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Redoing an old rp:
The Reapers are Nevada's biggest outlaw motorcycle club. They make their own rules and if anyone breaks those rules, their skulls just might break. They have rivals and enemies but they also have their allies. They protect the town. When people need something taken care of, they know?to go to the Reapers.?Their "clubhouse" doubles as a bar and strip club- where they make a lot of their money. They dabble in drug dealing and gun smuggling. They kill when needed, they take whats theirs, and they never back down from a fight, or for that matter, a ride.
?We Need:
VP- Taken
Love interests- "old ladies

Make your own forms =]

Nicholas Blackwood "Nick" or "Nicky"
When Nick was younger he was the black sheep of the family, he got straight As in high school and never got in trouble. He was geared up to get into law school one day. His mother always pushed him to do better but his Dad and brother wanted him to get more involved with the club. His relationship with his Dad is and has always been tense but he always wanted to fit in with his family.?
The year before he was going to move away to law school he got caught up in the gang life it started out with just hanging around the bar and the bike shop but when his Mother was almost killed by a rival club he retaliated and ended up getting arrested.?
Nick was sent to Prison for five years for aggravated assult.
He came out a changed man, now the club is all he has left. His Dad made him V.P but Nick still secretly has dreams to do better, to be something.?


Sloan Danvers. 27
Sloan grew up around bikes and always knew she wanted to be a biker. She helped her brothers and their friends work on cars and bikes.?Growing up she was?always one of the guys.?She made her way into a group called the Snakes?and met a charming biker. She was young and stupid and married him shortly before his abusive side surfaced. He was controlling and paranoid and started hitting her every day. Finally she left and went to the one place she knew she'd get protection- a rival gang called The Reapers. She worked her way in, proving her allegiance and such over the last year. She bartends at the club house and helps keep track of some illegal income. She's not one of the dancers and gets a lot of flack from the other girls for not 'paying her dues' but she wants to be a real member. Her husband (whom shes not actually divorced from) has always made threats against her and the Reapers but they look out for her and she cares about all of them. Sloan hopes one day she can really be one of them and not just end up being someones old lady.
Bike- http://0.tqn.com/d/motorcycles/1/S/i/D/0/-/2011-Harley-SuperLow-XL883L-BJN13.jpg

Detective Skyler Moss alias Scotti Mosier?
Undercover Cop.
Ever since Skyler made detective a year ago she's felt like she needed to constantly prove herself. The precinct is like a boys club and everyone treats her like eye candy. She was sick of going undercover as a hooker all the time, she knew she could do better. She took this job getting close the the Reapers to get inside information on the gang and their illegal activities to prove to her captain that she's capable of so much more.?
She infiltrated the bar, getting hired as a bartender ?and has gotten into the good books with a lot of the guys.?
Growing up her Dad was an alcoholic who wasn't afraid to raise a hand to both Skyler or her mother, she ran away from home and joined the police academy as soon as she finished high school. She wanted to make sure that people like her Dad got their comeupants the way she couldn't do when she was a kid

Lincoln "Linc" Blackwood. 30
Linc is the club presidents son and for a short time, he was VP. He was always like his old man. He loved the club and never wanted anything more. His problem is that he can't put anything or anyone before himself. He's a somewhat recoverying junkie. Back in the day he'd take about anything to get high, and still does on occassion. He was so strung out, he started stealing money from the club to feed his addiction. He almost got his own members killed when he was too high to cover their backs when they crossed a rival gang. His father stripped him of his title and made him a bottom feeder. He doesn't trust him anymore. Now his goody two shoes little brother is VP while Linc's been running petty errands just to work his way back up. He wants his spot back and?he doesn't care if he has to take it from is own brother to get it.

Ethan?Porter 31.
Ethan had a rough start. His single mother was homeless with three kids and living in and out of shelters for half his childhood. Being the oldest, he had to step up and take care of his siblings. The first steady job he had was being a mechanic, which lead to fixing up old bikes, learning to ride, and even fixing bikes of some of the members. He got involved in some of their underground business and it was better money than he made doing anything else. He's been in the club for 10 years and does whatever he needs to do for the group. He sends his family extra money so he knows they're taken care of. He doesn't trust easy and he's kind of brooding, and maybe he drinks too much but he's had to fight his whole life and he's known to take people out with just his fists.
His dog meaty- http://data2.whicdn.com/images/76767035/large.jpg
His bike- http://data3.whicdn.com/images/71988391/large.jpg

I'll form as a stripper and a love interest :-)

Becca Davis aka Angel. 25
Becca never Rebecca or Becky is a stripper at the club run by the reapers motorcycle club. Has been employed there for years and has no intention of stopping yet. Wild, crazy, bitchy, promiscuous Becca is a firecracker to say the least. She's also bisexual and doesn't care about other opinions. Not afraid to punch a bitch either

Cassia Freeman
Cassia (Cass ay uh) works as a barmaid at the club. Is from Manchester, UK but English Rose she is not. At seventeen she ran away from her crappy home life and made a new life for herself. One night she encountered a biker and he was strong, protective and hot. They've been together for a few years now and she loves her man. Gobby 24/7 with no filter, can mix a kick ass drink, tough, loves to party and can hold her own against her Beau's friends.

a love interest for Ethan? and then I'll probably make 1 or 2 members!?

ethan and skyler/scotti are actually love interests but sawyers free. i may change his name though

okay, works for me! :)?

Natalie Rogers, 31
Head Bartender
Natalie's father was a pretty prominent member of the club in his time. He was a well-known name around the parts and when Natalie's mother died when she was fifteen, she becaome a well-known name as well. Her dad taught her how to fix the bikes and when she was a little older, to make a mean drink. She's been one of the guys ever since. The motorcycle club is like her family, when her dad died in a shootout with a rival gang, they took her in like their own. She's seen some pretty gruesome stuff in her day and has been roughed up one too many times, but she can hold her own. She's a bartender here now and she takes care of the boys like they're her brothers.?

Ronald "Ronnie/Ron" Blackwood, 56
President of the Reapers Motorcycle Club
Ron has been with the Motocycle Club since he was a teenager. He started out doing scrap work, working as a mechanic mostly. He made some stupid decisions as a kid but the guys toughed him up. He worked his way up and is now the head honcho of the club. He prides himself in that. He has two sons, by two different mothers who are both out of the picture. He likes to keep them close though. He doesn't give them any special treatment though. His oldest got messed up with drugs, so he has him working as a member and his youngest is too smart for his own good.?

Celeste "Cece" Miller. 26.
Stripper/Drug Mule
Cece?has always been a free spirited wanderer. She had a cliche abusive trailer park childhood and left town with the first bum who came along. She partied hard and never had a care in the world. When she wound up in Nevada, she needed a job and got hired as a stripper for the club. She wanted to get in further though. Their illegal work is where the money is so she helps them with their drug business. For her initiation into the club she rolled the dice and got a 5, so she had to sleep with 5 members. From that, she ended up pregnant with no idea who the father is. It could be Ronnie or Linc or anyone. Her pregnancy and daughter help keep her covered. No one suspects a young mother of carrying bricks of coke in her diaper bag.?Cece is kind of unstable and unpredictable and she's not the best mom but she loves her kid.?She loves to pary and she loves?the bikers and the bar even more and never wants to leave. Its the closest thing to a real family she's ever had.
Her daughter Lily, 18 months- https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/09/b3/69/09b369c55d7d9d11cb0a906977c3e9fd.jpg

anyone making more characters or shall we start?

Chchcherrybomb-if it's fine, can my character Cassia be the love interest of Nick?

him and sloan are love interests. i can make one for cassia

Angelo has been in the gang for years. He's always rode motorcycles and he has a bad temper. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty and when someone needs taken out, Angelo's usually the one to do it. He had a rough childhood and doesn't have much remorse for the murder he commits. The best thing in his life is his girl Cassia. They've been together for years and he plans on popping the question soon.


Sloan wiped down the bar from one of the bikers spilled drink. They weren't exactly classy gentlemen but she didn't mind cleaning up after them, as long as it was just booze.
(outfit- http://www.polyvore.com/biker_chic/set?id=101346678 )
Linc lit up a cigarette and nursed a beer. He looked over at Natalie and eyed her up and down. "Hey Nat why don't you ever work the pole? You look better than most of those girls."
Ethan came out of the bathroom after bandaging up his hand. He mistakenly went on a ride after drinking half the day and dropped the bike. It was fine but his hand was all bashed up.

Natalie was counting out the register when she heard Linc's comment, "Yeah," She chuckled, "You have a better chance of getting your dad up there than to ever see me dancing on a pole," She said before closing the register and walking over to where he was sitting, she leaned on the bar, "Plus, if I worked up there none of the other girls would make any money," She smirked.

"Hey I'll cover you're break if you wanna take fifteen." Scotti told Sloan coming back onto the floor after she'd been casually snooping for something incriminating on her 'smoke break'
"Hey Ethan you get into a fight with the asphalt again?" Nicky smirked cigarette dangling out of his mouth.

Cassia returned to the bar after serving a table of customers a tray of shots. It was late and home was calling her name but of course she had to finish up her shift.

Becca was in the backroom giving a customer a lap dance which was her expertise. She danced effortlessly to rob zombies "living dead girl". Becca then straddled the customer before grinding on him.

"Its very selfless of you to let the girls earn their pay." Linc teased her.
"Hey the asphalt started it." Ethan teased. It wasn't the first time he dropped the bike because of his drinking but his habit never screwed over the club like Lincoln's so he figured he was fine.
"Thank you. I need it." Sloan said and went on her break to have a smoke but when she grabbed her pack, she saw it was empty. "Hey, either of you have a cigarette I can steal?" she asked Nicky and Ethan.

"I do what I can," Natalie shrugged before looking at his beer bottle, "Can I get you another?" She asked.

"Yeah that would be great doll." Linc said and handed her his empty bottle.

(ive been struck with rp ideas lately lol i tried a few in the past about famous people but they never really get off the ground. i thought about making a new one about people in LA. some famous, some not,?but they're all connected and?they all have secrets so its very soap opera-esque but in a fun way. what do you think?)

(that sounds good! I was thinking about making a gossip girl esque rp but not high school aged)?
"Anything for you, babe," Natalie said with a smirk before grabbing him a new bottle. She opened it before setting it down in front of him.?

"Just for you doll." Nick said pulling his pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket and handing one to Sloan.
"Just be careful." He told Ethan "Our pretty faces are a we've got going for us." He added with a smirk.

(oh i love that!)
"Have one with me?" Linc asked her.
"Thanks." Sloan said and lit her cigarette. "What ar you talking about?" she asked, hearing part of their conversation.
"Our modeling careers." Ethan teased her.

Natalie looked at the time before giving him a shrug, "Why not," She said before grabbing herself a beer. She came out from behind the bar and took a seat beside him.

"Hows your day going baby?" Linc asked as he sipped his beer.

"Same old, same old," Natalie said as she sipped her beer, "Where'd you go before you came here?" She asked, thinking his dad probably had him running around town.

"I had to run some errands." Linc told her. He didn't like the stupid busy work his father made him do.

"Yeah, you snuck out early this morning," Natalie noted, taking another sip of her beer.

(are they a couple yet?)

"Well I wasn't getting high if thats your concern." Linc said, seeing that it was everyones.

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