Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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(awe they're cousins!)

Adrianna was about to answer them when they were interrupted. "Don't have anything better to do?" she smirked as she stood up and pulled her sweatpants on.
"Lets go." Ric smiled and walked out to his truck.

"Get up let's go." The orderly shouted at Patrick "All right all right keep your pants on." Patricks alter Toby said swaggering out of the closet as he pulled up his sweat pants.
Rachel smiled at got into the truck.

Adrianna watched him and realized how much taking his virginity inflated his ego and she was pretty proud of herself. "So what now, solitary again?"
"Thats for the docs to decide, Jezebel." the other orderly said as he ushered them out.
"What kind of music do you like?" Ric asked as he adjusted the radio.

"Ah Ah, seperatly you horn dogs." The other orderly said as Toby started to walk with Adrianna "Come with me casanova."?
"Right now....something that's not very loud." Rachel smiled?

"You think we're going to fuck in the hallways or something?" Adrianna smirked at the orderly.
"I can control the volume ya know." Ric teased.

"Knowing you anything is possible." The orderly sneered.?
"Nothing with a lot of base." Rachel laughed.?

"Want to get me alone and find out what else is possible?" Adrianna smirked.
"so nothing?" Ric teased and found a country station but kept the volume low.

"You wish." He said shoving her in the office "Wait here." He said picking up the phone to call the doctor on duty.?
"This is good." Rachel told him?

Adrianna peaked out the office window to look for Patrick. She wanted to know what they were doing with him too.
"I like it too." Ric said. "Theres extra sunglasses in the glove compartment."

"I'm ok." Rachel said "I'm not THAT hungover." She laughed.

"You were pretty drunk last night." Ric laughed.

"I overendulged a bit." Rachel said.?
(when they're done breakfast we can skip to them talking to Patrick/Toby and Adriana. Rachel can talk to Adriana and Ric can talk to patrick)?


"Its understandable." Ric said. They had?a rough day.

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