Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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(awe they're cousins!)

Adrianna was about to answer them when they were interrupted. "Don't have anything better to do?" she smirked as she stood up and pulled her sweatpants on.
"Lets go." Ric smiled and walked out to his truck.

"Get up let's go." The orderly shouted at Patrick "All right all right keep your pants on." Patricks alter Toby said swaggering out of the closet as he pulled up his sweat pants.
Rachel smiled at got into the truck.

Adrianna watched him and realized how much taking his virginity inflated his ego and she was pretty proud of herself. "So what now, solitary again?"
"Thats for the docs to decide, Jezebel." the other orderly said as he ushered them out.
"What kind of music do you like?" Ric asked as he adjusted the radio.

"Ah Ah, seperatly you horn dogs." The other orderly said as Toby started to walk with Adrianna "Come with me casanova."?
"Right now....something that's not very loud." Rachel smiled?

"You think we're going to fuck in the hallways or something?" Adrianna smirked at the orderly.
"I can control the volume ya know." Ric teased.

"Knowing you anything is possible." The orderly sneered.?
"Nothing with a lot of base." Rachel laughed.?

"Want to get me alone and find out what else is possible?" Adrianna smirked.
"so nothing?" Ric teased and found a country station but kept the volume low.

"You wish." He said shoving her in the office "Wait here." He said picking up the phone to call the doctor on duty.?
"This is good." Rachel told him?

Adrianna peaked out the office window to look for Patrick. She wanted to know what they were doing with him too.
"I like it too." Ric said. "Theres extra sunglasses in the glove compartment."

"I'm ok." Rachel said "I'm not THAT hungover." She laughed.

"You were pretty drunk last night." Ric laughed.

"I overendulged a bit." Rachel said.?
(when they're done breakfast we can skip to them talking to Patrick/Toby and Adriana. Rachel can talk to Adriana and Ric can talk to patrick)?


"Its understandable." Ric said. They had?a rough day.

(Wanna just skip to it now?)

Rachel walked into work and was immediately told by the nurses what happened between Patrick and Adrianna "oh for fuck sakes." She muttered very unladylike under her breath.

"You want to take Adrianna?" Ric asked as he grabbed Patricks file. He was growing tired of this behavior.

"Yeah." She said. She didn't even need Adrianas file. She walked into the office where Adriana was waiting "So....what's the deal Adriana?" She asked exasperatedly. Still feeling slightly hungover and in no mood for Adrianas dramatics

"Whats there to say?" Adrianna shrugged. "After dinner last night I hooked up with a fellow patient. Atleast it wasn't another orderly."
Ric went to find Patrick and sat across from him. "Good morning." he said politely, not wanting to wake the beast. "You want to tell me what happened between you and Adrianna?"

Rachel sighed "You know fraternizing is against the rules." Rachel said.
"We fucked what's the big deal?" Toby said leaning back in his chair, being much more confident than Patrick could ever be.

"So. Don't tell me you've never fucked someone you shouldn't have." Adrianna smirked.
Henric watched and listened to him and quickly knew it wasn't Patrick he was talking to. "Toby, you know we have rules here that you need to follow for your own protection, and Patricks."

"I'm not a psychiatric patient." Rachel said calmly "You are."
Toby scowled "She started it, why are you blaming me? Patty needed to get some anyways he's sooo boring."

"And how exactly does forming relationships with fellow patients hurt my psychiatric treatment?" Adrianna asked curiously.
"I'm not blaming anyone. You're both equally responsible." Ric said calmly. "So it was Patrick that went into the storage room with Adrianna?"

"You aren't forming relationships." Rachel pointed out "Your feeding into your narcissism and that's what got you here in the first place."
"Yeah. Dunno what blondie sees in him." Toby laughed shaking his head "She'll like me better anyways."

"So if I said I'm in love with Patrick you wouldn't obect to us fucking?" Adrianna smirked
"You're planning on introducing yourself to her?" Ric asked. "I don't know if that would be a good idea. Adrianna likes people who like her. Your ego might be too much for her."

"Yes I still would." Rachel said "You're both unable to consent under the law."
""What are you a matchmakee now?" Toby snorted "She'll like me if I tell her to like me."

"We can't consent to each other?" Adrianna rolled her eyes. "We're the same age."
"I don't think its a good idea to pursue a relationship with anyone." Henric pointed out. "Do you mind if I talk to Patrick about what happened? He's the one who broke the rules."

"It has nothing to do with your age. You're non compus mentus. You're mental patients!" Rachel said exasperated.
"She'll like me if I tell her to like me." Toby said forcefully.
(Toby is going to be so misogynistic)

"So I have no rights is that what you're saying?" She said angrily. She wasn't supposed. After all they let an orderly rape her.
"I heard you." Ric said. "But you're not going to speak to her do you understand?"

"Don't act like the victim." Rachel said losing all professionalism "You're here for murdering people. Don't expect it to be a vacation."
"I understand. That doesn't mean I'm going to listen." Toby smirked leaning back in his chair.

"Even murderers have rights." Adrianna pointed out. "Prisoners get conjugal visits and relations with other inmates. We can't even look at other patients."
"We might have to up Patrick's medication. You know that means you'll disappear." Henric warned.

"Would you rather go to prison then?" Rachel asked "I guess you made the wrong plea bargain."
"Maybe I'm the real one and Patrick will disappear." He smirked.

"Oh please, you're so jealous its pathetic. Don't take it out on me because no one wants to fuck little miss Scarface." Adrianna smirked, wanting to hurt her.
"thats a risk I'm willing to take." Henric said, knowing it wasn't true.

"I think we're done here." Rachel said "Brenda please escort Adriana to her room. I have to speak to the pharmacist about adjusting her medication."
"Fine. I'll leave her alone. But I can't be responsible for what Patrick does with her." Toby threw up his hands in mock defeat.

"Fuck off." Adrianna rolled her eyes and let Brenda escort her to her room.
"Patrick won't touch her unless she makes a move first." Ric pointed out.

Rachel left her office and went to knock on Henrics door

"Excuse me." Henric said and got up to answer the door. "Dr. Cormier."

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