Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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Moira moaned and wrapped her legs around him to pull him closer.?
Rachel looked through the peep hole and covered her mouth, darting out of the way before the pair saw her or Ric spying "Should we stop them?" She asked. Fraternization between patients was not allowed, but then so was covering up a murder.?

Gideon breathed harder as he kept pushing.?
"No, we need him to move on. Under the circumstances, this is a good thing." He pointed out.?

"Should we...I mean they need protection. Maybe we should perscribe Moira some birth control." Rachel said. She didn't want to have to deal with a pregnancy.
"Gideon." Moira moaned digging her nails into his back.

"Thats a good idea." Henric agreed. They didn't need the drama. "I have more patients to see before lights out.. I'll catch up with you later?"
Gideon pumped harder and moaned with her as he climaxed.

"Yeah. I'll see you around. Are we still on for drinks?" Rachel asked.
Moira climaxed with him moaning loudly.

"Yeah. Do you want to ride together or meet there?" Ric asked her.
Gideon caught his breath and kissed her once before rolling off of her. "Can you stay a while?"

"We can meet there. Where do you want to go?" Rachel asked him.
"I got no where to be." Moira said. She felt sleepy anyways

"There's that new bar down the road?" Henric suggested.?
"they won't catch you in here?" Gideon asked.

"Ok." Rachel said "I have to go too." She told him she needed to see her patients before the shift was over.
"They havent found me yet." Moira pointed out sleepily

"I'll see you later." Ric smiled and went back to his office.
Gideon smiled and put an arm around her as he closed his eyes.

"Ok." Rachel smiled.
Moira fell asleep next to Gideon.

Ric finished up for the day and made sure everything was in order before going to the bar to meet up with Rachel.

Rachel walked into the bar and looked for Henric. She waved as she saw him?

Henric smiled and went to greet Rachel. " look stunning." He said honestly as he eyed her up and down. He never saw her out of work clothes.?

"Thanks." Rachel said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear

"You want to sit at the bar or a table?" He asked her.

"Table." Rachel said. She wanted to be able to talk to him.

Ric went over to a table in the corner and pulled her chair out for her. "What would you like to drink?"

"Um. Whiskey sour. Make it a double." Rachel told him

"You got it." He smiled and went to order their drinks.?

Rachel sat at the table and waited for Ric to come back. She was glad this day was finally over.

Ric came back with their drinks and sat across from her. "Double whiskey sour."

"Thanks. I need this." She said taking a drink.

"Me too." Henric sighed and sipped his drink.

"Hopefully the rest of the week is uneventful." Rachel chuckled " I don't think I can handle much more."

"I know the feeling." Henric agreed. "Lets not talk about work. We deserve to relax."

"What do you even do when you're not at work?" Rachel asked "I feel like my life revolves around Briarcliff."

"I drink." He smirked. "We practically live at Briarcliff."

"I think I need another drink." Rachel said finishing off her glass.

"I'll open a tab." He said and went up to the bar to get them another round.

Rachel waited for him to come back and tried not to think about the events of the day.?

Henric came back with their drinks and sat down. "We may need a few more of these."

"We should just get bottle service." Rachel said.

"or mix in some sedatives." Ric teased.

"Might be the only way I'll sleep tonight." Rachel said.

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