Covenant House

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Welcome to?Covenant?House?a longterm shelter for wayward youths.?Our shelter is a warm and welcoming space for youth, aged 15-18. Most of our youth, are fleeing homes with abuse and neglect.Some have spent some time on the street. When kids come to stay at our shelter, they are taking the first step towards making positive life changes. Here, they are given food, a clean bed and a safe place to stay, but also the guidance and support they need to determine their own bright future.Our 24-bed youth shelter is spread over two floors: bedrooms upstairs and common area downstairs. Each dorm?sleeps 4 (2?bunkbeds)?When youth stay at our Crisis Shelter, they will keep that room until they are ready to leave. Youth don?t have to line up every day to get a bed ? their bed is theirs. Once they are in our shelter, they have a guaranteed bed for as long as they are working on their plan for the future and meeting the expectations set out for all of our youth.Residents will be expected to attend school or arrange courses via corespondence. (Online classes). Staff members will be present 24/7.?
Staff members will be assigned a chore duty and will be expected to maintain such duties as part of their agreement.?


D.O.B: (Age)
Sex: Male/Female/Transgendered
Identification: (Looks)
Room Number:?
Work Duty:?

I thought I'd try something a little different for a new RPG. A homeless shelter for teenagers
You can use a different form if you want ?I just thought that phrasing the Form as the characters file was kind of fun.?

I'll play a female and a male teenager and a female staff member!

Name: Lake Mulgrew
D.O.B: April 14 2000 (16 years old)
Sex: F?
Identification: Looks
Bio: Lakes mother died when she was born and her father was an abusive unemployed alcoholic. Once she started going through puberty, her fathers intrest in her grew in a most insidious way. She ran away from home when she was 13 and lived on the street until a social worker brought her to Covenant House. She's been living there for nearly a year
Room Number: Dorm 3?
Work Duty: Kitchen Staff (Food Prep)?

Name: Jack Paris
D.O.B: January 21 1999 (17 years old)
Sex: M
Identification: Looks
Bio: Jack was a foster kid. While he was in the system he was placed in 12 different houses. He was always a problematic kid, diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when he was 14, no foster parents wanted to deal with a loose cannon so he ended up with some really shitty families, he was beaten and screamed at until he finally got tired of it and applied to live at Covenant House.?
Room Number: dorm 6
Work Duty: Cleaning?

Name: Carrigan Pierce
D.O.B.: June 1st, 1999 - 17 years old?
Sex: Female
Bio: Carrigan grew up in a seemingly normal household. She was the middle child of three children, her parents were happily married and she was a normal kid in high school. When she was fourteen, her father lost his job and turned to drinking, a lot. Carrigan and her family tried to portray a normal, happy family life in front of others, but behing closed doors it was not that way. Her father was unhappy, he had become abusive and unstable. Carrigan felt like she had to tip toe around her own home just to stay safe. One day her father just snapped. She came home to her mother, shot along with her younger sibling. She tried to plead with her father, but he shot her too. She played dead so that he couldn't continue before he shot himself. She escaped to her neighbors', getting to a hospital. She was put into the foster care system, but given her age along with her knew psychiatric disorders, she applied for the Covenant House.?
Room Number: Dorm 3
Work Duty: Laundry?

Name: Harrison Tyler
D.O.B.: December 31, 1998 - 17 years old
Sex: Male
Identification: Looks?
Bio: Harrison was given up at birth and placed into the foster system. His learning was always a bit delayed but he never understood why no one ever wanted to adopt him. At age 6, he found out that he was dyslexic, at age 10, he found out he had ADD, and at age 14, he found out he had an anxiety disorder. He always tried his hardest in school but nothing seemed to work. He couldn't stay in a foster home long enough to get the help he needed. He didn't want to be another statistc so at fifteen, he applied to live in the Covenant House. By staying here he has gotten a lot of the tutoring and help he needs. He's pretty quiet and keeps to himself, but he is starting to do well. He turns eighteen in a few months and he doesn't know exactly what he wants to do or where he's going to go. It makes him nervous, he'd love to work at the Covenant House and help kids just like him.?
Room Number: Dorm 2
Work Duty: Library?

Dr. Marley Evans, 34?
Dr. Evans has been working with the teens at the Covenant House for the past two years. She has had some pretty hard cases come through but she feels that she has gotten to help a few along the way as well. She helps them with their schooling plans along with weekly therapy sessions. As hard as it can get she actually enjoys coming into work. She wants to get these kids to a better place and she truly believes she's doing good here. She didn't have a dark past or anything. She's pretty average when it comes to most things in her life. She doesn't get to know most of the other staff members too closely, she likes to keep to herself at work for the most part.?

Awesome!! Great forms!!

Name: Sage Richardson
DOB: March 25, 1999 (17 years old)
Sex: Female
Bio: Sages family was far from perfect-both mom and dad were drug addicts and never paid much attention to their only child...that was until last year when she came out as gay. Suffice to say her father was not happy and pulled a knife on her. When Sage came to in the er a nurse referred her to covenant and here she is. Truth is she's happier here
Dorm #3
Library work

sooo joining!

Yeah you are!
I think im gunna make a trans character too

Name: Trixie Miller
D.O.B: January 23, 1999- 17 years old
Sex: Female
Bio: Trixie was born to a single mom in a one bedroom apartment in the city. Her mom was more interested in dating than taking care of her so Trixie spent most of her time out with friends. She didn't have structure or guidance and was often the object of her mother's boyfriend's eye. At 13 she started dating an older guy and over time he started passing her around to his friends and then strangers and before she knew it, she was a full blown prostitute. It wasn't the worst she could do and she always told herself she'd use the money to get away and get into music but that never happened. Instead she got busted on prostitution by an undercover cop and because of her age and her background, she got probation and was sent to Covenant House. Some kids make fun of her and call her Turning Tricks Trixie. She's only been here for a month.
Room Number: 3
Work Duty: Laundry

Name: Grady Cooper
D.O.B: March 2, 1999 -17 years old
Sex: Male
Bio: Grady had a seemingly normal life except that his mother had too much of an attachment to him. She had a lot of problems and took to her only son for comfort, a bit too much. His father left when he was young and he's never really heard from him since so it was always just him and his mother. When a neighbor came over one day and realized that Grady and his mother shared a room, and bed, they called protective services and he got sent to foster care while his mom was sent to jail for the years of sexual abuse. 3 months and 4 foster homes later, it was realized that he doesn't do well with parental figures. He doesn't trust anyone and he has a strange love/hate relationship with his mother still so he was sent to Covenant House and 6 months into it and?he's doing okay so far.
Room Number:
Work Duty: Cleaning

i want to make a trans character too!

Name: Tallulah "Lou" Gold
D.O.B: October 19th 2001 (15 years old)
Sex: Trans Male
Identification: Looks
Bio: Lou grew up with very religious parents, who always wanted her to do girly things, she was enrolled in beauty pagents and was expected to be the stereotypical southern bell. Growing up he always thought that he didn't belong, he always wanted to do 'tomboy' stuff, and when he started going through puberty he just hated what his body was doing, he didn't feel like a girl at all. When he finally came out to his parents as trans they sent him to some horrible 'pray away the gay' conversion camp which was basically torture. He ran away, lived on the streets for a bit, turned tricks as a boy prositute, giving handjobs in the back of cars hoping that no one would notice his bandaged up chest.?
She's new to Covenant house and they are trying to help her find a doctor who will help him transition.?

Room Number: 2
Work Duty: Kitchen (Dishwasher)

Name: Andrew/Andrea Langdon
D.O.B: June 28, 2000- 16 years old
Sex: Transgender
Bio: Andrew was born to an upper middle class family who struggled to support the fact that they had a transgendered child. After multiple self mutilations and suicide attempts before age 10, her mother decided to let her transition from Andrew to Andrea. Her father was incredibly against the idea and it caused a big enough rift in the marriage to lead to divorce. Andrea's mother let her have hormone treatment and she contiued to transition just fine until her father won custody of her in order to change her back to Andrew. The day she was beat up at school, her father decided it was time she cut her hair and wear boy clothes again so?petitioned to be emancipated and?applied to live at Covenant house. She's been here for a year now and this place has saved her life.
Room Number: 4
Work Duty: Cook

Duncan Clarke?

Position: Support Staff/Driver
Bio: Duncan is working on a degree in social work, and is doing his Co-op at Covenant house. His job is basically a glorified babysitter. He along with other members of the support staff make sure that all of the residents are doing what they are supposed to and are safe and happy. He drives the van to take kids to school, appointments and sometimes feild trips arranged by the house.?
Duncan tries to remain professional but has a hard time not getting attached to these kids.?

(I figure he could maybe get romantically involved with one of the girl residents And drama ensues.)?

Room Assignments:?
Room # 1: Staff Quarters.?
Room # 2: Lou Gold. Harrison Tyler
Room # 3: Lake Mulgrew. Carrigan Pierce. Sage Richardson. Trixie Miller
Room #4: Andrea Langdon
Room #5: Staff Quarters
Room #6: Jack Paris. Grady Cooper


"I don't have any bowls! Where are the bowls?" Lake growled trying to find a bowl to put the vegetables she'd just chopped into.?
"Sorry. I'm washing as fast as I can but Andrea has to use 27 bowls for everything." Lou said starting the dishwasher.?

"Theres like a hundred people in this house. We go through a lot of bowls." Andrea pointed out.

"20." Lou pointed out "there's 20 people."

Carrigan got up and brushed her long red hair before getting dressed for the day. She hated breakfast time, well all meal times, it meant she had to socialize with people. And by socializing with people it meant talking about her life along with others, and she was not a fan of doing that. She changed her clothes and headed to the dining area of the house.
Harrison groaned at the sound of Lou's alarm clock. When Lou left to start in the kitchen, he rolled over and went back to sleep. He had been up late doing some research for his homework. Over the last year he's found the best style of studying for him that it makes him actually like to do is studies. He finally rolled out of bed to get up for breakfast.

"Morning fellow carrot top." Jack smiled at Carrigan as he saw her in the hall.

(Trixie is available for Duncan if you'd like them to have a romance :) )

"Yeah that's a lot of cooking." Andrea pointed out. "Take it up with staff to get us more dishes, not me."

"Hey guys. Less bickering more omlettes." Duncan said peaking through the pass through "we've only got 40 minutes before everyone needs to be at school."

"You realize school is just a big computer lab, not an actual school right?" Trixie smirked as she came up behind him. "Your shirt you asked for." She said, handing it to him.?

"For you maybe." Duncan said. Taking the shirt before anyone saw "Some of these kids go to actual school and I have to drive them."

"Hey I can't help it if my math teacher offered to exchange A's for blow jobs. I was just doing good business." Trixie smirked.

"He asked or you offered?" Duncan smirked.

"He offered...after I asked if he wanted to make an arrangement. BUT he did see me working my block so he knew my job." She pointed out.?

Sage was so busy reading?The girl on the train?that she wasn't really paying attention to her surroundings even though she was in the breakfast line. For her, reading was the perfect distraction from her messed up life. What with being lesbian and almost murdered by her own dad.

Carrigan looked up when she heard Jack, "Morning..." She said softly as she continued to walk.?

"You don't talk a lot do you?" Jack asked as he walked next to Carrigan.

"You've noticed," Carrigan said softly, still walking and looking forward.?

"But when you do its very to the point." Jack said "You're very turse. I like turse. I got a word of the day calendar can you tell?"

"And now he's fired and you're homeschooled so how did that work out in the end?" Duncan pointed out.

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