Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"Like what? Theres nothing to do here." Gideon pointed out.

"Then you don't have a big enough imagination." Moira told him "Too busy drooling over Nicky." She said purposfully getting her name wrong.

"Vicky!" Gideon shouted at her. "You have to call her Victoria. Only her friends can call her Vicky."

"Micky, whatever." Moira shruggrd with a smirk

"Why are you talking to me?" Gideon asked, looking up at her briefly before looking back at the floor.

"Because you're the only person in here." Moira shrugged "I'm a real social butterfly what can I say?"

"You're?a bitch." Gideon muttered under his breath.

"Yeah. What's it to you." Moira smiled hearing his mutter.
"Would get on his bad side blondie." Ben smirked pushing the med cart "Eon over here likes to gut people like fish." He said handing her a dixie cup full of pills
"Here doctor threadson changed your perscription, killer." Ben smiled handing Gideon his cup of pills.

Gideon wanted to gut Ben too but held back. He took his pills and swallowed them dry. "I'm not a killer. I was defending my girlfriend."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night killer." Ben smirked pushing his cart down the hallway.
"You killed someone?" Moira asked suddenly becoming intrigued.
"Here." Ben said stepping into Adriannas room and handing her, her cup of pills "You done pouting?" He asked with a smirk.

Gideon sighed in discomfort. He didn't like talking about it. "I had to."
"I don't pout." Adrianna said matter of factly and sat her pills on the desk beside her.

"You protecting your lady's honor?" Moira asked.
"I have to watch you take them." Ben pointed out.

"He was scum. He was never going to get out of our lives so I had to remove him myself." Gideon explained.
"Then watch me at lunch because those pills make me nauseous if I take them without food." Adrianna told him.

"That's so brave of you." Moira said sincerly sitting up "And they sent you here. For being a hero."
"I'll get them to change your perscription then. You still have to take them now. I don't have time to sit around." Ben told her

Gideon looked over at her and relaxed at her sincerity. "Thats not even the worst part. They tricked Vicky and twisted her words so they?could take me away from her."
"You've got time to fuck trash." Adrianna pointed out.

"I knew a guy like that." Moira said feining vulnerability which she was quite good at "My boyfriend. He abused me forced me to watch him hurt people and they still send me here anyways. I wish I had someone like you around. I might be free right now."

"I could force them down your throat if you'd rather have that." Ben asked not amused by her attitude.
"Unless you want me to force something else down your throat." He smirked.

"I'm sorry that happened to you." He said honestly. "No one should ever have to go through that."
"Oh please. My thumbs bigger than that limp noodle of yours." Adrianna smirked back.

Moira frowned and nodded "But it's a good thing you're here now."
"Feisty today." He said shoving the pills at her again "You won't like it if I have to ask you again." He told her flatly.

(OOHH what if Ben secretly mixed like roofies or whatever some kind of seditive into Adrianas pills)

"You don't need protection from him in here." He pointed out.
"You won't like it if you keep forcing me." Adrianna smirked and downed the pills.


"No not him. But there's a lot of bad people in here." Moira pointed out.
"You're like an angry kitten. You're threats are more cute than scary." Ben said silently shutting the door.

"Like who?" Gideon asked her.
Adrianna rolled her eyes went back to reading her magazine. After a few minutes, she felt dizzy and tired and decided to lay down.

"Ben for instance." Moira said "You see how he talks to people."
"Is this the only way I can get you to shut up." Ben said after Adrianna finally passed out.

"Does he hurt you?" Gideon asked her.
Adrianna faded in out of conciousness but couldn't form a clear thought while she was drugged.

"Not yet." Moira said "But he will."

"Why?" Gideon asked. "I mean how do you know?"

"Have you heard the way he talks to us." Moira said "He sounds just like my boyfriend."

"I won't let him hurt you." Gideon said, although he wouldn't go out of his way to stop him either. He wasn't protective over her like he was Vicky.?

"Good." Moira said grazing his arm as she walked by him "Sit with me at lunch?"
"See I don't usually like girls who are unresponsive." Ben said undoing her sweat pants "But you really give me no choice."

"Okay." Gideon nodded and smiled softly. He was happy to make a friend here.
Adrianna felt like she was dreaming when she saw Ben. Her vision was in pieces and she didn't know what was happening.

Moira grinned as she walked away. It was going to be too easy to get him to do what she wanted.

Gideon went to lunch and brought his tray to Moira's table. "Hi Moira."

"Hi. Sit right here." Moira smiled.
(I'd rather not act out Adriana being assulted so we can skip to the aftermath)

Gideon did as she said and sat beside her. "Do they let you use the phone?"
Adrianna woke up with a horrible head ache and pain like she had rough sex. When she saw her sweatpants loose and untied, she knew what happened. She wasn't dreaming when she saw Ben above her. She ran out of her room in search for a doctor. "Hello? Dr. Threadson? Dr. Cormier?"

(they should assume shes lying so she uses Gideon and Moira to help in her revenge.)

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