Outlaws: RPG

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"How romantic." Nicky grinned as he drove towards the diner.

"You making fun of me?" Sloan laughed.

(didn't you want scotti to get pregnant? i had an idea that since shes a cop but falls for ethan and the club, she does a crime to protect them or she won't rat on them or something and gets sent to prison and has her baby in prison. and because of ethans criminal history Sloan is awarded custody and cares for?the baby?until Scotti's time is up)

(Omg that's awesome!!)

"No." Nicky laughed.

(thank you =] )

"I've got a club full of bikers to jump you if you are." Sloan teased.

"So do I." Nicky teased "We have so much in common."

"Or we only have the club in common." Sloan laughed.

"We're also both insanely hot." He teased.

"You think pretty highly of yourself." Sloan smirked.

"Yeah." Nicky smiled not denying it.

Sloan laughed and held on tighter as he drove.

Nicky pulled into the parking lot of the diner and helped Sloan off the back "Ladies first." He said motioning to the door.

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