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"Well then maybe I'll give them to you for free...maybe." Scotti smirked smirked "So you get that black eye doing ronnie favors? Or was that purely recrational?"
"I mean you do look hot in leather." Nicky smirked.

"I'm the sweetest." Linc smirked at her.
"Part of the job." He told her. "Just another day in paradise."
"I know." Sloan smiled. "Its your old man though. I don't think him and most of the guys can wrap their head around a girl in their gang."

"You really need to get better at fighting then." Scotti teased "Or ask for health insurance." She said pouring another shot
"Yeah but he'll keil over soon. He's old." Nicky teased.

"I don't think we'd be approved." Ethan teased and downed his shot.
"thats a nice way to think." Sloan smirked.

"Mhm," Natalie smirked as she rolled her eyes at him.

"What? You don't think so?" Linc grinned at her.

"No. Too big a risk factor." She smirked "So. My shift ends at 2...you got any plans."
"Maybe I'll make you vice president." He grinned taking a sip of his beer.

"I don't plan anything." He pointed out.?
"yeah? For what price?" Sloan smirked.?

Before Natalie could respond to him Ron had walked back over, "A gun shipment has come into the warehouse, I need you to go check it out make sure it's all there, Some of the other guys are going to lead off the deal, but go just in case something goes bad," He told him.

"You going too?" Linc asked him. He was eager to be apart of business. He wanted to prove his place again.

"No, I'll stay here," Ron said, "The deal is at 12:30 so you better get going."

"Alright." Linc got up from his seat and made sure his phone was on so he could keep Ron posted. "I'll see you later darlin." he said to Natalie.

"Be safe," Natalie said with a wave before watching him walk out the door, she went to serve other customers.?

"Wanna come back to my place then?" She asked.
"A lifetime supply of blowjobs?" Nicky asked with a cunning smirk.

Ethan was surprised at how forward she was. "Sure. I've got one small job to do before then." he said as he checked the clock. He had to go with the boys to handle the gun trade.
"I can make it happen, they just won't be from me." Sloan smiled. "I'm sure Cece or one of the other girls will be?happy to do the dirty work."

"I'll leave my door unlocked." Scotti told him.
"Dirty work. How rude." Nicky said "I gotta go. We got a job to do."

"I'll be there." Ethan smiled before twirling his keys and his hand and going out to his bike.
"Do you need an extra hand?" Sloan asked. She wanted so badly to be a part of them, not just a bartender.

Ron met the guys out by their bikes to make sure they had all the details, "Linc, where is your brother?" He asked, seeing everyone but him and Ethan.

"Chatting up some girl." Linc said. He was annoyed that Nicky was the one Ron picked for VP. He was talking to bartenders instead of doing his job. "I can take the reigns on this. We don't need him."

"No, he's the one that made this deal in the first place, he has to go," Ron said, plus, he was still uneasy about letting his oldest son back up
just yet.

"I guess we'll just wait on him then." Linc sighed.

"Not this time sweetthing. I'll get you out some other time." Nicky smiled heading out the door.

"Thank you for joining us Nicky," Ronnie said smuggly before rounding up the rest of the guys who were going, "Now you boys don't screw this up, it should be a one and done deal," He told them, "Get in, secure the stock, and get out, that simple - call me if you need anything."?

"Got it." Linc said and put his gun on his holster.

Natalie looked around the bar and wiped it down when the guys left, "Since the guys are out we won't be too busy back here, Scotti why don't you wash down some glasses?" She asked, she didn't really like the new girl so she made her do the stuff her friends and other bartenders didn't want to do.?

"We got this." Nicky told Ronnie "Don't sweat it."
"On it boss." Scotti said with a slight attitude.

"I'll help." Sloan said. She didn't mind Scotti and she didn't know why Nat had a problem with her.

Natalie wiped down the bar before seeing Ron come back inside, "Nat, another," He said, shaking his glass before putting it on the bar. She nodded before mixing him another Jack and Coke.

Cece took a break from dancing and walked over to Ron. "Hey handsome." she said, rubbing his shoulders. "Where'd the boys run off to?"

"Had a deal come through the warehouse, they went to go pick it up," Ron told her before taking a swig of his drink.

"Thanks." Scotti said grabbing the tray of beer glasses "She always like this?"?

"So you're left here all alone?" Cece asked as she sat beside him.
"She'll get better. You're new. She doesn't trust you." Sloan told her.

"Looks that way, doesn't it darlin?" Ron said with a smirk.

"Their loss is my gain." Cece smirked and stole a sip of his drink.

"Don't you have poles to be dancing on?" Ron teased her before sliding his drink back towards him.

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