Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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Gideon breathed harder. He didn't want to cheat on his girl but he wasn't exactly fighting it either.

Moira nuzzled her nose against his her lips mere centimeters from his. She knew how to coax him into responding.

?Gideon closed his eyes and and closed the gap between them to kiss her, while?trying to imagine she was Vicky.

(i like that hes a psycho stalker but i hate writing the name Vicky 9873784937648 times so we should kill her at some point)

(Yes. Also I had an idea that Moira barters with Ben for a phone card and gives it to Gideon)

Moia kissed him back while simultaneously sliding his pajama pants and boxes.

(ooh yes!)

Gideon held his hand on the back of her head as he kissed her harder.

Without breaking the kiss Moira bunched up her nightgown around her waist and straddled his hips.?

Gideon moaned as he pushed into her. She felt better than he expected.

Moira moved against him slowly sensually. She wanted to make him fall for her.?

Gideon held her hips and moaned as she moved against him.

Moira kissed his neck while keeping up his pace.

Gideon ran a hand through her hair and squeezed her hip with his other hand. He enjoyed all that Moira was doing.

"Gideon." Moira breathed out.

Gideon moaned again and pushed his hips up. "you feel good" he breathed out.

"Mmm" She hummed in agreement.

Gideon pulled her hair and moaned as he finished. "you're amazing."

"I know." Moira smiled rolling off onto the bed next to him.

"We shouldn't have done that." He said, feeling guilty for cheating on Vicky. "Vicky's going to be so upset."

"She'll understand. It get's lonely in here and everyone has needs." She told him.

"I wish I could talk to her." Gideon sighed.

"You will." Moira said "I'll make sure you will." Maybe if he finally talked to this Vicky bitch he'd shut the fuck up about her.

(I was thinking threadson and cormier could convince Vicky to come and talk to Gideon and somehow she ends up dying and they have to cover it up."

"You're really something Moira." Gideon said.

(gideon has to cover it up or theadson and cormier have to cover it up so they dont get into trouble?)

(Threadson and Cormier sorry)

"I know I am." She said cuddling into his chest.

(i'm game =] )

"Can you stay the night?" Gideon asked her.

"I can." Moira said smiling to herself "But I thought you said Vicky wouldn't like that?"

"You told me she'd understand." He pointed out.

"I did." Moira said "I didn't think you'd want to listen to me." She told him.

"I trust you." Gideon said. "You're kind of like Vicky."

"I am?" Moira smiled.

(I can play Vicky when we get to it)

(I assumed so lol)

"yeah. You're both sweet and beautiful." He said as he played with her hair. "Blonde."

"Is Vicky blonde too?" Moira asked. Not that she cared.

"Yeah." Gideon said before yawning. "like the sun."

"Like the sun." Moira agreed sleepily.

Gideon held her close as he fell asleep. He slept easier than he had since he got there.

Moira woke up early and slipped out of bed making sure she was gone before the morning nurses did their rounds before breakfast.
She headed to the cafeteria to find Ben

"Shouldn't you be in the showers? Breakfast isn't even ready yet." Ben pointed out.

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