Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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Henric wrapped his arms around her without breaking the kiss.
Adrianna woke up slowly and with a headache. She saw Ben and tried to jump back but was tied down. "Go away!"

Rachel backed into the wall and continued kissing Henric.?
"Make me." Ben grinned.?

Henric kissed her harder and moved his hand under her shirt.
"I'm strapped to a bed in solitary becuase of you. You?get your laugh and you're a big tough guy. Now leave me alone." Adrianna hissed.

"Are you sure we're alone?" Rachel breathed somewhat nervously. She didn't want anyone to catch them.
"Still feisty as ever." Ben grinned
(So i was thinking that Adriana will get pregnant after no one is suspicious of Ben anymore so no one believes he's the father)

"We're alone." Henric assured her. No one ever came to this part of the hospital.
"Only when I cross someone as sick as you." Adrianna said. "Go. Away."


"Ok." Rachel said kissing him again.
"You're the one chained to the bed how am I the sick one?" He asked "It's for your own good you know." He said.

(Omg i also had an idea that Ben slips Adrianna the abortion pill at some point after everyone finds out she's pregnant because he doesn't want anyone to know it's his baby)

Henric held her hips and slowly started pulling her skirt up. "This okay?"
"Its for your own good that I'm chained up. If I wasn't, you'd be dead by now." Adrianna sneared.

(hes evil! should she lose the baby?)

(Yeah i was thinking that. That way when they escape they aren't held down by a baby)

"Mhm." She breathed kissing his neck.
"Oh you're like a cute angry little puppy." Ben grinned "All bark no bite."

Henric lifted her skirt to pull down her underwear before undoing his belt.
"Thats your fault remember? I wouldn't be?strapped to a bed if it wasn't for you." Adrianna pointed out.

Rachel breathed heavily against his neck anticipating his next move.
"No sweetie it's your fault. You were the one threatening to kill me infront of everyone." Ben pointed out

Henric picked her up by her hips and watched her face as he slid into her.
"Why are you here?" She asked him.She wanted him gone.

Rachel moaned as he slid into her.
"Wanted to see you." Ben smirked

Hernic breathed harder as he moved against her.
"You've seen me. Scamper away now." She told him.

(so henric and moira are cousins right? cause oliver is old moira's baby daddy and henrics grandfather)

(Yes they're secret cousins :) )

Rachel dug her nails into his back and moved her hips with his.
"Naw I thought I'd sit with you for a while. You're clearly lonely." He smirked.

(should that ever come out at some point? idk how they'd find out. maybe blood tests for all the patients to check for diseases or something. when they escape, henric could be questioned if he helped moira escapd because shes his relative, and thats how he could find out too.)

Henric moaned quielty as he kept thrusting.
"No thanks I?don't enjoy your company." She smirked at him.

(Omg yes!)

Rachel moved harder against him as she felt herself coming close to the edge.
"I enjoy yours." He smirked

Henric moved faster and moaned as he reached his climax.
"Don't you have a job to do?" Adrianna pointed out. "Wouldn't want to get written up for neglecting your duties."

Rachel threw her head back and moaned as she climaxed with him?
"I'm on break." He shrugged.?

Henric breathed hard and pushed her hair behind her ear. "we need to get back before someone finds us."
"Lucky me your breaks are only 15 minutes." Adrianna smirked.

"Yes." Rachel cleared her throat and adjusted her skirt "We should get back."
"Pleanty of time." Ben said undoing his belt.

"Yeah." Henric said as he buttoned his pants. "It'll be shift change soon so no one should even suspect we were out of the office."
Adrianna saw him undo his belt and started screaming for help. She didn't want him to do this again.

Rachel fixed her hair "I hope we can just put all this behind us." She said refering to Vickys death.
"There's two locked doors between you and anyone who gives a shit. You should probably save your breath." Ben smirked.?

"Yeah. We won't speak of it again." Henric said, assuming she meant their sexual encounter too.
"Any girl here will have you, you don't need to do this." Adrianna pointed out.

"I should go do my rounds." She told him.
"I'm not doing this because I can't get someone else." He told her "I'm doing this to teach you a lesson." He grinned.

"Yeah. I'll take care of Gideon." He told her.?She didn't need to be anymore involved in this than she already was.

"Right." Rachel nodded hurrying off "I should check on Adrianna."?

"Yeah I'll see later." Henric said and left for his office.
"I already learned my lesson." Adrianna told him.

(fade to black. cut to a little later)?

Rachel went to the secured solitary confinement wing of the hospital and knocked on the door of Adrianas room "Can I come in?" Rachel asked,?

"Go away." Adrianna yelled to Dr. Cormier. She wasn't going to believe her so she didn't need to see her.

"I know your angry that you were put in solitary but you we're putting peoples safety in danger." Rachel told her.

"You're putting me in danger!" She yelled at her. "Where were you 20 minutes ago when Ben was in here?"

(it won't let me send you a message but do you need a character for alice on neon lights? or did you have any ideas for her?)

(Yes. I would like a character for her. Idk maybe another cop character? He could be like a rookie who goes undercover as her john and arrests her?)

Rachel looked confused "Adriana I'm the only person who's signed in here all day." Rachel told her "Ben hasn't been here."

(i was thinking that too =] )

"You think he's stupid enough to sign in?" Adrianna rolled her eyes. "What do you want?"

"You can't get in here without signing in." Rachel pointed out "It's a locked ward."
Rachel sat down on the edge of the bed "I came in here to talk to you. I have to follow up on what happened yesterday." But mostly she wanted to get as far away from the Gideon and Vicky situation as possible.

"I told you what happened and you didn't believe me." Adrianna pointed out.

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