Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"It is my business. I'm responsible for the safety and well being of my patients." Rachel pointed out. "Engaging in sexual activity in here is not healthy."

"You're just grumpy cuz no one wants to bang a scarface." Moira snapped back at her "No one else can have fun if you're not hmm?"?

Rachel blushed and smoothed her skirt. "I'm not discussing my personal life with patients, and deflecting your sexual activies doesn't help your case."

"Whatever." Moira said getting up "Maybe I haven't slept with anyone either. How can you prove it." She shrugged indicating that she wasn't talking.?

"I'm asking the orderlies to keep a closer eye on you." Rachel said and promptly left for her office.

"Oooo I'm so scared." Moira said sarcastically.?
Rachel marched off to her office, trying to hide her annoyance from Henric who was sitting in the staff room.?

Henric knew Rachel didn't want to talk to him but he had to update her on Gideon. He walked to her office and knocked on the?door.

"Yeah its open." Rachel called looking up from her report.

Henric walked in and tried acting like nothing ever happened. "I had Gideon taken to solitary. I'll talk to him when he wakes up and as long as he agrees not to tell anyone about Vicky, I'll let him out. I wanted to let you know."

"Thanks." Rachel smiled "Do you think it would be ok if I talked to him?" She asked.

"Sure, if you want to." Henric nodded. He didn't think she'd ever want to talk to Gideon again.

(I had an idea that Rachel could get pregnant too and she has to hide it so that people don't find out about her and henric. Wdyt)

"I do." Rachel said "I spoke to both Adriana and Moira today." She said as she finished typing her report.


"What about them?" Henric asked as he sat across from her.

(also i thought if they find out about gideon and moira, they'll ignore it and let them be together in the hopes that gideon forgets all about vicky and stays quiet about her murder if he's attached to someone else?)

"Adriana is uncooperative. I was hoping she could be removed from solitary but she's still being quite hostile." Rachel said.
"And I asked Moira about Ben. She was quite adament that he'd never given in to her sexual advances."

(Also I love it!)

"That explains why Adrianna is lashing out." Henric said. "If Ben rejected her the way he rejected Moira, she's trying to hurt him the only way she can. He's lucky she doesn't have access to lighter fluid and matches."

"That's what I was thinking." Rachel said "Once we do let her out I think it's best to maybe change Bens duty schedule so he's not interacting with her as much. It might be safer for him."

"I think that would be wise." Henric agreed. "If she doesn't stop her hostile behavior, we may need to strengthen her medication so she can leave solitary."

"I think we should up her meds anyways." Rachel told him.

"she'll walk around half sedated. I'd rather not do that to her. It'll delay proper treatment." Henric pointed out.

"She told me that Ben came into the solitary wing and raped her." Rachel said "I triple checked the logs no one used their key card to get in except me." Rachel told her "I don't know if she was lying or just hallucinating."

"She has a habit of lying." Henric pointed out. "She's never shown signs of hallucination nor does she have a history of it."

"I know she just seemed so certain. Like she believed it herself." Rachel shrugged.

"I can assess her mental state but she's a highly skilled and manipulative liar. She almost got away with two murders. Her friends and family believed she was greiving her boyfriends when she was the one who killed them." Henric pointed out.

"I resent the fact that you think you know our patients better than me." She said flatly.

"Thats not what I'm saying." Henric assured her. "I'm offering you another perspective is all."

"By undermining mine." Rachel pointed out.

"I'm not undermining you." Henric said. "I could be wrong. We can talk to her and see if she's hallucinating or we can try to find out if Ben assaulted her. I can even take her to the clinic and have a rape kit done if you think its worth doing."

"Well like I said no one else had signed in or out all day except me." Rachel pointed out "As far as I'm aware there's no way to get into the ward without a key card."

"What do you think we should do?" Henric asked.

"I think we should speak with her together." Rachel said "Is Gideon awake do you know?"

"I'll have to check on him." Henric said. "I told the staff to page me if they see he's awake."

"Ok. Well I'll like to speak to him as soon as he's awake" Rachel told him.

"Any particular reason?" Henric asked curiously.

"I just want to get this over with." Rachel said "Make sure he doesn't say anything."

"Lets go check on him then." Henric said as he stood up.

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