Outlaws: RPG

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"I knew it." He smirked before going to shower.

Natalie finished her hair and makeup before throwing on a pair of jeans and a top.

Linc got out of the shower and got dressed before going to find Nat. "You ready?"

"You never quit smoking." Scotti said popping one in her mouth "You just take a break." She said lighting it.

"Nice way to think about it." Sloan smirked and lit up.?

"Ok." She said taking a puff "So you ever thrown a punch?"

"Not any good ones." Sloan shrugged as she smoked her cigarette.

Natalie put her gun in her holster before putting on her leather jacket, "I am, are you?" She asked.

"Yup." Linc said and grabbed his gun.

Natalie locked up the house before going and hoping on the back of his bike.

"K let's see then." Scotti smirked sitting her cigarette in the ash tray for safe keeping.
"Take a swing at me."

Linc smiled as he started the bike. He loved rides with Natalie.
"seriously?" Sloan asked. She didn't want to punch her.

Natalie wrapped her arms around his waist as he drove them to the range.

Lincoln drove them to the shooting range and parked the bike before hopping off. "Remember to aim at the target, not me." He teased.

"Shut up," Natalie smirked as she signed in at the front desk and took a place to shoot.

"You look very beautiful today by he way." He smirked at her.?

"Don't be a kiss ass," Natalie said as she loaded the bullets into her gun.

"I thought you liked compliments." He teased her.?

"I do, but not when they sound snarky," Natalie teased

"I meant it. I always think you're beautiful." He said honestly.?

(Off to bed! I'll form up for Houston PD later)

"Well then, thank you babe," She said with a smile before aiming at her target and taking her first shot.

Linc got set up beside her and shot his target.

Natalie finished firing her first rounds, walking up her sheet, "Not too shabby, look at this," She said proudly.

"Nice work, Killshot." Linc smirked before firing at his target again.

Natalie smirked to herself before grabbing a new sheet and reloading her gun.

"If ?you're as bad as you say you are I'll have nothing to worry about." Scotti laughed.

Lincoln reloaded his gun and got back into stance. "Want to make this a competition?"
"Alright." She shrugged and put her cigarette down. "you ready?"

"Yeah." Scotti said "Go for it." She said getting ready to block Sloans expectantly pathetic punch.?

Sloan hesitated hitting her friend before finally throwing a punch at her.?

Scotti caught the punch easily and twisted Sloan around so she was in a relaxed headlock so as not to hurt ?her.?
"Yeah you're punch is crap." Scotti laughed letting her go.

"Ow.." Sloan stepped back and pulled her hair into a ponytail. "I told you I can't fight for shit."

"Don't worry I'll show you. First of all don't tuck your thumb in when you punch. You'll end up hurting yourself." Scotti said.

"Okay." Sloan said and adjusted her fist. She never really learned to fight back when her husband was beating on her.

"Ok." Scotti said fixing Sloans stance "Now you'll feel like you should make a wide swing. But you'll just waste energy and they'll see it coming." She said "You wanna strike fast and strike hard." She said punching the air to demonstrate

Sloan repeated her moves and struck the air a few times. "Is this right?"

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