Outlaws: RPG

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"Good." Scotti smiled "You'll be kicking ass in no time." She grinned.

(Maybe Ethan could walk in on them. Just to get him back into this. He can make inappropriate jello wrestling jokes or something XD)

(lol i love him already)

Sloan hit at the air again when Ethan walked through the door and dropped a rare smile. "Whats going on in here?"

"What kind of competition do you want to make it?" Natalie asked him.

"Loser does dishes for a week?" Lincoln suggested.

"Teaching Sloan to kick ass." Scotti smiled

"We've got jello shots. Mind if I pour?them on you?" Ethan teased.
"You're a real charmer." Sloan rolled her eyes.

"Only if we get to use you as a punching bag." Scotti smirked.

"I'll wrestle you in some jello." Ethan smirked.

"Shut up." Scotti laughed "You'd like that wouldn't you."

"I would." Ethan grinned.?
"It's getting late." Sloan said and grabbed her bag. "I'll leave you two to...wrestle."?

"Thanks." Scotti laughed "I'll take you to the gym sometime."

"Thanks." Sloan said sincerely before heading out.?
"I guess it's just you and me again." Ethan smirked.?

"You don't have to creep my coworkers out to get me alone with you." Scotti smirked.

"It wasn't on purpose." Ethan laughed?

Scotti took a few steps to close the distance between then "So you didn't want to get me alone?"

"That was a happy coincidence." He smiled. "I came back because I left my wallet."

"A likely story." Scotti grinned "Come on I'll help you look."

"I'm pretty sure I left it in the meeting room." ?He said. The guys used it to talk about issues and vote on stuff.?

"Ok let me get the keys." Scotti said grabbing her purse.

"I'm lucky I caught you here." He said honestly.?

"Yeah why?" Scotti asked unlocking the door

"So you could unlock the door for me." He pointed out?

"That's the only reason?" She smirked.

"No." Ethan smiled and grabbed his wallet from the table before stepping closer to her. "Maybe I was hoping for a repeat of last night."

"And the laundry," Natalie said with a smirk, she did those two things anyways so it didn't matter if she lost, she just wanted to win.

Scotti smiled hoping he'd say that "Well....we have this place to ourselves..."

"Deal." He smiled at her.

"Head or chest?" Natalie asked as she loaded up her gun once more.

"Dead center." He told her as he reloaded.

'You'd never shoot a man in the dead center of his body," Natalie chuckled.?

(I was thinking they were shooting at targets like this)

"Dead center of the chest, Killshot." He clarified.

(Cherry bump to 761)

"Thank you for clarifying," Natalie smirked, "Well shoot at the same time on my count," She told him getting in her stance before counting down from three.


"Thats true..you want to hop up on the pole for me?" Ethan smirked and pulled her closer.

Scotti smirked "I'll do you one better." She said kissing him.

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