Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"She seems grumpy." Ben smirked pulling his pants up.
"Oh yeah." Moira said "I forgot. Can you get me some nail polish." She said casually as if Adriana hadn't just been screaming.
"You can't talk to her unless you have something important to say. It wouldn'tbe fair to everyone else." Rachel said.

Adrianna stormed back to her room to think of a way to get even. She couldn't stand being rejected like this.
"What do you consider important?" Gideon asked, annoyed that his love was important enough.

"Explain to me why you think Vicky will want to talk to you?" Rachel asked him

"Because we're in love. She feels guilty for letting me be put in here but its not her fault.?I need to tell her that. Thats why she won't visit me." Gideon explained.

"She took you to court Gideon." Rachel pointed out
His delusions ran deep "Why do you think she did that?"

(I feel like he should become obsessed with someone else at some point. Like he finally gets ahold of Vicky and she loses it on him.)

(I was thinking that too. I thought he could like Rachel or Moira. i can see him obsessing over Rachel but I can?also see Moira boning him and he falls in love with her after)

"She didn't do that. That was a huge misunderstanding." Gideon told her. "The judge put me here because I saved her from that disgusting low life who was trying to keep us apart. Everyone thought I hurt her but I would never hurt my Vicky- I love her."

(I feel the same way too but maybe since Henric is already obsessed with Rachel we can go with Moira?)

"She testified against you do you not remember that?" Rachel coaxed.
(I feel like Ben should like tease Adrianna and just do a bunch of stuff to make her realize he's in charge.)

( )

"She was tricked." Gideon pointed out. "She gets confused easily. I need to be with her to take care of her."

"Is she cognitively deficient in some way?" Rachel asked him.
Ben came back to Adrianas room after his lunch break and set a bottle of red nailpoish on her dresser "You can thank Moiras generocity for that. Next one I'll make you pay for yourself."

"She just trusts people too easily. Everyone tries to take advantage of her because she's so kind. It's why that sicko was able to get into her life." Gideon explained.?
"excuse me?" She gawked at him. "You don't get anything from me after getting with that skank. I can get whatever I want from every orderly here. You're certainly not the only one who wants me."?

"They won't go after you if I tell them not to." Ben smirked "They know I'll have them fired. Besides, in here do you think you really have a choice?"
"What makes him a sicko and not you?" Rachel asked.

"Is that a threat?" She smirked at him. She didn't believe he had that much power over her.?
"Don't compare me to him!" Gideon yelled as he slammed his first down on the side table beside him.?
"Calm down Gideon." Ric told him. He didn't want him upsetting Rachel.?
"Mitch was a disgusting pig who played with Victoria's mind! He never treated her with respect and sure as hell didn't love her!"

"It's not a threat. I'm just lettong you know how things work around here." Ben smirked.
Rachel jumped when he started yelling.

"Luckily that was before I came along." Adrianna told him. "I should remind you, the last two guys who got on my bad side ended up burning to death."
"Gideon you need to calm down." Ric said as he got up from his seat.
"She called me a sicko!" he yelled back at him.
"No she didn't. You misheard what she said, thats all." Rich assured him.

"I should remind you that you aren't allowed lighters in here." Ben pointed out with a smirk.
"Gideon if you don't settle down I will have to tranquilize you." Rachel told him.

"If you think that's the only way to start a fire,?I truly feel bad for you." Adrianna smirked.
Gideon huffed and looked back down at the floor. "are we done yet?"

Ben grabbed her by the throat and shoved her into the wall "If you don't think that you're the tinest little irrelevant insect in this place than you're crazier than I thought." He growled into her ear "I own your ass."
"Yes. You can leave go back to your room." Rachel exhaled.

Adrianna was suddenly afraid of him. No one ever treated her like this before. She finally pushed him off and coughed as she held her throat.
Gideon left without saying a word. He was still mad at the doctors.
"Are you okay?" Ric asked when he left.

"Are we on the same page now?" Ben asked her.
"Yes. I just didn't expect that reaction." Rachel said "His delusions run deeper than I thought they did. He still thinks Vicky is in love with him."

"Fuck you." Adrianna said weakly. She hated him for being this way.
"You did great. Just remember to be delicate with him. When his delusions are confronted by reality, he becomes violent." Ric explained.

"Not right now but thankyou for the offer." Ben smirked leaving her room.
(I'm definatly thinking Ben should get someone pregnant)
"He's just so quiet. I didnt think he eas capable of that kind of reaction." Dr. Cormier said "We have to do something."

(definitely! =] )
Adrianna threw a book at the door?after he was gone. She couldn't stand the fact that she had to be careful of him now.
"He did kill a man." Ric pointed out. "We could increase his medication or...use some more extreme methods."

"I know. I just thought he was getting better." Rachel sighed "Maybe we do have to take a more unique approach."
"You look grumpy." Moira said to Gideon as he walked by. She was lounging on the couch in the common room.

"What are your thoughts on the practices used in the 40s and 50s?" Ric asked curiously.
"I have to get out of here." Gideon muttered as he sat on a chair. "Those doctors don't know anything."

"What you mean electric shock?" Rachel asked.
"Preaching to the choir beardy." Moira said looking at her newly painted nails.

"That and hydro therapy and lobotomy." Ric told her.
"Why are you even here?" Gideon asked. He didn't bother to listen to other patients.

"I think lobotomy might be a bit extreme." Rachel told Henric "But I'd be willing to try the other things."
"My boyfriend was a serial killer. As if that was my fault." Moira rolled her eyes "And they think I'm like a nympho or something like forgive me for being confident about my sexuality."

"I'll do more research. My grandfather used ETC a lot back when this was an asylum. He helped a lot of people that way." He told her.
"Oh." Gideon said, feeling awkward when people talked about sex.

"I didn't know your grandfather worked here." Rachel said. She didn't really spend much time looking back on the history of this place. It was much too morbid for her tastes.
"Oh what?" Moira smirked.

"I'm third generation Dr. Threadson." Ric smiled. "He was the head psychiatrist in the 50s."
"Just...oh." Gideon shrugged.

"Well that's quite a legacy." Rachel said.
"Whatever." Moira said "You like my nails?"

"A lot of pressure to follow in their shoes though." Henric told her.
Gideon looked at her nails and admired the color. "Vicky wore that color sometimes."

"What's so special about this Vicky?" Moira asked annoyed that that was all he talked about.

"You only want to know so you can pick her apart." Gideon pointed out. He didn't want to tell her about his girl.

Moira rolled her eyes "Like I don't have better things to do than dis your girlfriend."

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