Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"Threadsons way too uptight." Adrianna smirked and plopped down on her bed. "I could fuck him for you if you want. Get him to loosen up."

"Trust me I already tried." Moira smirked "I think he might be queer."

"He won't say no to me." Adrianna pointed out matter of factly.

"Well aren't you cocky." Moira smirked. She couldn't wait to see the smug little newbie get shot down.

"I flipped a gay before." Adrianna lied.

"Well good luck then." Moira smiled "You think I could get some nail polish smuggled in here." She asked looking at her nails.
---Dr. Cormier frowned as she approached Dr. Threadson "So what are we going to do about Moira?"

"I'll ask Ben. I'm sure he'll get it for me." Adrianna told her.
"More private therapy." Threadson told her. "Maybe isolation if she's persistantly rebellious."

"Good ahead." Moira said.
(Adriana should catch Ben and Moira having sex and thinks Moira is trying to steal her man)
"Is it wrong to say I think theres not much hope for her...." Dr. Cormier asked "she's been here for two years."

"He'll get anything for me." Adrianna smirked.?
(Yes and she should set her bed or something on fire! Or burn one of them because she burns things that make her angry)
"I want to try some more extreme tactics for her." He told her. "Maybe some old fashioned treatments."?

"Right because he's in love with you." Moira pointed out.
"Do you think it will work?" Dr. Cormier asked biting her lip

"I wouldn't call it love yet but he's infatuated with me." Adrianna smirked.?
"I think it's worth a shot." Ric told her. "I don't think anyone here is hopeless Rachel."

"Well tell him I want black onyx nail polish." She told Adriana.
'You're right. I shouldn't have said she was that was wrong of me." Rachel frowned.

"Can't say please?" She smirked at her?
"it's okay. Don't feel bad." He smiled, seeing that she felt guilty. "Most people don't get better because they choose not to. Moira is unfortunately one of those people."

"No particularly." Moira said giving her a fake smile.
"Well go find him."
"What do you think we should do?" Rachel asked her.

"He'll come to me." Adrianna said. She wasn't going to take orders from Moira.
"Well I'll work with her and if nothing works, we might consider ECT." Ric told her. "We've had some good results there with our more violent patients."

"Mkay well he can come find you somewhere that's not my room." Moira said shooing her.
Rachel unconciously ran her finger over the scar on her face "If you think it will work. It's worth a shot."

"You're right. He'd never think to look in here." Adrianna smirked and went to go find her boytoy.
"I'm glad I have your support." Henric said and watched her trace her scar. "How are you doing here?"

After Adrianna left Moira casually got up and went to find Ben. She was going to put that bitch in her place.
"It's all right. I'm managing. It's still hard to deal with patients one on one." Rachel told him.

"Do you want me to sit in with you?" Henric offered.

"I couldn't ask you to do that." Rachel said "You have you're own work to do."

"its not a problem." Ric assured her. "Helping my coworkers is part of my job."

"If you'd like. That would be very helpful." Rachel said.

(Want to do Adrianna finding Moira and Ben in flagrante)
Ben was always a fan when the sexual deviants were cute girls. Moira was one of his favorites. She never failed to deliver.

Adrianna went to go find Ben and she couldn't find him in their usual spot.
"Who do you want to talk to one on one?" Ric asked her.

When Moira cornered Ben she made sure it was somewhere that Adriana would eventually find them "I'm bored." She said hopping up on the laundry room counter "Want to make me not bored."
"I think Gideon could use some talking to." Rachel said.

(I assume I'm playing Ben here?)

"I could do that." Ben grinned and eyed the shut door. "What are you in the mood for?"
"He's probably your safest bet." Henric nodded. "He doesn't try mind games like the rest."

(You can play him until Adriana catches them and then I'll play him)
"You." Moira said sliding her hand down the waistband of his scrubs.
"Can you please go get Gideon." Rachel instructed one of the orderlies.

Ben groaned and smiled at her. "Whatever you want gorgeous." he said as he pulled down her sweatpants.
Gideon was brought to Dr. Cormier's office and he nervously tapped his knee as he kept his eyes on the floor.

She shoved his pants to the floor and pulled him towards her.
"Gideon can you please look at me." Rachel coaxed gently

Ben held her legs as he pushed into her. He loved using the pscyh ward as his personal playground.
Gideon looked up at her slowly. "What?"

Moira moaned as he slid into her making sure that she exagerated the sound so the noise would travel into the hallway.
"Gideon if we're meant to talk eye contact would be preferable." Rachel explained to him.

Ben smiled at his effect on her as he found a steady pace.
"I don't want to talk." Gideon pointed out. He noticed Dr. Threadson in the corner observing him. "Whys he there?"

(Adriana can burst in now)
"God this was a good idea." She moaned. She was mostly excited to see that Pyro bitch get put in her place.
"He's consulting." Rachel explained "Now Gideon can we talk more about what we touched on in group today?"

(I was getting there, have patience)

Adrianna heard Moira moaning and she went to bust her. She could only imagine the poor sucker crazy enough to screw her but when she walked into the laundry room, she was shocked to find it was Ben. "What the fuck? You're trading me in for that?" she spat at him.
"Okay." Gideon nodded. "I really need to talk to Vicky. If you let me use the phone, I have her number memorized. I just need to hear her voice."

"So does that mean you don't want to join in blondie?" Ben asked with a smirk.
"What do you need to talk to her about?" Dr. Cormier asked "Your phone privileges are still suspended but maybe we can make arrangements if I think it's important enough." She lied hoping to get information out of him.

"If you think I'm not enough to please you, you're more delusional than every psycho in here combined." Adrianna told him.
"I haven't seen her since the trial. I know she misses me and I miss her. I need to talk to her." Gideon stressed.

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