Outlaws: RPG

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Natalie just shook her head woth a smirk as he drove off.

"Yup. Home sweet shithole." Scotti smirked.
"Naw." Nicky laughed "But thanks for offering."

Linc sped up and tried showing off on his bike to impress her.
"Mines a shithole too, don't worry." Ethan said.
"Anytime." Sloan laughed and cleaned up the bar.

"It's going to take a whole lot more than that to impress me," Natalie teased him.

"Thanks." Scotti laughed

"You think I'm trying to impress you?" Linc teased.
"How long have you lived here?" Ethan asked her.

"Aren't you always?" Natalie teased again with a smirk, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

"Sometimes." Linc smirked at her and pulled up to the diner.

Natalie got off the bike and headed inside to a table, "Decent crowd for 2am," She noted.

"Its when all the partiers come out." Linc noted as he sat at a booth.

Natalie took out a menu and read it over, "Pancakes were sounding good, but a burger is sounding even better," she chuckled.

"My queen gets whatever she wants." Linc smirked and read the menu.

"How did I get so lucky?" Natalie teased as she decided on her meal.

"You're hot. That helps." Linc smirked at her.

"Oh good, glad to know we're only together for looks," Natalie said.

"Couple months." Scotti shrugged. She moved into this piece of crap when she started her assignment "My last place was even shittier if you can believe it." She laughed pulling out her keys.

"Exactly." Linc teased her.
"I grew up in a place like this. Its home to me." Ethan smirked.

The waitress came over to take their orders, "What can you get you doll?" The older woman asked her, "I'll have the cheeseburger please, hold the onion with a Coke to drink," She smiled before putting her menu back, "And you tough guy?" She asked.

"I'll have a cheeseburger with onion and a coke." Linc said as he handed her the menus.

"And here inwas sparring you from my onion breath," Natalie smirked.

"Thats kind of you but I'm not that nice." Linc grinned.

"Obviously," Natalie said before sticking her straw in her drink and taking a sip when the waitress brought them to the table.p

"Anyone give you a hard time at the club today?" Linc asked as he sipped his drink.

"Just Marty, jackass as usual," Natalie said with a shrug, "Everyone else knows not to mess with me," She smirked.

"I'll handle Marty." Linc told her. "No ones supposed to fuck with you, even Marty knows that."

"Well you know him, he's so stuck in his ways," She said with a shrug.

"So we had similar childhoods." Scotti chuckled

"I don't care. He'll have my boot stuck up his ass if he doesn't stop." Linc pointed out.?
"what was yours like?" He asked curiously.?

"Well thank you for being my knight in shining armor," Natalie smirked.

"My Dad was a drunk drug addicted gambling addict. When I was 9 he pawned my Christmas presents for crank." Scotti said unlocking her apartment door "My Mom is out for a pack of smokes. She should be back soon since she left 20 years ago."

"No problem." He smirked at her.?
"that's rough." Ethan said. Even his life wasn't that shitty.?

(I'm using my phone so I can't post much.)

Natalie took a sip of her drink before seeing the waitress. Ring it their dinner, "Thanks," She smiled.

Linc popped a fry into his mouth. "this is good."

Natalie put some ketchup on her plate before eating a french fry, "It is," She said with a smile.?

"I'm over it." Scotti shrugged "So this is my place."?

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