad directed.

"I'm getting brunch with Elle before heading to the grocery store and then picking up your dry cleaning," She told him.?
August was sitting in the green room, there for a sports special later on in the day. He noticed a very pregant woman walk in the room, "You're not here for the baseball special are you?" He teased.?

"Yes. I'm the next Babe Ruth actually." Svetlana joked lowering herself into a chair.

"I'm getting brunch with Elle before heading to the grocery store and then picking up your dry cleaning," Hailey told him.?
August smirked, "I'd like to see you hit a homerun," He said, "How far along are you?"?

Johan frowned "All right well I'm not going to be home until seven." Johan said "I have a meeting with an investor arranged. But that doesn't mean you can go galvanizing around the city."

Hailey frowned, she hated when his times changed to get home, she felt like she never saw him. When she did get to see him he was always irritated with her about something, "Okay, I'll have dinner ready when you get home, I love you," She told him.?

"Yeah I love you too." He said hanging up.
"34 weeks." Svetlana told him.

Hailey put her phone away before returning to lunch with Elle.
(do you want to skip forward for them or do you have something planned for Johan and Elle)?
"Wow, I don't know how long a pregnancy last, but I would guess that you don't have too much longer to go?" He asked.?

(if you're asking me, we can skip the rest of Elle and Hailey's lunch)

"Aren't we cute?" Rhys teased quietly.
"I would disagree." Jules laughed. "there is such a thing as very bad press."
"Yes, its bad for my people." Maggie laughed.

(We can do Johan and Elle. We haven't had them interact yet.
Cherrybomb? Wdyt? )
Johan texted Elle "You done filling my wifes head with useless information yet?'
"Six more weeks to go give or take." Svetlana said "So you're a baseball player?"

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