Covenant House

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"Really?" Lake said "....what was it like having a Mom?" She asked since her Mom died when she was born.
"Well you won't know until you ask will you." Lou pointed out.

Grady didn't know how to answer. He didn't know what it was like having a normal mom. "I don't know...its okay I guess."
"I'll ask around." Andrea assured him.

"You can be honest." Lake said noticing he seemed uncomfortable.
"Good. I don't want you to miss out if you really want to go." Lou smiled.
(I have a cute idea. That Lou finds a dress for really cheap and a thrift shop and buys it for her so she can go to prom)

"My mom wasn't really normal." Grady told her.
"You should go with me." Andrea said. "Prom will be so much fun."
(awe they're so cute)

"Is that why you're here?" She asked him.

"I dunno...." Lou said, he didn't really like most of the people he went to school eith "I'll think about it."

"Yeah I guess." Grady said, though he had mixed feelings about it all. "But I don't think my mom should be in prison. She's not a dangerous person."
"I'm going to ask you everyday until you say yes." Andrea teased.

"What did she do....if you don't mind me asking?" Lake asked him.
"Fine." Lou laughed "I'll go. I'm the guy shouldn't I be asking?"

"Nothing." Grady said, He didn't think she did anything wrong. "They said she was abusing me but she wasn't."
"We're breaking gender norms." Andrea laughed.

"Oh." Lake said remembering what her Dad did to her "What did they say she did?"
"All of them." Lou laughed.

"They said she molested me or whatever but its not true." Grady told her. He didn't think of it like that.
"And we're the only ones." She laughed.

"Oh." She said quietly "What made them think that?"?
"I guess I should find a tux or something." Lou laughed.?

"Its complicated." Grady said, figuring she'd think the same as everyone else if he told her. "No one really gets it."
"Ask around, see if you can borrow one." She smirked.

"You don't have to talk about it." Lake shrugged "I was just curious."?
"Shut up." Lou laughed.?

"We were close." Grady told her. "They won't let me talk to her but I turn 18 next week so I'm gonna go see her."
"Maybe Duncan has an old tux lying around he can let you borrow." Andrea teased.

"Oh?" Lake asked not wanting to seem judgemental.
"Maybe he has an old prom dress too we don't know hid life." Lou laughed.

"Yeah but she doesn't know yet." Grady said. "What about you? Why are you here?"
"Then we can both go." Andrea laughed.

Lake shrugged "My Dad was kind of a piece of shit." She told him "I'm better off here."
"We can still go even if we don't dress up." Lou pointed out

"I'm sorry." Grady said, feeling bad for her.
"Would they let us in?" Andrea asked, assuming policy would dictate they be dressed up.

"It's ok." Lake said "I'm over it."
"We're 2 trans people who are each others prom dates if they don't let us in we'll just call the news and say they're discriminating." Lou teased

"Where is he now?" Grady asked her.
(oh at some point he should find her dad and beat him up!)
"That solves everything." Andrea laughed.

(Omg yes)
"Same place I guess." Lake said "I haven't gone back since I ran away. But I doubt he moved."

Lou smiled "See I'm smarter than I look."

"He didn't go to jail?" Grady asked, assuming he'd have to for hurting Lake.
"I see." Andrea laughed and finished cooking.

"No." Lake told him "I just....left." She shrugged. The police never helped anyone.

"Does he know you're here?" He asked her.

"I hope not." Lake said "I don't want anything to do with him."

"I'll protect you if he comes around." Grady half teased.

"Thanks." Lake smiled.

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