Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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(Oh sorry i thought i replied. Yeah I like that idea)

"Sorry Dr. Cormier." She said in a sickly sweet tone.

"How about you start us off. Have you set a goal for yourself today?" Ric asked as he clicked his pen and started writing.

"My goal for today is to find something to watch on tv that's rated at least pg13 and then probably just have some me time if you catch my drift." She said winking at Gideon.

Gideon scrunched his face and looked down at his folded hands in his lap. His goal everyday was to reach Vicky, regardless if she had a restraining order on him or not.
"You mind specifying what you mean by that Moira?" Ric asked as he kept his patience. She was always such a hassle.

"Will I get written up if I say masterbation." Moira smirked. She loved making them squirm.

Ric let out at an annoyed huff. "No you won't get written up for using that word. However thats not something appropriate to discuss in group."

"You asked." Moira pointed out.

"Lets move on." Ric said and scribbled a few notes about Moira. "Gideon. What is your goal for the day?"
"Well, I'd really like to reach out to Vicky. I'm sure she's worried about me and I really need to call her." Gideon explained without making eye contact.
"You know you're not allowed to communicate with her. There's the restraining order and you've lost your phone privileges so why not focus on something you can do?" Ric pointed out.
"He can do Moira. That'll help both of?them right?" Adrianna joked.

"Adrianna that's not appropriate." Dr. Cormier chided calmly"And if you'd like to add to the group please remember to wait your turn. I don't think Gideon appreciates being interupted."

"Its fine, I don't want to talk." Gideon pointed out.
"We can't help you if you won't participate." Ric reminded him for the millionth time.
"I don't need help." Gideon said simply. "Do you think I need help?" he asked Dr. Cormier.

"I think you should participate in group whether you need help or not." Dr. Cormier said sympathetically, she knew he only got aggitated when he was lumped in with the other patients "It sets a good example for everyone. Now was there anything you were thinking of doing today other than speak to Vicky?"

"No." Gideon shook his head. "The only thing I want to do is talk to Vicky."

"Well you can't talk to Vicky. Gideon I'm sorry." Dr. Cormier said "You haven't earned your phone privileges anyways." She said "Now I'd really like for ypu to participate in something today."

"Like what?" Gideon asked her. He didn't want to participate.

"Nurse Franklin is arranging an art class this afternoon. I'd like for you to attend." Dr. Cormier told him.
"Paint a little picture of the bush you watch your girlfriend from." Moira smirked.

"Thats enough Moira." Ric piped in. He'd have to enforce some sort of punishment on her later.

"I'm just participating." Moira smirked crossing her arms over her chest.

"Thats not a healthy way of participating." Ric pointed out.

"Well you should have specified." Moira smirked.

"You know its against the rules to make fun of other patients." Ric reminded her.

"You people are just so sensitive." She growled.

"do we need to schedule more therapy for you?" Ric asked her.?

"Do we?" Moira said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Apparently so." Ric told her. "Why do you think innapropriate or antagonistic behavior is okay here? How is it going to help you?"

"It's your opinion that I'm being inapropriate." Moira pointed out matter of factly

"And I'm your doctor so I can declare that it's something you need treatment for." Ric told her sternly.

"Oooo he's trying to be so serious now." Moira chuckled.

"Why is Moira in trouble for talking when we're all murderers? Isn't that what you should be addressing?" Adrianna smirked.
"Great question. In order to help all of you, you need to be respectful of how you express yourself in group. Everyone around you deserves to feel safe and respected." Ric explained.

"I'm here because it's court ordered. So....what if I don't want help?" Moira pointed out

Ric rested his elbows on his knees and? focused in on Moira. He really wanted her to understand the process. "You're all here because it's court ordered. If you never accept help, you will never be let out of here. The whole reason you're here is because you're sick and you need treatment."

"So if I don't care about leaving I don't have to do this? Perfect." Moira smirked "I'll be in my room if anyone wants to join me."

"You walk away now, you're getting written up." He told her but had a feeling she didn't care.?

"Ooo I'm trembling." Moira said walking away.

Ric finished their group therapy and dismissed the patients to their activities. Adrianna went to Moira's room to find her. "And I thought I was a drama queen." she smirked.

"I have a penchant for theatrics what can I say." Moira smirked examining her nails.

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