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Shout out to Sunshinee for the idea!
A Gossip Girl rp that focuses on adults, not teenagers. Gossip Girl shares secrets and scandals of socialites of Manhattan. Some are famous, politicians, or just?high society people. They?all have big secrets they try to shield from scrutinizing onlookers but?nothing stays hidden for long.

Storyline Ideas:
addictions, eating disorders, steroid athlete, a child given up for adoption finds their wealthy (or famous) biological parent, a celebrity affair/affair with lower class, leaked photos or sex tape, fake marriage for publicity stunt,?abusive?relationship, escorts/buyer, a?scandalous pregnancy, blackmail. The possibilities are endless.


Claire Reed, 27
Great Granddaughter of Cal Reed, the Railroad Tycoon
looks -?http://data.whicdn.com/images/246699775/large.jpg?
Married to _______ to save her families' fortune
Claire has grown up on the Upper East Side and has never thought of leaving. She adores the wealth and fame that comes with her last name. Her great-grandfather was a railroad tycoon in the early 1900s and her family has been very well off ever since, until her father got into a bad business deal and lost all of their money. The only way to keep it under wraps and not lose everything they own was to marry his daughter off his business partner's son. Claire hated the idea, it was like an arranged marraige, but she knew she had to make this sacrifice for her family. It looks good for both of them since the two grew up together, they were friends as kids. But Claire has learned that you can learn a lot about someone when you move in with them and legally share a last name.

August Ford, 29
looks - http://data.whicdn.com/images/204370019/large.jpg
Baseball Player
August has played the game since he was five years old. His dad constantly pushed him and his brothers to be the best players he could be. He worked hard all through high school and college and it eventually landed in the major leagues. He has constantly felt like he has had to prove himself through injuries and media drama that he doesn't have a lot of self confidence in his game. He has been taking steriods and tying to ignore the rumors from the media. He just needs to keep it up so he can keep playing.?

Hailey Meares, 28
Looks (later)?
Hailey is a small town girl who moved to the city when she started at NYU. She fell in love with it and decided to stay in the city that never sleeps. She started dating a guy who came from a very wealthy family and she also fell in love with his lavish lifestyle. The two have only been married a few months now and his temper is starting to show. He gets mad over the littlest things and usually gets physical. Her family lives on the other side of the country so he's all she has here in the city besides her friends. She knows he doesn't mean it all of the time, and he always makes it up to her in the end.?

I'll join too

Juliana "Jules"?Carrington
anchor on Good Morning New York
She comes from a strict traditional family who happens to be big in politics. They weren't sure about her being an anchor but it's a clean, family show that doesn't really cover controversial topics so luckily, she got her parents approval. Its hard living under the spotlight of her own show and her family. No one, including her family and co-anchors know the truth. She's a lesbian and knows this is something she needs to keep very secretive. She keeps her personal life private and occasionally goes out with eligable bachelors to keep herself covered. It's hard keeping her personal life so well hidden but she's done it forever so she's used to it by now.

Olsen Carmichael
Jr Partner at Lawfirm?
Olsen is the son of Cyril Carmichael, Sr. Partner at Carmichael, Parker and Schlman Law firm, He grew up with everything handed to him, as a Carmichael 'legecy' he was handed law school on a silver platter and as soon as he passed the bar his father got him a job at his lawfirm.?
Now that doesn't mean that Olsen is a bad lawyer, on the contrary with his suave charm, good looks and killer whit he's basically a walking talking get out of jail free card.?

Devina Carmichael
Younger sister of Olsen, aspiring writer. She's very no nonsense, and is very open about being gay much to her fathers chagrin. She is very impulsive and fun loving. The ultimate party girl. She often excuses her lifestyle and research for whatever writing project she's working on.?

Raquelle "Elle" Vanderburk
Elle was raised in the luxurious lifestyle thanks to her parents wealth. She always tried her best to look the part of a proper priviledged girl. She wasn't raised with a backbone. She was raised to sit still and smile. When she met her now husband, she fell madly in love. Things were great until she got to know his business associate. He holds the power to make or break the career her husband worked so hard for, so he decided to use his powers for evil. In order to keep the hubbys career solid, Elle has relations with him, or else he'll make sure they lose everything. She hates it but not going to throw her husbands life away over one despicable man. All of this has sent her into a deep depression and shes secretly on anti depressants and cocaine and she comes off as cold and disconnected. She doesn't want her husband to find out about the dirty arrangement or her narcotics addiction.

(it would be cool if someone could play her husband or business associate.)

I'll play her husband!

thanks! Im only on for a second but I can play Hailey or Claire's husband =]?

Do you want to play Claire's??

I can play more characters if anyone needs me to!

Finn Vanderburk, 28
Finn is a well to do business man in Manhattan. He got a fantastic internship in college and it got him the career of his dreams. He has a beautiful wife and a fantastic home and his life really doesn't have anything wrong with it. Lately though, his wife has become distant. She is so hard to read lately and it's stressing him out. He's been working longer hours because it's needed at work but he knows that can't be the case. He wants to figure out what's wrong with her and why she is being so cold.?

i got too many character ideas for this. i'll form up as Claire's hubby later.

Rhys Pennington
corporate raider/heir to oil fortune
Rhys comes from a very wealthy family, thanks to his great-great grandfather's property; more specifically, the oil in the property. Most of the land was sold off for millions of dollars but they still own a small portion that's rich in oil so they're continually making millions each year. Rhys' family has made investments and turned entrepreneuring into an art form. He's quite successful in his own business so with his inheritance, he's worth about a billion dollars. He's known Claire all his life and when his father asked him to help out the family, he wanted to help. He just didn't want to get married. He's always afraid women are after his money and he's happy as a single bachelor but atleast this way, he knows exactly how much his in-laws get and he's happy to help them. They've always been like family to him. Being a husband isn't something he really knows how to do, especially when it's just for show but he's trying.

(i've been soo busy this week. i'll try to get all my forms in later)

Everett Leventhal
Antiquities/Art Dealer
Everett was born and raised on the Upper East Side. His parents were wealthy but rather cold and strict towards their children. The only time they showed affection was when they earned it. They demanded their kids exceed in academics over anything else. Everett found a passion for history and art and he's now an art dealer at a very lucrative company with an affluent and eccentric clientele. He has a seemingly normal life. He makes good money and has a wife and kids. What's not normal is that he has a second family that he keeps secret. He didn't mean for it to happen but while he and his wife were going through problems, he strayed. He fell in love with another woman, had an affair, and got her pregnant. He loves his wife and his girlfriend and he doesn't want to leave either nor hurt his kids. He doesn't want to be cruel like his parents so he tries to be a good father to all of his children. His girlfriend obviously knows about his wife but his wife does not know about his girlfriend and he wants to keep it that way. He'd rather stressfully juggle two families than lose one.

(who wants to be the wife and who wants to be the girlfriend? =] )

Margarett "Maggie" McBride
Maggie is from a nice but low income family in Alabama. She always had dreams bigger than her small town. She wanted to really make something of herself. She was a beauty queen and used her pageant money to take her to NYC with the hopes of being a model. It took several years, multiple minimum wage jobs, and all of her self respect but she finally got signed on with a modeling agency. She was always thin but never thin enough for agencies to consider her "model material." She's developed an eating disorder in the hopes of achieving the perfection her agency is striving for. Keeping herself as small as possible has been more difficult since she recently found out she's pregnant.?Her contract is very specific and has a firm policy on pregnancy. They can and will drop her due to her inability to fulfill the physical requirements of her job. Her high end agency doesn't do maternity lines and she knows if she comes forward with her secret, her career is over. She doesn't believe in abortion but she still wants her job. Despite the danger to her baby, she's practically starving herself so she can hide her pregnancy until she figures out what to do. She knows the father won't do anything. He's a womanizing photographer she slept with just so he'd put her in a magazine. She's looking into legal options to save her career and her baby.

(nerf, i thought she'd be good for Olsen? I warned you people i have too many character ideas.)

I've got lots of characters and character ideas. I can make more if anyone needs love interests. if I need to give one up I'd pick Raquelle unless you two are fine with a bunch of storylines in one rp. Clearly, I'm fine with it. =P

Omg yes. Olsen can be her lawyer. And he can manage to sue the crap out of the modeling agency.

August could use a love interest of some sort, and if someone could play Hailey's husband? I can make more characters for you all if needed too or change up my forms a bit!

I can play haileys husband

August could be Juliana's friend/fake boyfriend to hide her sexuality?

Johan Meares
Investment Banker
Johan comes from a wealthy family and makes a good deal of money on his own. When he met Hailey he was drawn to her innocence. Her small town girl next door appeal.
But after they got married he had certain expectations that she just isn't living up to. He is a perfectionist he wants to keep Hailey under his thumb.
He expects her to run the household, be charming infront of clients and stay away from other men. He can't help it when he lashes out on her, he wouldn't have to if she just did better.
Secret: He has been creating shell corporations and convincing his clients to invest in them so that he can pocket the money, He's tricked Hailey into signing all the paperwork for these companies so that if the embezzlement ever came out she'd be charged instead of him.

Heyy what if Johan is Finns partner and he's the one blackmailing Elle since he's a creep?
also, you better play one of Everetts girls.


Ill play everetts gf

then I'll play everetts wife! :)

once forms are in, we can start =]
are they anymore characters needed?

Callie Leventhal, 36
Associate Editor for the New York Times
Callie has been working in journalism for a long time now. She is very passionate about it and it's what gets her up in the morning. That, and her family. She is married to Everrett and they have two children together. After the birth of their first child, the two went through a bit of a rough patch but after some therapy they worked it out. They ar enow a seemingly normal family and she does not know about his double life.?

Claire & Rhys are married
Elle & Finn are married
Johan & Finn are business partners
Johan & Hailey are married
Jules & August are together?
Jules & Devina at some point??
Olsen & Maggie?
Everett & Callie are married
Everett & nerf's character are dating?

i think that's all of them -- I am so glad so many of our characters are finally so intertwined!?

I know!?i love it when our characters are actually connected! And we can intertwine them more through friendships- Elle and Hailey could be friends but Elle obviously feels horrible about the arrangment she has with Johan.?Devina and Callie (both journalists) could be friends (or rivals), Maggie could become friends with Claire, Rhys and and August could be besties. So many possibilites. Or even relatives- step siblings, cousins, etc.

Btw, Callie's pic isn't working.

It's Leslie Mann for her pic, I'll fix it later lol?

Svetlana Aleksander
Aspiring Actress/Beauty Blogger
Svet came to new york fresh out of high school with the nieve dream that she would become a broadway star but it's very hard to make her big break. She's done a few shows here and there for small parts at equally small theaters but shes seemed to have found her niche doing tutorials and reviews for beauty products on her blog, at least that's what pays the bills.
A couple years ago she met Everett at an auction and they hit it off. Despite the fact that he was married they started dating he took her to expensive restaraunts and other places that were well beyond her means. It was all fun and games until she got pregnant she decided she was keeping the baby and she didn't care if Everett left his wife or not so long as he supported her and their child.
Secret: Now that she's about to be a mother she's been contemplating telling Everetts wife everything. She doesn't want her baby to grow up not knowing half her family.

August and Svet could have a thing too. Like maybe they meet through mutual friends.

(Starting! August and Everett could be step brothers? That could be how Svet and August meet? I'm changing Maggie's storyline a little so that she's already fired from her job)

Raquelle woke up with a headache. She was a little hungover and her depression was setting in with her sobriety. She made sure Finn was still asleep before fishing her antidepressants out of her bedside drawer and downing two pills. She didn't know when Johan wanted to meet up again but if it was today, she didn't want to feel it.
Juliana had been on location since 5am. They were doing a piece on world hunger and ranking up money for charities and taking in food for local pantries.She went to the snack table and got a cup of coffee while they were on break.
Maggie sat in the lobby of Carmichael, Parker, & Schlman. She didn't know if this was a good idea or if she even had a case but she had to check. Modeling was the only job she'd had that paid decent enough money to support her and a baby?but her agency dropped her for wanting to keep her child. If she couldn't get her job back or some severance pay, she feared she'd end up in a shelter with her baby.
Everett woke up to the sound of his kids playing and he looked at his alarm clock that was about to go off any minute. He rolled over and put his arm around his wife. The guilt he felt for having another woman in his life made him more attentive and caring to Callie.

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