Covenant House

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"Its perfect. I don't spend 8 hours a day with assholes." Trixie pointed out.

"Well I mean you still do just in a different location." Funcan smirked

"Well not everyone heres an asshole." Trixie smirked.

"Well, terse does mean to the point," Carrigan pointed out.?

"You could also use laconic, brusque, abrupt." Jack continued.
"Well that's always good." Duncan smiled.

"Breakfast isn't ready yet is it?" Trixie asked him.

"Im not the cook." Duncan pointed out
"First come first serve." Lake said putting the first tray into the buffet.

"You really use that calendar, huh?" Carrigan said as they entered into the dining hall.

"Well yeah it's word of the day. I have to use it everydsy." He pointed out.

"Whatever. I'm not hungry anyways." Trixie said. She hadn't been feeling well lately.

"Well then you better get to the computer lab." Duncan said.

"I've still got a half hour before I'm required to be there." She pointed out.

"Then why are you complaining." He smirked

"Because I'd rather spend my days not working on school at all." Trixie smirked.

"Well that's too bad because you have to." Duncan smiled.

"I can think of more fun things too." She teased suggestively.

"Oh and those things sound like they're probably against the rules." Duncan smiled. He didn't want people overhearing.

"Depends." Trixie shrugged. "I go by my own rules."
Grady went up to get a tray for breakfast. "We out of the good cereal?" he asked Lake.

"People who go by their own rules get evicted so maybe play nice." He told her.
"That depends. Define 'the good cereal.'." Lake smiled.

"What has playing nice ever gotten me?" She teased.
"The one with the chocolate shavings." Grady told her.

"So you always play by the rules?" She asked him.

"A roof over your head and free food." Lou pointed out overhearing Duncan and Trixie.
"No we're out but we have corn pops still." Lake told Grady.
"Rules are good. Why wouldn't I?" Jack asked.

"I was doing just fine before." She pointed out to Lou.?
"I'll take those." Grady decided. "Thanks"

"Then why are you here?" Lou pointed out "egg wrap for the road?" He offered Duncan.
"No problem." Lake smiled.

"Court ordered" she pointed out?
"hey did you get your biology project done yet?" Grady asked her.?

"So then it's either here or jail right?" Lou pointed out.
"Umm no..." Lake laughed "I'm working on it."

"Yup." Trixie nodded. "You don't miss a thing"
"want to work on it together later?" Grady asked. "I haven't really even started."

"You want a ride to school you better hurry up and get those dishes done." Duncan told Lou.
"Yeah I'd like that." She smiled.

"Yeah Tallulah." Trix smirked at him.?
"cool. I'll talk to you later then." He said and went to sit down to eat.

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"Harsh Trixie you know that's not my name." Lou snapped.
"Bye." Lake smiled.

"I think your birth certificate would disagree." She pointed out.?
"bye." Grady said and started eating his breakfast.?

"Trixie enough." Duncan scolded.

"What? It's okay for everyone to talk shit behind my back but I can't say it to someone's face?" She defended.?

"Lou hasnt done anything to you." Duncan told her "We treat people with respect in this house."

"Whatever. Guess it only applies to some people." She told him.?

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