Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"Hi." Rachel said "How's it going in there?"?

"He's Toby now. Cocky and untreatable." Ric told her.

"Adrianna is just being combative. I feel like a Mom sending her to bed without supper." Rachel sighed "We'll have to have the orderlies keep a closer watch on her."?

"Patrick too. If Toby's coming out more and more, he poses a threat to everyone around him." Henric said.

(i imagine Toby's personality to be like Bart)

(Yeah, only more murder-ey lol)?

"We can up his antipsychotics." Rachel said.?

"What about Adrianna's? You want to up hers too?" Henric asked.

"Yeah it's probably a good idea. Conventional therepy isn't working." Rachel sighed.

"We might have to put her in solitary whenever she acts out." Ric said.

(adrianna or toby should create a distraction for the orderlies to tend to so they can sneak off and be alone again and he should bring up the idea of breaking out and she could bring in gideon/moira so gideon can get into the system and work with the security stuff so they can escape)

"I don't want to have to keep doing that." Rachel sighed "But if we have to we have to)?

(Cool. Yeah I like that. I was also kind of planning on killing off patrick wdyt?)?

(go for it lol how does it happen?)

"We can see?how the medicine works first." Ric shrugged.

(Dunno yet. It'll come to me)

"Yeah ok." She said "Do you think we should start tranquilizers? At least at night so we know she's not wandering."

"We might have to start doing that." Henric nodded. "Maybe wait and see if she progresses first."

"Can't we have one day without drama." Rachel sighed "I should have been a pediatrician."

"Its not too late." Ric teased her.

"Trust me. I'm stuck here." Rachel told him.

"I'm glad you are." Ric said with a smile.

"You should get back to Toby." Rachel told him.
(Want to skip ahead to everyone finding out they're pregnant?)


Adrianna swung her legs from the doctors table as she waited for the exam to be over. She was bored and wanted to get back to Patrick/Toby.

"One more thing." The doctor said taking out a needle "I need to draw some blood. You might want to stay sitting."
Rachel hung her head over the toilet and emptied the contents of her stomach for the third time that day. She felt aweful today and she was really hoping she wasn't coming down with the flu.

(how was rachel going to find out?)

"Why does this take so long?" Adrianna asked as she rolled her eyes.
Ric knocked on the bathroom door. "Rach you okay?"

(I had a thought she'd go get a pregnancy test on her lunch break)

"Because you're not cooperative." The doctor pointed out flatly.
Rachel went to the sink and rinsed the sour taste out of her mouth "Yeah I'm just not feeling well."

"I'm cooperating." Adrianna said matter of factly.
"Take a sick day. I can cover for you." Henric said through the door.

"Fine then this won't take long." The doctor said sticking her with the needle.
"No I'm fine. I think I just ate something that didn't agree with me." Rachel said.

"Ow." Adrianna hissed as the needle hurt her.
"Want me to get you something?" Henric asked.

"Oh don't be such a baby." The doctor said filling the vile with blood.
"I'm ok I have some gravol in my desk." Rachel told him.

"Maybe you should go back to med school." Adrianna smirked.
"Want me to grab it for you?" Henric asked.

"Yeah I'll take advice from a mental patient." He said lutting the vile of blood on the counter "You're all done."
"No. Thankyou Henric but I'm really ok." She told him going to the bathroom "I'm going to take my Lunch break early ok." She told him.

"Finally. Come see me if you really want to play doctor." Adrianna smirked and hopped down from the table.
"I'll see you later then." Henric said.

"Bye." The doctor said ignoring her comment.
Rachel went into her office to grab her purse.

Adrianna went to find Patrick after she left the doctor.

Rachel sat in her car and was suddenly aware that it had been a while since she'd last had her period. Her skin went white.
"Crap." She muttered putting her car in drive and headed to the drugstore.
Patrick saw Adrianna coming down the hall and blushed furiously

Henric went back to his office and texted Rachel after a while. *still feeling sick?*
Adrianna smiled when she saw her target. "Hey Patty. Want to sneak away?"

(Ooo what if Toby is abusive and when they escape adrianna kills him)

Rachel ignored his text at she looked dumbfounded at the positive pregnancy test in her hand.
Patrick didn't like being called Patty but he pretended he didn't hear "We'll get in trouble." He told her.


"Not if we don't get caught." Adrianna said, running her hand down his chest. "I'll be quiet this time."

The Toby personality surfaced "Not if I can help it." He smirked grabbing her behind.

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