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"Then punch him in the neck." Scotti shrugged "They should learn to take a little rejection."

"In my experience fighting back doesn't work." Sloan said?

"Maybe you just aren't doing it right." Scotti said.

"Why do I get the feeling you're going to be mad at me forever?" Linc asked her.
"How do you recommened fighting?" Sloan smirked.

"I don't know why you're getting that feeling," Natalie shrugged as she leaned against the counter.

Lincoln didn't say anything as he made coffee. He didn't want to start another fight.

"Babe," Natalie said softly as she looked over at him.

"You want I can show you." Scotti said seriously?

"Yeah?" Linc said without looking at her.
"what, like self defense?" Sloan asked.

"Yeah you can call it that." Scotti said "I call it being a badass bitch."

Sloan laughed and thought about her offer. "Okay, let's do it."

"Meet me after work. I'll show you a few moves." Scotti told her

"Thanks." Sloan said sincerely. She didn't know why Natalie had such a problem with her.

"I'll get the dishes done." Scotti told her "You finish up out front. That way we can close up faster."

"Done." Sloan smiled and went back up front.

"What did you mean by what you just said?" She asked him.

"What, that you're going to be mad at me forever?" Lincoln repeated. "It means I feel like you'll be mad at me forever. Its pretty literal."

"I just feel like you're trying to make me feel bad for being mad at you when I have a pretty good reason to be," Natalie said, "And I don't plan on being mad at you forever, if I was I wouldv'e kicked you out."?

"I'm just tired of this fight and I want it to be over." Linc told her.

"It'll be over when you acknowledge last night and how you weren't home," Natalie told him, "We talked about Cece, but I'm still upset you ditched me," She said softly.

"And I'm really sorry about all of that. I'm not denying anything about last night." Lincoln pointed out.

Natalie nodded, 'I forgive you, but I'm still a little bitter," She told him, wrapping her arms around his waist, "Especially since you called me boring," She said as she looked up at him.

"I called you boring?" Linc asked surprised. He didn't remember anything when he was drunk.

"Yeah, you did," Natalie told him, resting her chin on his chest as she looked up at him.

(Gossip Girl!)

Tomi got the back of house in order in time for the last of the bikers to clear out of the bar at last call.

"I didn't mean it." Linc said honestly. "I'm sorry."
Sloan went to find Scotti once everyone was leaving. "Hey you ready to go?"

"I wouldn't say I'm boring," Natalie said, "I've just grown up, I'm not that bratty kid in the back of the bar anymore."

"Yeah just let me grab my purse." Scotti said.

"I don't think you're boring." Lincoln told her again.
"You need your purse to kick some ass?" Sloan teased.

"Prove it by spending the day with me?" Natalie smirked, "I'm off today."

"I need my smokes." Scotti corrected with a grin. And to record this incase you say anything incriminating. She added in her head.

"Whatever you want to do today, I'll do it." Linc smiled.
"I tried quitting but it's too hard working at the club. Everyone smokes." Sloan said.?

"I really want to go to the shooting range, I haven't been in forever," She told him.

"Should I be scared you want to take me to a shooting range the day after a fight?" He smirked.

"Maybe a little," Nat winked before heading back to her bedroom to change clothes.

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