Outlaws: RPG

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"Because I like you." Scotti shrugged "And you're not unappealing to the eyes." She added with a grin.

"Thats good to know." Ethan smiled and sipped his beer.

Natalie gave him a look, "You sobered up at the diner," Natalie told him.

"You don't talk much." Scotti said sitting down next to him.

"Not as much as you think." He teased.

"Oh is that so?" Nat asked with a raised eyebrow.?

"Sure." Linc laughed and shut his eyes.

(off to bed!)

Natalie just chuckled before kissing him softly and rolling over.

"Goodnight." Linc said as he held her close.

Natalie fell asleep soon after she rolled over. She woke up a little later to scoot away from Linc and turn the fan on, sleeping so close was making her sweat.

"You making me breakfast?" Linc smirked when he felt her move.

Natalie looked at the clock on her night stand, "It's 7am, go back to sleep," She chuckled sleepily.

"I got 4 hours. I'm good." Linc teased.

"I'm not," Natalie said with a yawn as she rolled on her side.

"Sleep then." Linc mumbled tiredly.

"I will," Natalie smirked sleeply before pecking his lips quickly and closing her eyes once more.?

It wasn't long before Linc fell back asleep with Natalie.

(Bump to ethan and scotti)

"Don't have much to say." Ethan told her.

Scotti smirked "very laconic." She said secretly feeling annoyed she couldn't ger much information from him.

"Does it bother you?" He smirked.?

"No. I just feel like you know more about me than I do about you." Scotti smiled.

"What would you like to know?" Ethan asked.

Natalie woke up once more but three hours later, she got out of bed to tak a shower.

Linc woke up hearing the shower. He stretched and pulled himself out of bed to go make some coffee.

"I dunno. Just make small talk?" Scotti shrugged.

"Alright. Sure is some nice weather we've been having." Ethan smirked.

Natalie finished her shower and threw on some comfy clothes before going to find Sawyer in the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around him from behind, resting her head on his back, "Didn't want to join me in the shower?" She smirked.?

"Yeah. Unseasonably warm." Scotti grinned.

"I wanted to. I didn't know if you'd like that though." Linc smirked and looked back to peck her lips. "Want some cereal?"
"You enjoy this small talk?" Ethan asked?

"I'd love some," Natalie said as she let go and take a seat at the bar stool.

"you're almost out of milk." He said as he handed her a bowl.

Natalie chuckled, "Okay, I'll put it on the list," She said.

"Put bacon on the list. You don't have that either." Linc smirked.

"You're the only one that eats bacon, here," She told him.

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