Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"I called in a favor." Moira smiled "Don't let anyone see it. I said it was for me."
"She was making some very vulgar threats. I don't feel safe." Ben feined fear "She's obsessed with me."
"Alright let's go princess pyro." The burly security guard said "We've had quite enough of your shit."

"Thank you." Gideon smiled and hugged her tight.
"Fuck off! He assaulted me!" Adrianna yelled and fought against the guards grasp.

"No problem." Moira told him "You better go use it before anyone catches you with it."
"Can I get some help!" He shouted and another orderly rushed over and shot a needle full of sedetives in her.
"Help me get her to solitary. You ok Ben?"
"Yeah I'm fine for now." Ben said

"You're an angel." Gideon said and kissed her cheek before going to the phones.
"fuck you Ben." Adrianna said before she started drifting off.

Moira smiled and watched him leave. She loved being able to fuck shit up.?
Vicky was still jumpy, even though she knew Gideon was locked up, every creek of the door every car driving past she would internally cringe waiting for someone to jump out at her, so when her phone rang she naturally jumped almost dropping the reciever "Hello?"?
"Why do the pretty ones always faun all over you." Van the security guard complained as he hoisted an unconcious Adrianna onto a gurny?
"Don't be too jealous, she threatened to cut my dick off." Ben told him tightening the restraints around her wrists and anckles "You don't need that kind of crazy Van."?

Gideon smiled at the sound of her voice. He?was aching for her.?"Hello Vicky. Its so good to hear your voice. I miss you so much babe. How are you?"
Dr. Threadson walked in to find Adrianna being restrained. "Whats going on here?"

"She had a bit of an incident." Van said "Started freaking out, threatening Ben. I had to shoot her full of thorizine before she would calm down."?
"She's really gotten out of hand." Ben said putting on a concerned tone "I don't really feel safe. All that stuff she was saying, and I mean she killed all those poeple...."?
"NO. No this can't be happening." Vicky said shaking her head "What do you want!? Where are you!?" She asked fearing he'd somehow gotten out.?

"Why did she threaten you?" Dr. Threadson asked him. "Adrianna doesn't harm other people for sport. She wants everyone to like her. Only wants them to fear her if she feels threatened." He knew Ben wasn't as innocent as he claimed to be.
"I'm still in the psych ward." Gideon laughed. It was ridiculous he was there and not with her. "I'm okay though Vic. You don't need to worry about me. I really?need to see you though.?I miss you."

"She has a crush on me." Ben said "And she saw me flirting with Amy." He said refering to one of the female oderlies "She got upset because I told her I didn't like her back." He told Henric.?
"It's true." Rachel said overhearing "Adrianas been obsessing over Ben for weeks. He's been the topic of more than a few of her therepy sessions."?
"Worry about you!? You must be fucking insane. I don't miss you, I hope you die!" She screamed hanging up the phone only to immediatly look up the number for Briarcliffs administration office.

"Dr. Cormier. You should know better than to discuss doctor-patient confidentials infront of orderlies." Henric told her as he gave her a look.
"Vicky..Victoria" Gideon said into the phone. He couldn't believe she said that to him. He loved her and she wanted him to die? He couldn't accept that.

"It's not like he doesn't already know." Rachel pointed out.
"Dr. Threadson. The telephone is for you." His receptionist said peaking her head out of the main office.

"I want to talk to you both later." He said before going to the phone. "Dr Threadson speaking."

"Gideon Matheson just called me can you please explain to me how it's possible!" Vicky said forgetting greetings or formalities completly.

"Gideon? He doesn't have phone privileges." Dr. Threadson said, first guessing it was a mistake before realizing how deteremined he was to speak to Vicky. "Victoria James I presume?"

"Is he stalking anyone else?" Vicky snapped "I'm sorry...I just....I'm wondering how this happened."

"I will get to the bottom of this, I promise. I'm so sorry he called you." Henric told her.

"Please just.....I want this to be over." Vicky said.

"I understand." Henric said. "Ms. James I know this is a lot to ask but it could be good for Gideon's treatment if you came to see him. If you can speak to eachother?in a secure environment, he may start to see the reality that you don't feel for him what he feels for you."

Vicky bit her lip trying to bite back a panic attack "If you think it will keep him away from me ok..." she said

"Excellent. When would be best for you to come in?" He asked her.

"I can be there tomorrow morning if that means that creep out of my life." She told him.

"Is 9 too early for you?" He asked her.

"No. I'll be there." Vicky told him.
"What's going on?" Rachel said peaking her head through the door.

"We'll see you then." Henric said before hanging up. "come in." he waved Rachel into his office.

"Who was that?" Rachel asked again shutting the door.

"Apparently Gideon got himself a phone card. He used it to call his victim." Threadson said as he sat at his desk.

"We should have seen this coming." Rachel sighed "he's been asking to talk to her every session. He must have conned someone into giving him theirs." She shook her head "We'll need to tell security to put a guard near the payphones."

"Victoria's coming in tomorrow morning. I think it'll be good for her to talk to Gideon face to face." He told her.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Rachel asked

"It could be. Gideon won't take to treatment because he believes Vicky loves him. If she explains her feelings and we're both present?to help him through it, he might start to seeing things clearly." Henric explained.

"I hope it breaks his delusion." Rachel said

"Thats the goal." Dr. Threadson said. "If it doesn't work, we'll try a different approach."

"I hope you're right." Rachel said "You're such a considerate doctor."?

"Thank you." Henric smiled softly. "I'm glad you're here. I want to talk to you."

"If it's about that thing with Ben I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget it's not just you and me listening." Rachel told him

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