Outlaws: RPG

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"Sure, just not in ways that are useful." Sloan smirked.

"You work here that's pleanty brave." Scotti told her taking an order from a very drunk biker.
"Hey where's my change I gave you a 20!"
"In my tip jar!" Scotti snapped back.
"I wasn't gunna tip you!" He complained.
"Yeah exactly." Scotti smirked.

"You might want to give it back." Sloan told her. "Some of the guys here can get pretty rough."

"You gotta learn to stand up for yourself." Scotti told her. The drunkard swayed on his chair.
"That'd be your third strike wouldn't it Lenny." She pointed out "Is ten bucks really worth doing a dime in max?"
"Keep it." Lenny grunted.
"Thankyou Lenny. You're a true gentleman."

"How do you know he'd do ten years?" Sloan asked her.

"You didn't grow up in the hood did you?" Scotti pointed out.

Ron finished off his drink and texted the guys, "Did you get the deal?" He asked, looking at the time, it was a little later than he thought they'd be back.

"Trailer trash born and raised." She told her.
Ethan texted him back?as they finished up business.?"Its done."

Ron got his text and finished off his drink, "Hey Nat, get a round ready on me for the guys, they're headed back this way," He told her. Natalie nodded before pulling out some glasses and filling them to the brim.?

"Well in the hood everyones been to jail." Scotti said "two of my brothers were in juvie before their 13th birthday."
Nick rode his bike back up to the bar after the job was done. It went smoothy but he needed a stiff drink.

"Sounds similar to my brothers." Sloan laughed before seeing Nicky at the bar. "How'd it go?"
"We got the goods." Linc smirked and took at seat.

"Good. Pour me a jamison." He said sitting down at the bar.

"Not interested inthe round of beer your dad got?" Sloan asked as she poured.
Ethan walked in and lit a cigarette as he sat down.

"Need something stronger." Nicky smirked
"Hey my shift is over." Scotti said taking off her apron "See you tommorow." She told Sloan.?

"See ya then." Sloan said to Scotti as she handed Nicky's drink to him. "This better?"
Ethan smiled over at Scotti. "Ready to go?"

"Much better." Nicky told her with a smile.
"Ready." Scotti smiled.

"You have a car or you want to ride the bike with me?" Ethan asked her.
"Was?the deal?worse than you expected?" Sloan asked, wondering why he needed more than a beer.

"I'll ride with you." Scotti said.
"It wasn't bad. Stavros is just a cock." Nicky said talking about the supplier he dealt with "He knows how to get under my skin."

"you'll have to show me where you live." Ethan said as they reached his bike.?
"You deal with him directly or did someone else?" She asked him.?

"Just a couple blocks from here. Robson towers. The apartment building." Scotti told him.
"I'm VP I dealt with him. I'd look weak if I sent someone in for me." Nicky said.

"I see that," Natalie said with a smirk as she slid a beer over to him.

"Want a helmet?" Ethan asked as he got on his motorcycle.
"Or just really powerful." Sloan teased.
"You ever going to be done working?"Linc asked as he took the beer.

"What do I look like some kind of valley girl?" Scotti laughed.
"Naw. Brute force is kind of our deal." Nicky laughed.

Natalie just smirked before looking at the clock, "Yeah, in about ten minutes," She told him.?

"Just checking." Ethan laughed.
"Thats what I figured" Sloan nodded.
"Want to do something?" Linc asked her.

"WHat do you have in mind?" Natalie asked as she counted out her tips.

(bump to chasing life!)

Scotti smiled getting on the back of Ethans motorcycle.
"Now those mafia guys. They can send lackies." Nicky said

"I could treat you to dinner." Linc suggested before realizing the time. "or beakfast."
Ethan started the engine and drove off toward her apartment building.
"You should get in on that." Sloan teased.

Natalie chuckled, "Pancakes do sound good," She told him before closing out her register and wiping down the bar.

"Alright lets go then." Linc smiled at her.

Natalie grabbed her jacket and slipped it on before following him out to his bike.

Linc got on his bike and waited for Nat to hop on.

Natalie got on his bike behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist so they could go, "Ready when you are," She said.

Scotti wrapped her arm around Ethans waist holding on tight as they drove.
"I do look pretty sharp in a suit." Nicky said downing his last drink. "I better get home before I get too shitfaced."

"Don't fall off." Linc teased before speeding off.
Ethan reached her apartment building and parked right in front. "This it?"
"Want me to cut you off next time?" Sloan asked jokingly

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