Outlaws: RPG

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"Do you really think you shouldn't? Or are you just saying no because Natalies against it?" Scotti threw the question back at her.

"Touch?." Sloan smirked. "I just figure she's known him forever so she knows if he's a good guy or not."

"Maybe she just doesn't like him." Scotti shrugged "She doesn't like me and that's not a problem for you."

"Fair point." Sloan nodded. "Maybe I'll talk to him later at the bar."

Natalie finished off her beer as she shook her head with a smirk.

"You ready to go? The tattoo shop isn't far from here." Linc said.

"Yeah," Natalie nodded as she threw her napkin on her plate.

"I'll meet you at the bike." Linc said before going up to pay for their meal.

"Okay," Nat smirked before heading out to his bike out front.

Lincoln paid before going back out to Natalie and getting on the bike. "Last chance to back out. Sure you want a tattoo that reminds you of me forever?"

"I've already got plenty, what's adding another one going to do?" She chuckled.

"You're taking the romance out of it." Linc smirked and started the engine.

"Well then, this one will be the most special to me," Natalie told him as she gave him a squeeze.

"I don't believe you anymore." Linc teased and drove toward the tattoo shop.

Natalie just shook her head with a smirk as he drove them to the shop.

Linc pulled up to the shop and parked by the door before shutting off the engine. "What do you want to get?"

"I have no idea yet," Natalie said, "Remember were picking them out for each other, not gonna see it until it's done."

"You trust me to make that decision for you?" He asked.?

"Don't be a jackass and pick something I wouldn't like," Natalie said with a chuckle.

"I wouldn't do that." He assured her.

"Good, can't say the same though," Natalie teased as she headed inside.

"I'm not picky about tats anyway." He pointed out.

"Well don't take the fun away from me," She said before she went and talked to one of the artists about to get him.

Line looked through one of the books to get an idea for her tattoo.

Natalie smiled as the artist drew out what she described, "You ready babe?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm ready." He said after choosing the tattoo for her.

Natalie coudn't help but smile, she really hoped he liked it, "It's going to go on the back of your calf," She told him.

"Just make sure it looks good." He said as he got up on the table.

Natalie sat and watched as the tattoo artist worked on Linc, she couldn't help but grin. She hoped he liked the tattoo.

Linc made his hands into fists at the pain. It hurt but he wasn't going to let it show.

"Shade the tit in a little better on the right," Natalie teased before looking at Linc.

"Not funny." Linc said, almost deciding to give her a tattoo she'd hate.

"Here babe, you can hold my hand if it hurts," Natalie teased once more.

"I'm having him?tattoo a bare ass on your face." Linc warned.

"Oh shut up," Nat smirked before pecking his lips.

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