Outlaws: RPG

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"So you should always have it in stock." Linc smirked.

"Touche babe," Natalie smirked before eating a spoonful of cereal.

"You working at the club tonight?" Linc asked.

"Aren't I always?" Natalie said with a chuckle.

"I'm a bartender I have to like small talk." Scotti laughed "What would you rather talk about?"

"I like you working there. I get to see you all the time." Linc told her.
"I told you I don't have much to say." Ethan shrugged.

"You don't get sick of me?" Natalie asked with a smirk.

"I guess we can do other things." Scotti shrugged straddling his lap.

"Only sometimes." Linc smirked.

Natalie just gave him a look before giving him a smirk, eating another spoonful of cereal.?

"You ever get sick of me?" He smirked at her.?

"All the time," Natalie teased before kissing him quickly. She pulled away and took one more bite of her cereal before putting her bowl in the sink.

"You're mean to me." Linc teased her.

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Natalie walked back over to him and wrapped her arms around his middle, "Well if I'm so mean, you're free to leave," She teased.

(It's okay, I always post on my phone lol)

"I don't want to leave." Linc smirked and wrapped his arms around her.

"Well don't complain that I'm mean," Natalie teased once more before pecking his lips.

"Maybe I like that your mean." Linc grinned at her.

"Hmm, that's why you like me?" Natalie asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That and your ass." He smirked and gave her light tap on?her rear.

"Glad to know I'm just a piece of meat to you babe," Natalie smirked as she squeezed tighter around his middle.

"Isn't that what I am to you?" Linc smirked and pushed her hair behind her ear.

"I wouldn't call you that," Natalie said, "I like you for more than just your ass," She teased.

"My other parts too?" He smirked.?

"Yes, definitely that," Natalie smirked as she slid her hands into the back pockets of his jeans.

"I knew it." Linc smirked and kissed her softly.
"I like this." Ethan smirked and held her hips.

Natalie smiled against his lips as she kissed him back.

Linc kissed her back and cupped her face.

Natalie stood on her tiptoes for easier access as she kissed him back.

"I love you." Linc said against her lips.

"I love you too," Natalie smirked, biting his lip softly before kissing him again.

Linc smiled and kissed her harder.

Natalie moved back and leaned against the counter as she continued to kiss him.

"I like this breakfast." He smirked and kissed her neck.

Natalie let out a moan as he kissed her neck, "I'd call it dessert."

"I like that too." Linc smirked. "Want to go to your room?"

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