Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"No." Moira said poking at her food. She had her phone privileges revoked after she prank called her victims families.
"Adrianna why aren't you at lunch?" Dr. Cormier asked annoyed that she was just roaming the halls "Can you follow directions for once in your life?"

(you should make more people for Briar Hospital =] )

"I need to call Vicky but they won't let me." He said.
"You have to call the police." Adrianna demanded. "Wheres Ben?"

"They won't let us do anything." Moira agreed taking a bite of mushy carrot.
"Ben is in the cafeteria where you should be. What on earth do you think you need to phone the police about?"

"Why should we trust them if they don't trust us?" He noted as he ate runny mashed potatoes.?
"that piece of shit raped me!" Adrianna yelled. "He drugged me and he raped me!"

"Exactly." Moira said.
"Adrianna." Rachel sighed "I am not in the mood for your dramatics right now. Ben's already filed a report on what happened. And honestly you're lucky you aren't in solitary right now."

"I hate being here." Gideon said.?
"what are you talking about?" Adrianna asked her in confusion.?

"Yeah but the food is great." She said sarcastically.
"Don't pretend like you dont know making death threats against the staff is unacceptable." Rachel said.
"You told him you didn't need matches you'd find a way to light him on fire. And that if he reported you you'd tell everyone he assulted you. Honestly Adrianna I thought you were better than this." She shook her head

"You're funny." Gideon laughed.?
"he only said that because he knew I'd tell! Test my blood- he gave me something to make me pass out." Adrianna told her. "Don't you have cameras? what kind of hospital lets their patients get attacked!"

Adrianna if you don't settle down I will have to sedate you myself." Dr. Cormier told her.

"Thanks." Moira laughed.

Adrianna if you don't settle down I will have to sedate you myself." Dr. Cormier told her.

"How did you end up here? You said your boyfriend was the murderer." He asked her.
Adrianna took a deep breath before starting again. "What will it take to prove what he did to me?"

"Yeah but I'm an accessory and it was either here or prison." Moira said.
"There's nothing to prove." Dr. Cormier said "Now please go to lunch or I'll have to have you sent to isolation."

"That doesn't make sense." Gideon said as he took another bite of food.
"You're worse than any patient in here." Adrianna spat before going to the lunch room.

"The entire justice system doesn't make sense." Moira said "You're here aren't you."?
Dr. Cormier sighed. She'd have to change Adriannas medication if she was going to keep lashing out like that.

"I know." Gideon nodded. "Do you have any hobbies here?"
Adrianna went to lunch and kept her eyes out for Ben. She never wanted to be around him again.

Moira wondered if blowing the orderlies was considered a hobby "I do a little of everything here and there."

"I don't really do much." Gideon said. He was always too fixated on Vicky to do anything else.

"I'm sure we can find something to entertain you." Moira smiled.

"Like what?" Gideon asked her.

"You'll find out." Moira said picking up her tray "I have to go. I have laundry duty."

"Can we talk later?" Gideon asked her.

"I'll come find you." Moira said winking at him.

"Okay." Gideon smiled softly before finishing his lunch.

(I was thinking that Moira could sneak into his room after lights out )


Gideon tossed in his bed. It was hard to sleep when he wanted to be home and be with Vicky.

Moira slinked down the hallway. The night nurse was usually busy watching the Bachelor so it wouldn't be too hard to sneak by.?
She got to Gideons door and slowly opened it, closing it quietly behind her as she entered "You awake?" She whispered.?

"What are you doing here?" Gideon asked Moira when he saw her in his room.

"Can't sleep." She said crawling under the covers "Can I stay with you?"?

"Um I guess." Gideon said as he moved over to make room.?

Moira cuddled up to him "Do you ever get lonely in here?" She asked him.

"I'm always lonely, even when I'm not here." Gideon pointed out. "Except with Vicky."

"I can make you less lonely." She whispered seductivly as she pressed up against him.

Gideon pushed her away, even though he didn't want to. "I'm not going to cheat on Vicky."

"Vickys not here. I won't tell her." She breathed into his ear sliding her hand into his pajama pants.

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