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"To be honest I've had a lot more business since we got married. It's kept me busy." He pointed out. "A lot of corporations want to get in bed with the Reed-Pennington name. We're a powerhouse."

Claire laughed, "What, so they can get that two for one deal?" She joked, never really one to follow her father's business ventures growing up.

"Something like that." Rhys teased. "We're more powerful than you think we are. You can have anything you want just by our name."

"Well up until recently I was always able to do that," Claire reminded him.

"Even more so now though." He pointed out.

"Well don't I feel special now," Claire teased with a smirk as she leaned back against the railing.

"You should feel special." Rhys said as he placed his hands on the railing around her.

Claire couldn't help but grin when he got closer to her, "Well it's a good thing that I do," She told him.

"It won't be dark for a while. You want to go swimming?" Rhys asked her.

Claire looked over her shoulder and back at him with a grin, "Let's do it," She told him.

Rhys smiled and pecked her lips once before going inside to find his swim shorts.

Claire smiled as she went inside and changed into her bathing suit. She came back and met him on the porch to head to the beach.

"Ready?" He asked as he came out and set their towels on the porch.

"Yeah," Claire said, she eyed him as she followed him down to the beach.

Rhys walked down to the beach and started walking into the water. "this is why I bought a house here..the waters always warm."

"It feels fantastic," Claire said as she walked deeper into the water.

"We should get rafts." He laughed.

"Too late to do that today," Claire smirked as she laid to float on her back.

"I have a surf board. You know how to surf?" He asked her.

"No, I don't know how," She told him, "Do you?" She asked as she looked over at him.

"Yeah I learned." Rhys said. "I can teach you sometime."

"We've got two weeks," Claire reminded him as she stopped floating and started treading in the water.

"I'll have you surfin like a pro by the weekend." He teased her.

"And how do I know you're the best teacher," She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because I am." Rhys grinned. "And I'm the only surfer you currently live with."

"Hmm," Claire thought for a moment, "Fine," She smirked, "But only because you're cute."

"Not because I'm your husband right?" Rhys teased.

"Oh yeah, that too I guess," She smirked.

(off to bed!)

"Did you forget already?" He teased her.

"I did," Shelby teased back before going under a wave.
Finn stood up and took her hand as the ferry docked at Ellis Island, "Should we do the statue first then the Ellis Island museum or the other way around?" He asked.

Rhys laughed and swam out further into the water.
"Oh you didn't plan out this detail?" Elle teased him. "I say statue first."

Claire came back up, pushing her hair out of her face before beginning to float on her back.
"Sounds good to me," Finn smiled before they headed towards Lady Liberty.

"Watch out for sharks." He teased her.
"This is fun." Elle smiled and held his hand.

Claire looked over at him, "I could say the same for you," She said, seeing he was further out.
"It is," Finn agreed, "Are we going to do all of these steps?" He asked.

"They know not to mess with me." He teased her.
"You were supposed to plan this out." Elle laughed. "I'm following your lead."

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