Outlaws: RPG

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"I'm on a break." Cece told him and ordered a shot of tequila from Natalie.

"Hm, I see," Ron nodded, Natalie just shook her head with a smirk as she watched them. She got Cece a shot of tequila with a lime and slid it to

"Want to do one with me?" Cece asked before downing her shot.

"I'm sticking to one thing tonight sweetheart," Ron told her, "But I'll let you know once I know this deal has gone through and maybe we can do a few," He chuckled.

"Will you atleast keep me company while I'm on break?" Cece asked him.

"We're both sitting here aren't we?" Ron asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah." Cece nodded. " We could keep drinking or I could give you a private dance if you want."

A smirk spread across his face, he cocked his head to ghe side as he thought about it, " a dance sounds good to me," He said before finishing his drink.

"Follow me." Cece smiled and lead him to the back.

Ron gave Natalie a wink before heading back with Cece.

(bump to chasing life!)

"Make yourself comfortable." she said as she turned on the music.

Ron threw his jacket to the side as he took a seat, "VIP for the pres, most the girls are too intimidated,"?

"I'm not intimated by anything." Cece smirked and started moving to the music.

"And I am glad you aren't," Ron said as he got comfortable and watched her.

Cece smiled to herself and stradled his lap as she kept dancing to the music.

Ron placed his hands behind his head, leaning back into the chair as she moved.

Cece pulled her top down like she did in all of her private routines and kept moving against him.

Ron smirked to himself as he enjoyed the view.

"Like the show?" Cece asked him as she ran a hand through her hair.

"I think you just keep getting better and better," Ron said as he ran a hand down her side.

"I'm glad you think so." Cece smirked and grinded on him.

Ron just let out a chuckle with a crooked smile before continuing to watch her.

Cece snaked her arms around his neck as the song ended. "You good or you want another?"

Ron looked at the clock, thinking the guys should be on their way back by now, "I'm good for now doll," He said tapping her ass, "But I may find you later, your break is over anyways."

"You can come find me anytime." Cece said as she grabbed her top from the floor.

Ron nodded with a smirk as he grabbed his phone and headed back out to the bar, "That was fast," Natalie commented with a smirk.

"And she thinks me washing dishes is going to put me in my place?" Scotti laughed.

"Apparently so." Sloan laughed. "she's just making you do the dirty work."

"I've done dirtier work than this." Scotti pointed out.

"Wait til she makes you clean the shit and jiz out of the mens room." She pointed out.

"Least they're paying me. I used to have to do that for free." Scotti smirked "four brothers."

"Thats disgusting." Sloan laughed. "But I get it. I've got brothers too."

"I'll do disgusting stuff as long as I'm getting paid." Scotti laughed.

"You're braver than me." Sloan teased.?

(Got to go for now)

"I'm sure you're pleanty brave." She said carrying the tray of beer steins out of the kitchen.

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