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(Idk! I was thinking that they're together but it's really low key, like with their personalities? They're not seeing anyone else but they're not like a normal couple either if that makes any sense lol)

"It wasn't, I was just pointing out a fact," Natalie told him.

(i like it!)

"You're very observant." Linc smiled at her.

"And you're very defensive," Natalie said with a smirk before taking another sip of her beer.

"You think you're gunna win any beauty pagents Nicky. You're uglier than a mule." Scotti teased handing him the beer he ordered.
"You really don't want a tip do you?" He teased playfully smacking her on butt.

"My old man wanted his bike cleaned before he woke up so I was out early washing it." Linc told her. "It's a job one of the girls can do but he wanted me to do it. Prove I'm nothing more than a little bitch to him."
"think I'd win over this chump?" Ethan jokingly asked her.?

"Maybe if you don't keep face planting into the pavement." Scotti grinned.

"Thats not gonna happen." Ethan teased and smoked his cigarette.
"Most male models are gay ya know." Sloan teased them.

Natalie shrugged, leaning her elbows onto the bar, "I think if you just did what he asked without complaining you'd get your spot back," She told him, "But who am I to say anything, I'm just a girl who could probably wash a bike." She smirked before getting up to help a customer.

Linc rolled his eyes and finished his beer. He didn't need Natalie mad at him too.

Natalie served a few guys at the bar before stuffing her tips in her bra, she walked back over to Linc, "So are you coming back to my place tonight, or?" She asked.?

"You still want me to?" Linc asked her as he lit another smoke.

"Why wouldn't I want you to?" Natalie asked with a raised eyebrow.?

"I thought I bothered you." Linc smirked.

"Well you do, just not all the time," Natalie smirked back as she cleared off the bar when two customers left.?

"I didn't mean all your good for is washing bikes." Linc told her.

"I know, you meant one of the hot babes over there right?" Natalie teased as she nodded towards her other bartenders.?

"Exactly." Linc smirked. "Want to do some shots with me?"

"Only one, I do have a job to do," Natalie told him as she got out the tequila.

"Well then you boys will fit right in." Scotti joked tucking the bar rag into the back pocket of her shorts and walking back behind the counter to take an order.
"Good thing I'm ugly as a mule then." Nicky grinned.

"I'll be your sugar daddy." Linc teased her.
"Eh you're not that bad." Sloan said as she smoked her cigarette.
"Hey Scotti." Ethan went over to her. "Care to get me some whiskey?"

"You wash bikes for a living," Natalie teased as she took the tequila shot and sucked on a lime.?

"I don't care to but I'm getting paid to." She teased filling a glass.
"Not that bad?" Nicky smirked "I'm sure you can come up with a better compliment than that."

"I do more than that." Linc laughed. "thats a low blow by the way."
"Thats good then." Ethan said and took a drink.
"I could but then I'd be lying." Sloan teased.

Natalie just shrugged as she put the bottle of tequila back on the shelf, "Just take your shot," She said before seeing his dad walk into the bar and towards them, "Hey Ronnie, what can I get ya?" She asked casually, "Jack & Coke, doll," He said before sitting next to his son.?

"Anything going on tonight?" Linc asked his?father before taking a shot.

Natalie mixed his drink and set it down in front of him, "Laying pretty low tonight for my standards," Ron said, before giving Natalie a thankful nod, "What are you two kids going to be up to?" He asked, he had known Natalie since birth, she was basically like his own child, he wished they would both get serious about each other.?

"Living large as usual." Linc smirked. "I've been giving her shit about not being a dancer."

Ron smirked as he took a sip of his drink, "Nat as a dancer, that'd be a sight," He teased. Natalie rolled her eyes with a smirk as she dried off some freshly washed glasses, "Yeah, you two keep talking shit and we'll see who gets you drinks."

"The new girl will." Linc teased, refering to Scotti. "I'll bet she'll do it with a smile too."

"You best be nice to me, one day I'll be signing your paycheques." Nicky teased "Why don't you dance Sloan?" He asked her hearing Linc and Ronnies conversation
"Want me to add it to your tab?" Scotti asked Ethan as he took a drink.?

"Cause I'm not a whore." Sloan told him. She knew the girls didn't just dance. "I'm working my way up to get patched in."
"I have a tab?" Ethan teased. "I thought these bad boys were free."

"Mhm, I'm sure she will," Natalie said, the new girl rubbed her the wrong way. But at the time they were short staffed so she hired her on.?

"You have a very large tab then." Scotti teased "How do you expect Ronnie to keep this place running with you not paying your tab." She teased.
"Ooo a lady with some aspirations." Nicky smiled "I like that."

"But I'd rather you stay my bartender. She's not as pretty as you." Linc pointed out.
"I do favors for him." Ethan pointed out. "It all pays off."
"Yeah. I'll be a?regular biker before you know it." Sloan smirked as she smoked her cigarette.

"Well aren't you sweet," Natalie smirked as she got him another beer.?

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