Outlaws: RPG

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"Yeah." Nicky laughed "That'd be cool."

"Please do so." Linc teased before driving off.
"I can pick you up too if you like. I'll even bring flowers." Sloan teased.

Natalie just laughed as she rode on the back of his bike.

"Naw. I'll pick you up." Nick laughed.

"Alright then, I'll see you later." Sloan smiled against the phone.

"7 sound good?" Nicky asked her.

"Yeah 7's good." Sloan told him.

"See you then." Nicky smiled?

Sloan smiled as she hung up and look to Scotti. "We're going on a date tonight."

"Yeah you are!" Scotti exclaimed, happy for her friend, and happy that she could have an inside look at Nickys personal life.?

"If this goes bad, I'm blaming you." Sloan warned.

"Yeah whatever." Scotti laughed

"What should I wear?" Sloan asked, not knowing she should dress up or be casual.

"I'll come help you get ready." Scotti said.

"You're helping me too much." Sloan laughed.

"I'm bored ok." Scotti laughed.

"I think you enjoy this." Sloan smirked.

"Yeah. You're like a life sized doll." Scotti laughed?

"I never played with dolls so I never understood the appeal." Sloan laughed.

"That explains your fashion sense." Scotti teased.

"Shut up." Sloan laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Come on." Scotti said "I'll lend you my leather pants."

"I already have leather pants." Sloan told her.

(i made her outfit =] http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_457/set?id=217860975 )

"Well good wear them." Scotti laughed.

"I'll save that for the second date." Sloan laughed.

"Oh so now there's a second date." Scotti laughed.

"There better be." Sloan laughed.

Scotti laughed "That's the spirit."
(Skip to the date?)


"Hes late." Sloan said as she checked the time. She was nervous he changed his mind.

Nicky rolled up to Sloans apartment building "Hey sorry I'm late." He told her.

"You get lost?" Sloan teased as she got on his motorcycle.

"Got held up. Sorry. Work stuff." Nicky said handing her his spare helment "Where do you want to eat?"

"Anywhere." Sloan said as she put on the helmet.

"Don't say that. You'll end up at McDonalds." He teased "Seriously pick somewhere. I'm buying."

"What about the diner by the lake? I think they've got outdoor seating." Sloan suggested.

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