Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"We'd go to prison either way." Rachel said "At least this postpones it."

"Go get a gurney. I'll deal with Gideon." He told her.?

Rachel rushed out of the room to find a gurney.

Henric pulled Gideon onto his office couch and gave him another shot of a sedative to keep him out for a long time. He cleaned off his bloody hands before going to the wall and wipe off the blood. There could be no evidence she was ever there.

(how should they keep gideon from talking? they could try to convince him he was hallucinating and vicky was never there. or they could tell him he killed her and they took care of it so he wouldn't be punished.)

(I think they should tell him he killed her so he'll stop tslking about her XD)

"I brought the gurney. And bleach." Rachel said pushing the cart in.

(haha yes!)

"Thank you Rachel." Henric said, grateful that they were in this together. "Gideon should be out for a few hours."

"You keep reminding me." Rachel said "I've made my choice."

"I appreciate this. More than you know." Ric told her before getting Victoria onto the gurney and covering her with a sheet. "Who else?knows she was here today?"

"No one." Rachel told him "I snuck her in. This wasn't exactly legal."

"None of the cameras saw you?" Ric asked her.

"There are no cameras in the back section." Rachel reminded him "I was careful."

"We need to move her quick before anyone sees." Ric said?

Rachel nodded "Help me get her on the gurney."

Ric lifted her by her arms and laid her on the gurney.

"We should give Gideon an extra dose of sedetives so he doesn't wake up while we're gone." Rachel suggested.?

"I already did." He told her. "He'll be out for most of the day."

Rachel smiled in relief "Good. We better hurry though." She said draping a sheet over Vickys body.

"Were the hallways pretty clear?" He asked her.

"We'll go the back way." Rachel said

"Lets get it done." Ric said dryly.

Rachel peaked out the door "The coast is clear." She told him?

Ric took the gurney and pushed it out into the hall. He hoped no one caught on to what they were doing.

"We should hurry." Rachel said keeping an eye out as they pushed the gruney towards the abandoned section of the hospital?

"For once I'm glad they haven't torn this place down." Ric smirked.

"Yes budget cuts are very convenient sometimes." Dr. Cormier smirked.

"I'm just glad our security cameras only cover the front entrance." Ric said.

"Budget cuts." Rachel repeated looking around to make sure no one was lurking in a corner somewhere.?

"For once they're a good thing." Ric noted.

"Maybe we should just do this quietly." Rachel said awkwardly.

Ric nodded and stayed quiet until the reached the basement.

Rachel got to the incinerator "do you have a lighter?" She asked him.

"Yeah." Henric took his lighter from his pocket.

"Good." Rachel said "Do you know how to work this thing?"

"I think so." Ric said. "we load her up on here, pull the handle back and it takes her in."

"Ok." Rachel nodded lighting the pilot light "let's hope it still works."

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