Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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"It's okay. We just don't want to face a law suit. No more telling orderlies about what's said in therapy, even if it's about them." Henric ordered.?

"You act like I've done it more than once." Rachel pointed out.

"I'm not saying you do but I'm not with you all the time. I don't know what you may have said without realizing what you were doing." Henric explained and got up from his desk. "You're a great doctor. You're kind and trusting. You form better bonds with the patients and the staff than anyone else. I'm just worried all of that trust could lead to the wrong information getting to the wrong people."

"I resent the fact that you think I can't do my job." Rachel said.

"I'm paying you a compliment." He told her. "You do your job almost too well."

"Just that I'm office gossip?" Rachel said

"Its not gossip. You just trust too easily." He told her.

"Can we just drop it please." Dr. Cormier said annoyed.

"Yes." Henric said and went back to his desk. "Was there something else you wanted to discuss?"

"Adrianna." Rachel said "We have to do something about her, Ben isn't the first or only staff member she's attacked or made sexual advances towards."?

"I know. I'm wondering though why Ben is the focus of her attention. Her obsession with him is more intense." Henric stated.

"I mean not to sound unprofessional but he's a very attractive man." Dr. Cormier told him "Maybe she's projecting some fantasy on him."

"that's possible but unlikely. Adrianna wants to be adored. She only attacks if she's threatened. Has Ben done something she could have perceived as an attack?" Henric asked her.?

"I don't know. He said he turned her down. Maybe he said something that threatened her grandoise view of herself." Rachel shrugged "We can talk to him."

"I'll talk to him after his rounds." Henric said. "What do you suppose we do about Adrianna?"

"Keep her in solitary for now so she knows we mean business and then change up her meds." Rachel shrugged.

"We made to begin more intensive therapy for her." He added.

"I agree." Dr. Cormier said "We need to break her sense of superiority. Maybe solitary will do that for her."?

"Ive been thinking about ice baths." Ric admitted. "They may be of some use with extreme patients."

"Do you think it will work?" Rachel asked "Adrianna needs all the help she can get."

(Lets skip to vicky and Gideon)

Henric lead Gideon into his office and sat him down.?"Okay Gideon, I need you to stay seated for this entire session, do you understand?"
Gideon nodded eagerly. He was just told Vicky had agreed to see him and he was so thrilled. He'd do whatever the doctors said if it meant he could be reunited with her.
Henric went to his phone to page Dr. Cormier. "Bring her in."

"Ok Victoria. Just sit down we'll be monitoring you the whole time. Just tell him what you're feeling." She said leading her into the room with Gideon.

Gideon?grinned as he saw her. He tried standing but Dr. Threadson put his arm on his shoulder to stop him. " look beautiful. How have you been?"

"It's Victoria." She said sharply "And you killed my fiance don't ask me how I am."

"Vicky-Victora..don't you see he was just using you? I had to stop him." Gideon explained.

"How is that any of your fucking business." Victoria said slaming her hands on the table "You mean nothing to me! You are nothing! You insane fucked up piece of shit. You ruined my life!"

Gideon couldn't believe she was saying that. This whole time he thought she loved him as much as he loved her but now she was being so cruel. He studied her face as?a swtich went off inside him. It was like the night he killed her fiance. He lunged?at her, slamming her head into the wall repeatedly. "You were everything to me! I killed for you! I'm locked up for you! I loved you!" he screamed at her as he kept his hands around her throat while banging her head against the wall.
"Gideon no!" Ric yelled and tried prying him off but he was too strong. "Let her go Gideon, you'll kill her!"

"Gideon no!" Rachel screamed pulling a syringe of tranquilizer out of her white coat and jamming it into his shoulder.

Henric pulled Gideon away from Victoria as the medicine started kicking in. He put his hands around her head to keep her steady but he knew she was?dead when he felt the blood and saw the smear down the wall. "she's gone."

"Fuck!" Rachel cursed uncharacteristically "This is a malpractice suit and a half."

"we'll figure this out." Henric said. He wasn't about to get sued for this. "we need to make it look like an accident."

"He bashed her head against the wall 20 times how is that an accident." Rachel pointed out.
"What if we just.....dont report this."

"What do you suggest we do with her body?" Henric asked. He?was actually glad she was willing to get her hands dirty.

"There's an incinerator in the old section of the hospital "We'll just pretend she never showed up."

Henric was shocked at her suggestion. She was always so kind and innocent. He didn't see her going through with something like this. "You sure you can handle that? We do this, we can never tell anyone. We'll go to prison for assisting in a murder."

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