Outlaws: RPG

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Ethan smiled against her lips and kissed her back.

Scotti hopped up onto the pool table and kept kissing him

Lincoln shot at the target when Natalie counted down. "Alright lets see how badly you lost."
Ethan kissed her harder and undid her pants.

Natalie placed her gun down before walkng to the target, smirking as she pulled down her target, "And that baby, is what you call a kill shot," She smirked as she had the bullet holes in the center.

Scotti exhaled and pushed down his leather jacket and pulled his shirt off.

"Its why I call you Killshot." Linc smirked.
Ethan pulled her shirt off and kissed her neck.

Natalie just smirked, "Have fun doing chores all week babe."

Scotti tugged at his belt and kissed his neck.

"Best out of three?" Lincoln suggested, hoping to win.
Ethan pulled her pants off before helping her with his.

"Nope, you're not getting out of this one, a deal is a deal," She told him.

"This is a good way to end the night." Scotti said kicking her jeans off.

"I can't take back the bet can I?" Linc laughed.

"I know." Ethan smiled and grabbed her hips before pushing into her.

"Nope," Natalie smirked, "Maybe the dish soap will soften those calluses on your hands."

"Very funny." He smirked.

"I'm hilarious," Natalie laughed before going back to the table, "I want to shoot one more round before we go."

Scotti moaned and grabbed his shoulders moving her hips against him

"I do too." Linc said and reloaded.
Ethan moaned as he moved with her.

Natalie held her stance before she shot through her next round.

Lincoln emptied his clip into the target before bringing it up to look at the results. "Not to bad eh?"

Scotti moved her hips in time with his throwing her head back and moaning

Ethan held her hips and cursed as he thrusted harder.

Scotti tightened her legs around his hips and climaxed

Ethan climaxed with her and kissed her hard. "fuck that was great."

Scotti smiled "Amazing." She told him

"We should make this a regular thing." Ethan smirked and pulled his pants up.

"Yeah." Scotti agreed slipping her jeans back on "I'd like that."

(I feel like at some point he can like uncharacteristically awkwardly ask her on a date)

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Ethan?asked as he put his shirt back on.

"Yeah. I'm closing again tomorrow....If you want to stick around." She said with a smile.

"I'll do that." He grinned.

"Yeah, but I still did better," Natalie teased as she put her gun back on her holster, "Don't know why your dad didn't make me VP," she teased.

"Conflict of interest. I can't be screwing the VP." Linc teased her.

"Oh is that it?" Natalie teased him as she walked back to his bike with him.

"See you tomorrow." Scotti smiled.

"oh yeah. Been in the rule book for years." Lincoln teased and got on his bike.
"yes you will." Ethan smiled before going back out.

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