Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"Because what you said happened doesn't make sense." Rachel told her "You have a history of lying and violence not Ben."

"He knows that." Adrianna pointed out. "Think about it. He knows I'm his best bet. I'm telling the truth but it?doesn't matter. I'm like the boy who cried wolf."

"Adriana please." Rachel sighed "You're never going to recover if you don't stop this habit of lying." She told her "Just last week you told me you were sexually attracted to him and right after he turns down your advances suddenly you start accusing him of abusing you." Dr. Cormier said "I don't believe you."

(Ooohhh Adriana should recant at some point and say she was lying because it's the only way to get out of solitary and then after that she can find out she's pregnant)

"He didn't turn down my advances. We hooked up in the supply closet a dozen times. It's when he fucked Moira that I ended it so he raped me." Adrianna told her.


Rachel sighed "If you can't start telling the truth I will end this conversation with you." She told Adrianna and stood up.

"Can I get out of this bed?" Adrianna asked her. She knew she'd never believe her but she wanted to be unstrapped at least.

"I'm not convinced your not a danger to yourself and others yet." Rachel said leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

"Fuck you Cormier!" Adrianna screamed at the door.?She hated every person there.

(Hey wanna play rachel while she talks to Moira? I have an idea)

(Yess :))


Moira lay on the couch in the tv room it was so nice to be able to listen to the TV without hearing Adrianna yapping over the noise
"I thought you were going to get us cable." Moira teased as Ben came in with the cart for their meds
"Yeah well I only have so much sway." He said handing her, her pills "Best I can do is a VCR." He teased.

Rachel went to check on Moira after she saw Adrianna. This day was dragging on but she her patients still needed her. "Good afternoon Moira. How are you doing today?"

"Fine." Moira said opening her mouth to show Ben she'd swallowed her pills "I heard Adrianna had a meltdown." She said.

"I'm not here to talk about her." She said, remembering how Ric had grilled her for talking about patients infront of others. "What have you done today?"

"I watched Judge Judy and now I'm talking to you." Moira said boredly.

"Do you feel you've made any progress on your treatment?" Rachel asked her as she sat down.

(My idea was for her to ask about Ben btw)

"Oh was I supposed to be doing that?" Moira shrugged lazily.

"By reflecting on what you've done and why. Think of how to avoid old patterns." Rachel explained. "I actually want to ask you about Ben..if he's been innapropiate with you or anyone else?"

"What do you mean inappropriate?" Moira asked playing dumb.

(btw i read your last post wrong. i thought moira said "how was I supposed to be doing that?" which is why i replied the way i did. =P )

"Has he ever made a move on you?" Rachel asked her. "or has he offered anything? Special priviledges for sexual favors?"

"No. No matter how hard I try." Moira told her "I think he must be gay. I mean who wouldn't want a piece of this."

"You try?" Rachel repeated her words. "So you want a sexual relationship with Ben?"

"Have you seen him?" Moira pointed out "He's a stone cold fox."

"He's cute." Rachel laughed, empathizing with her. "But do you think sexual relations with a worker is really the best thing for your progress?"

"Well there's nothing else to do around here!" Moira exclaimed with annoyance.

Rachel wondered if thats why Henric wanted her. If he really liked her of if he was just bored. "Well, whats something you would enjoy that doesn't involve having relations with our work staff?"

"What about fucking other patients?" Moira smirked.

"Thats just as bad Moria." Rachel told her. She knew her well enought to know she was already sleeping around. "Who have you been active with? You don't know the medical history like we do. You could end up with an STI and pass it along."

(how should adrianna find out shes pregnant? i was thinking there are routine check ups that include prengancy and STDs since patients are probably always hooking up)

(Yeah maybe they do a blood test or something)

Moira rolled her eyes "I don't have STDs."

"How do you know? How many partners have you had since you've been here?" Rachel asked her.

"Stop saying partners it sounds lame." Moira complained.

"What would you prefer I called them?" Rachel asked curiously.

(i was thinking on outlaws Scotti should encourage Sloan to get with Nicky so she can get more information out of her if shes sleeping with the VP. and since Natalie and Scotti already don't like each other and they're giving Sloan opposite advice, it can start getting real ugly between them. =] )

(Ooo yes!)

"I'd prefer you didn't call them anything." Moira said snarkily.

"I need their names Moira." Rachel said softly.

"Why it's none of your business." Moira snapped.

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