Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"Fuck" Ric breathed as he held her hip and pumped harder. "You close?"
"What do you want, other than my fruit cup?" Adrianna asked.

"Mmm don't stop." Rachel moaned.
"I dunno I'm bored." Moira shrugged.

Ric thrusted a few more times before letting out a string of curses as he climaxed.
"Don't you go fuck Ben when you're bored?" She smirked.

Rachel climaxed right after him and lay on the bed trying to catch his breath.
"I don't know where he is." Moira shrugged "Haven't seen him for a couple days."

Ric collapsed beside her and felt the alochol hit him when he fet dizzy.
"Yeah he's been busy." Adrianna smirked.

Rachel felt tired and cuddled into Henrics chest.
"You have a very annoying voice. You know that." Moira told her flatly.

Henric put an arm around Rachel and closed his eyes. He only meant to rest for a moment but soon fell asleep.
"You're the only one who thinks so." Adrianna smirked.

Rachel felt safe in his embrace and soon drifted off to sleep.
"Maybe everyone else is just more polite than me hmm." Moria pointed out.

Ric woke up the next morning and struggled to remember where he was before seeing Rachel beside him and remembering the night before. He carefully untangled himself from her and got out bed to grab his clothes.
"Sure, maybe thats it." Adrianna said dryly. She wasn't in the mood for their usual pissing contest.

Rachel groggily rolled over as she felt Henric get out of bed "Hey." She murmered sleepily.
"You're so moody today." Moira rolled her eyes "You think you'd be happy. You're all untied and shit."

(Should Adrianna be already pregnant or? They should catch Adrianna sleeping with someone and assume that person is the father. Like another patient or something.)

"Hey." Henric said and gazed at her. He never got to see her like this. "Want some coffee?"
"Doesn't matter what they do to me. No one believes me anyway." Adrianna pointed out.

(yes to both!)

"Mmm" She brushed her messy bed hair out of her facw with her hand "Yes please....and maybe an asprin."
"God you're dramatic." Moira rolled her eyes.
(Should I make a new character for her to sleep with?)

"Where do you keep your meds?" Ric laughed.
"Whatever." Adrianna rolled her eyes and ate her soggy sandwhich.

(either a new guy or gideon)

"Bathroom cabinet above the sink." Rachel said.
(New guy it is XD)

Ric went to the bathroom and grabbed the asprin before coming back with a cup of water with it.

"Thanks." Rachel said rubbing her forehead " and thanks for staying over."
Moira got up to leave "Out of the way dweeb." She said smacking a tray out of some timid guys hands.

"My pleasure." Ric smirked and sat on her bed. "Want to go grab some breakfast?"
Adrianna looked at the guy as Moira walked away. She decided to play nice and picked up his tray for him. "Ignore her. She's in perpetual bitch mode."

"Yeah. Just let me take a shower. I feel like a smell like a wino." She laughed popping the asprin into her mouth.

"I noticed." He said looking after moira "I'm um.....Patrick..."

"You smell good to me." Ric told her.
"Adrianna." She said and handed him his tray back. "I've got half a sandwich and an apple if you care to sit with me."

Rachel laughed and shook her head "I still feel gross."
"You're nice." Patrick said. Which he didn't want to add was contradictory to what everyone said about her. She was the first pretty girl who'd payed attention to him....pretty much his whole life.
(I'm still on my phone. But I'm picturing Ezra Miller)

"You don't look it." Ric smirked.
"I'm only nice to cuties like you." Adrianna smirked. She wanted to forget Ben and Moira and solitary. She needed to be in control again.

"You're sweet." Rachel said kissing him.
"You think I'm cute?" Patrick asked blushing. He'd never been called cute before.

"Thank you." Ric smiled at her after kissing her.
"Isn't it obvious?" Adrianna smiled.

" need a shower too." Rachel grinned seductivly.
"No....not really." Patrick said picking up the sandwich.

"I'm sure I do." Ric smiled and kissed her again.
"I'm just glad you agreed to sit with me. I know I'm not much to look at." She said, shyly pushing her hair behind her ear.

Rachel smiled "Well than follow me."
"I think you're beautiful." Patrick said falling right into her trap

Ric smiled and followed her to the bathroom.
"You don't have to be so nice." Adrianna smiled.

Rachel turned on the shower to make sure it was at the right temperature before pulling back the curtain and getting in.
"I'm just telling the truth." Patrick told her.

Ric stripped down and stepped in behind her.
"Thank you." Adrianna smiled. This was too easy.

"Scrub my back?" Rachel smiled.
"No problem." Patrick grinned.

"Sure." Ric smiled and grabbed her loofah before washing her back.
"Are you new here? I've never seen you before." She asked him.

"I've been here 4 months." Patrick shrugged.
Rachel leaned into him.

"What are you in for?" Adrianna asked curiously.
Ric kissed her neck and shoulder as he washed her lower back.

Patrick shrugged "Stuff." He said "I don't know."
(Ooo so I'm thinking Patrick is all fight club and actually has a multiple personality who's like a school shooter or something)
"I really like you Henric." Rachel told him honestly as she leaned into his kisses.

('ve officially outdone yourself)

"You don't know?" Adrianna raised a brow. "You can tell me."
"I like you too." Ric said sincerely and wrapped his arms around her.

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