Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"Is that where you want to picture me? In the showers?" Moira smirked "I need a favor. I didn't want an audience for it."?

"Anything for you doll." Ben smiled at her. "What do you need?"

"A Phone card." Moira told him?

"Thats it?" Ben said, figuring she'd want something harder to get. "Shit you could sweet talk Cormier into giving you one of those."

"I don't want the doctors to know I have it." Moira pointed out.

"As long as you don't drop my name." Ben reached into his back pocket and took out a phone card. "You can't call your victims families again either. You'll be put in the hole and even I won't be able to see you. That wouldn't be any fun would it?"

"Don't worry." Moira said slipping the card into her pocket "It's just a personal call." She told him.

"You owe me for it." Ben smiled at her.

"Don't worry I know." Moira smirked.

"I'll get you later." Ben said as the morning shift came in to start setting out breakfast.

"I'll be around. You can picture me in the shower until then." She smiled.
(We should get Adriana back in.)

"I will." Ben smiled at her.
Adrianna left her room and passed Moira in the hall. "You see Ben?"

"Nope." Moira lied easily as she headed to the showers.

"I need to talk to you." Adrianna said as she followed her.

"Yeah I get it you're still pissy that you found out you're not the only one Ben likes to fuck." Moira rolled her eyes "I don't need to hear it."

"I don't care about that." Adrianna told her. "He's worse than you think he is."

"I used to date a murderer. Do you think I care?" Moira pointed out.

"Ben was so desperate to have me, he drugged and attacked me."?Adrianna told her. "I want to make him suffer and I want you to help me."

"Bullshit." Moira rolled her eyes "jealously doesn't become you Adriana."

(I feel like Moira wouldn't believe her until she sees it herself. I want to play this out a bit. Weren't we also going to make Ben get adriana pregnant?)

(yes. should she be pregnant already and not know it?)

"It's true." Adrianna told her. "Help me get revenge and I'll get you whatever you want."

(We can play it out for a bit see how we feel)

"I already have whatever I want." Moira pointed out.

"I'm sure theres something Ben hasn't given you." Adrianna rolled her eyes.

"Nope.I'm pretty content." Moira said "Now mosey on, unless you wanna go all lesbo with me in the shower."

"You'd be so lucky. Why do you think Nurse Felicity is obsessed with me?" Adrianna smirked.

"Ew I knew she was a rug muncher." Moira grimaced "Now get out of my face."

"You really don't want to make enemies with me." Adrianna said before going to look for Ben.

"I'm trembling." Moira called sarcastically after her.
"Adrianna sleep well?" Ben asked with a slight smirk as Adrianna walked into the cafeteria.

"Slept great thanks to those drugs you've been slipping me." Adrianna smirked?and got in his face.?"You're disgusting. Can't get a girl to?fuck you so you drug them?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Ben told her smoothly

"I'm sure it'll come back to you when I cut your dick off." Adrianna hissed, letting him know she meant it.

"Awww you know I have to report that." Ben said fake pouting.
Moira went to find Gideon "Hey I have something for you."

"Go ahead." Adrianna said. "You'll be even more uselss once you're dickless so they won't be keeping you here much longer anyway."
"What is it?" Gideon asked her.

(Oo he should get her locked in solitary.)
"Security!" Ben shouted putting on a scared face. He knew she wouldn't be able to hurt him.
She handed him the phone card "Here."

Adrianna went wide eyed. She didn't need to get into anymore trouble because of him. "I didn't do anything!" She yelled as security came.?

"How'd did you get this?" Gideon grinned and held the card tight in his hand.?

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