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Claire slept well throughout the night, rolling over with a groan in the morning when she heard Rhys' alarm go off.
Callie looked up, jumping a bit after he smashed the glass, "And she's not mine!" She told him.

Rhys rolled over and hit his alarm off. He didn't want to get up yet. "Its too early."
"I've never been disgusted with you until now." Everett said sharply. "You can hate me all you want but Sage has done nothing to you."

"You should've taken the day off," Claire said softly into her pillow.
"Disgusted with me until now?" Callie repeated, "Did you just think I was okay with you leaving to go see her? I understand she's a baby and she is completely innocent in all of this, I just don't want you to be a better father to her than you were to Oliver and Avery."

"I could be pursuaded." Rhys teased her and kissed her cheek.
"This isn't about them, its about you isn't it??You don't care if I raise Sage, as long as you don't feel like you're coming in second?place." Everett smirked.

Claire turned her head to look at him, "Oh really? Mr. I need to set an example to everyone?" She teased.
"How dare you," Callie said as her eyes narrowed, "You know that I have always and will always put our children first. I would be completely fine without you but our kids wouldn't."

"Spending time with your spouse sets a good example." He smrked.
"So you don't want to be with me anymore, we're only together for the kids? Thats the marriage we have now?" Everett yelled. He was tired of her making this worse.

(i know i just got on but i'm going off to bed =P )

"You're such a charmer," Claire smirked as she kissed him softly, "Now go shower and get to work so I can go back to sleep," She teased as she pulled away.
"I didn't mean it like that," Callie defended, "But I never want to be a place to you above our kids," She let out a sigh, "I feel like when we take one step forward, something happens and we take five steps back," She said, sounding defeated.

"Fine." Rhys whined and got out of bed to get ready for work.
"that's not entirely my fault." Everett said softly. "You're always looking for the bad in every situation."

Claire smiled to herself as she rolled back over to fall asleep.
"I'm not necessarily seeing any good in our situation, are you?" She asked.

"No but you seek it out." Everett told her. "Instead of making the best of Sage being here, you refuse to see past her being the result of my affair."

"Can you really blame me though?" Callie asked, "I just told you last night how I didn't want another baby after you suggested it and now Sage is here with us. You know how bad things got with me after Avery, I don't want that to happen again although after this morning, it might be."

"We can deal with that." Everett pointed out. "We can deal with everything but you don't even want to try."

"Because I'm scared that you'll run again, that's what seems to happen when things get tough with you," Callie pointed out.

"And I told you I'd never do that again. Why would I put us through this again?" Everett pointed out.

"Because it's happened before, why wouldn't it happen again," Callie said, "I'm sorry I just can't think positively about this. We were in a funk after Avery and then another a few years ago. I just want all the pain and effort to be worth it. I don't want to give something my all when it's just going to get ripped out from under me again."

"If you keep expecting bad things to happen, you'll never enjoy the good." Everett reminded her.

(Do you want to have Rhys at his office so I can bring Alexa in?)
Callie just pressed her hands against the counter, looking up at the ceiling as she closed her eyes. She let out a deep breath with it, just trying to relax herself.

Rhys got started catching up on the work he'd missed while being on vacation. He had his office door shut and was trying to work without distractions.
Everett stepped closer to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I want us to get through this but the way you expect me to screw up makes me feel like theres no point in trying."

"Mr. Pennington, you're 10:00 is here," Jackie, his secretary, ?said into the phone outside of Rhys' office.
Callie looked over at him when he placed his hand on her shoulder. She moved to embrace him without saying anything.

"Send her in please." Rhys said and put away what he was working on.
Everett hugged her tight and closed his eyes. He just wanted them to go back to how they used to be.

Alexa thanked his secretary before heading into his office, "Surprise," She smirked as she saw him.
Callie continued to stand there in his arms, breathing in his scent as she tried to calm down.

"Alexa? I didn't realize you were my 10 o'clock." Rhys said and stood up to greet her.
"I love you." Everett said softly.

"You're number seventeen on our thirty under thirty, and I'm writing the article," She smirked.
"I love you too," Callie said, her words muffled against his chest.

"Really? You going to write about our after sex selfies?" Rhys smirked. He wasn't happy with her comment on Claire's blog.
Everett stroked her hair and kept holding her. "I miss us."

"I knew that comment would get you fired up," Alexa said, "It'd make you onfire for this interview."
Callie looked up at him, wrapping her arms tighter around him, "I miss us too," She said softly.

"Thats why you did it? So you could get me fired up for this?" Rhys shook his head and sat back down. "You haven't changed a bit."
Everett looked down at her and leaned in slowly to kiss her. He was afraid she'd push him away.

"Oh calm down, looks like you haven't changed either though," Alexa said as she sat down.
Callie kissed him back hard, glad he initiated it.

"I've changed a lot actually." Rhys told her. "I'm a married man now."
Everett held her cheek and kissed her passionately.

Alexa scoffed, "I've seen and heard," She said, "How is the Mrs.?"
Callie moved her hands to his sides as she kissed him back.

"She's perfect." Rhys smiled. He wanted her to be jealous.
Everett pushed her back against the counter as he kissed her.

"Oh no one is perfect Rhys, you proved that to me," Alexa smirked.
Callie pushed herself up onto the counter, cutting her foot on a piece of glass as she did so but not even noticing as she continued to kiss him.

"Claire's perfect." Rhys grinned. "If thats all, you can show yourself out."
Everett ran his hands down her sides and kissed her harder.

"No, I would actually like to interview you for this article," Alexa said, holding her hands up in surrender.
Callie let a soft moan escape her lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Alright, what do you want to know?" Rhys asked.
"This okay?" Everett asked as he?slid his hand up her shirt.

Alexa pulled out her notebook with her questions and grabbed a pen, "Okay, my first question is who do you attribute your successes too?" She asked.
Callie nodded before moving her hands to his cheeks and kissing him once more.

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