Covenant House

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"Trixie don't be like that." Duncan sighed frustrated.
"Just leave her." Lou said "She's been cranky all week."

"I'm not arguing with you there," Carrigan said, "I just have never known anyone to actually use those things on a day to day basis."

"Why are you part of this conversation?" Trixie asked before coughing into her hand. She'd been fighting a flu lately.
"Ignore her, Lou." Andrea told him. "She's a bitch." she said quietly enough for Trixie not to hear.

"Well what else is there to do?" Jack pointed out. He wasn't very good at keeping friends so he had a lot of free time.
"I just wish she wasn't such a biggot. It's 2016 you can cool it with the transphobia already." Lou sighed.

"I think she does it just to piss you off." Andrea pointed out.

Carrigan shrugged, "You've got me there," She said, she personally liked to read.

"Well it worked." Lou sighed.
Jack smiled and stood in line for breakfast "So what do you like to do then?"

"Ignore her. Or give her a sneeze muffin." Andrea teased.

"Usually read or listen to music," Carrigan told him, she liked to keep to herself.

"Do you sneeze in peoples muffins a lot?" Lou laughed.
"Stuff like what?" Jack asked.

"No but I want to." Andrea smirked.

"Someone is full of questions this morning," Carrigan said as she went to grab her breakfast.?

"I'm in a good mood." Jack said grabbing some oatmeal.

Carrigan just nodded, knowing his story, before going to find a seat.?

"Good because I'vebeen eating those muffins." Lou laughed.

"I'd warn you if you were about to eat a sneeze muffin." Andrea laughed.

"Oh good." Lou laughed "At least you're not a sociopath."

"Maybe I am and I'm just trying to earn your trust." Andrea teased.

Carrigan looked over at Jack, who had managed to sit beside her, "So, how long have you lived here?" She asked

"A year." Jack said "foster families dont want to take in a loose cannon like me."

"I know the feeling," Carrigan told him, although she's only been here a few months.

"Well better here than on the street." Jack shrugged.

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Grady sat at the table with his biology book and waited for Lake. He didn't expect to do well on his project but he wanted to try.
Meanwhile Trixie got back after her doctors appointment and itched the bandaid on her arm. They wanted to run blood tests and now it wouldn't stop bleeding. "I need to change?my bandaid. That stupid nurse doesn't know how to use a needle." she said to Duncan.

"Hey." Lake said sitting next to Grady "Sorry I'm late."
"You know where the first aid kit is." Duncan said flipping through a magazine.

"Its okay. I was just reading the requirements." Grady told her.
"I've never had to use it before." Trixie pointed out and went to the bathroom to grab it.

"Which are?" Lake asked "I didn't really pay attention."
She laughed.
"Fine come here." Duncan said

"Build and label a biological structure." He told her. "ya know, easy." he teased.
"You'd think she stabbed me with a knife." She said as she held her arm.

"Yeah. Easy." Lake said sarcasically and laughed.
"You're such a baby." Duncan rolled his eyes grabbing some alcohol wipes and a bigger bandaid.

"I thought we could make a brain or a cell or something." Grady told her.
"I'm not crying over it I'd just rather not get blood all over my shirt." She told him.

"I hope you're more creative than me. Because I've got nada.'" Lake said looking at the assignment.
"Eh it's kind of an ugly shirt anyways." Duncan teased her.

"I can draw a little. My mom taught me." Grady shrugged. She was a talented artist before she got sent away.
"Fuck off." Trixie smirked.
(i'm sensing Alice and Trixie are very similar)

"And I made one of those thanksgiving hand turkeys once so I think we're set." Lake joked.
(Secretly half sister xD )
"You love it." Duncan grinned peeling off the bandaid "Gross." He said looking at the bloody bandaid

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