Outlaws: RPG

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"You've done that more times that you can count," She teased, sipping her beer.

"You're probably right." He grinned.

"Always am babe," Natalie said as she set her beer down on the table.

"Not always." Linc smirked.

"Now you're wrong," Natalie told him, "I am always right," She smirked back.

"I'll give in and say you are." Linc smirked.

"Thank you baby," Natalie told him with a grin.

"You're welcome." Linc smiled before the food came out.

Scotti woke up the next day, and grabbed her phone and texted Sloan "Hey do you want to go to the gym?"?

Sloan woke up when she heard her phone go off and she read Scottis text. *Sure. Meet you in an hour?*

"K cool." Tomi said sending her a link to the address.

Sloan got up and got dressed before going to the gym to meet Scotti.

scotti?waited by the door of the gym for Sloan to show up?

Sloan yawned as she went to the gym and saw Scotti. "Hey. Sorry I'm late."

"That's all right." Scotti shrugged "I thought we could show you a little more self defense." She told her.?

"Can't I just use my gun?" Sloan smirked.

"What if they take your gun away from you." Scotti pointed out.?

"Curl up in the fetal position and die?" Sloan teased.

"You have such a strong survival instinct." Scotti laughed "Come on they have a self defense class here today. I signed you up."?

"Do you mind if I ask, why are you so adamant about my self defense?" She asked. No one really cared when her husband beat on her. It was weird to have anyone show concern.

"Because I like you." Scotti said "And I don't like the idea of you working with a bunch of bikers and not knowing how to take care of yourself." She said.?

"My ex used to push me around.." Sloan told her. "When I tried fighting back it only made things worse."

"So you're going to let that one guy make you a victim your whole life?" Scotti asked her.?

"Well he wasn't the first one." Sloan admitted.

"And I'll make sure he's the last one." Scotti told her. She had seen way to many girls like Sloan dumped in some ravine wrapped in plastic, she didn't want Sloan ending up like that.?

"Thanks for adopting me." Sloan laughed but she meant it. She was happy she cared.

"You're welcome." Scotti laughed "So....me and Ethan hooked up again after you left."?

"I'm not surprised." Sloan laughed. "So you like him?"

"I dunno if I'd say that." Scotti shrugged "We haven't really....talked much."?

"Ethan's not a chatty guy." Sloan pointed out.

"He has other talents." Scotti grinned.

"So he's good at it?" Sloan laughed.

Natalie thanked the waitress before taking a bite of her food, she was glad she chose this.

"Hows your sandwhich?" Linc asked after trying his food.

"Great, glad I ordered it," Natalie told him with a smile.

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