Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital

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Monsters don't sleep under your bed. They sleep inside your head.

Briarcliff Psychiatric Hosptial for the Criminally Insane has been in business since the 1940's back when it was Briarcliff Asylum. It's one of the few hospitals left thats equipped to treat patients with outdated methods such as electroshock therapy, lobotomies, and hydro therapy (not that any of this is made known to the?public.) All kinds of mentally ill patients are treated here, particularly violent criminals. Murderers, sexual deviants, and other predatory miscreants call Briarcliff home.

You can be a patient, nurse, doctor, therapist, orderly, etc. If your character has a mental disorder, include it on your form. have fun and be creative! Google is your friend in regards to bizarre mental disorders!



Moira Teale
looks 1?looks 2
Disorder:Borderline personality disorder,?Hypersexuality
(Sexual Deviant. Sexual sadism disorder.)

Bio: How did a pretty girl next door type wind up in Briarcliff you ask? Well underneith that procelean doll exterior lies the heart of a true monster. Moira was the girlfriend of the infamous "School Girl Killer", she took pleasure in helping him lure her poor unsuspecting peers to their death, but not before the pair tortured them. When they were caught Moira played the victim saying that she was abused and brainwashed into assisting with the crimes. To avoid jailtime she accepted a plea bargain that sent her to Briarcliff.?
Moira is extremly charming and manipulative, but don't ever be fooled, the only person that Moira cares about is herself and she takes pleaure in watching others suffer.?
(Moiras Playlist)


Adrianna Sutton
Amorous Narcissist with Pyromania Tendencies
Adrianna is completely narcissistic. She had a relatively normal childhood. She was born to young parents, who divorced when she was practically a baby. Her mother was more like her friend than a parent and as she got older, they became somewhat competetive. She sought attention from her moms boyfriends and often won. But it was her highschool boyfriends that left her here at Briarcliff. At 16, she was dating a senior and 3 weeks after he dumped her, he ended up roofied and set on fire. Then at 18 when she was a head cheerleader with an already inflated ego, another boyfriend dumped her and he ended up locked in his bedroom when a fire broke out. Adrianna's ego had been hit hard?so she had to burn everything and everyone who hurt her.?She took all the sympathy and got a lot of attention with the first deceased boyfriend but the second one brought her under suspicion, especially when she was found wth the same accelerant used on the boyfriends. Her pretty looks and ability to act and manipulate got her sentenced to Briarcliff instead of prison. Her narcissism stems from the ability to seduce nearly anybody so she's made her way through most of the crazies and to inflate her ego she wants to bed her doctors. She's also a very skillful liar and she enjoys messing with people to make herself feel superior.

i accidentally made my character somewhat similar to Moira. They should be frenemies and be competitive for attention and seduction.

Benjamin Langdon
Ben is the son of Briarcliff Adminstrator so he basically has free reign over the patients of Briarcliff. He especially likes the more buxon female patients, often blackmailing them and bribing them with drugs to get them to do what he wants. Which is usually sexual in nature.?
A bully by nature Ben was the jock type in highschool.Captain of his schools hockey team but he tore his ACL and lost his shot at the big legues. All though he is cunning and manipulating he was never what one would call book smart. Relying on his looks and charm to get him through life. Plus having reasonably wealthy parents Ben never had to work very hard to get anything.?
He thorougly enjoys working at Briarcliff. It's entertaining and he's got everyone under his thumb.
His Mother?Winnifred Langdon?Briarcliff Hospital Administrator?


Dr. Rachel Cormier
Dr. Cormier is a bleeding heart to a fault. She always believes the best in people and is the moral force at Briarcliff and one of the few that has the patients best intrests at heart.?
Rachel is an excellent Doctor but due to her history of drug abuse Briarcliff was the only place that would hire her. Rachel was attacked ?by an unstable patient 2 years ago which left her face quite badly scarred, since then Dr. Cormier has been quite timid around the patients, not wanting to be left alone with them for too long, least history repeat itself.?


Dr. Henric "Ric" Threadson
Henric has always been interested in psychology, seeing as it runs in the family. His grandfather worked at Briarcliff Asylum in the 50s and established the well respected Threadson name. He's worked here for years and likes to use the old fashioned techniques for treatment, whether they be legal or not. He also performs little experiments in the name of science. He doesn't like to cause harm to his patients but if they suffer for the greater good, he thinks it's worth it. Henric also has a thing for fellow doctor Rachel Cormier. He's attracted to her innocence and the sympathy she has for her patients.

Dr. Rebecca Brennan
Rebecca?is still semi-new in her career as a doctor and she wasn't doing a very good job to start. She was clumsy and unprepared and gave a misdiagnosis to half her patients. Then she decided to change her approach. For a select number of patients, she would give a nearly fatal diagnosis and poisoned them; when she stopped poisoning them and started to actually treat them, they magically recovered, all thanks to Dr. Brennan. Rumors started to circulate and she left the ER as soon as?she was done with her residency. She works in this?madhuse but she's respected and looked up to for being such a great doctor, even though she secretly poisons her crazy patients. Deep down, she still feels like a worthless loser because her success is totally fake.

Gideon "Eon" Matheson.
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Gideon has always had mental issues. He was in a somewhat abusive household and it caused him to be withdrawn and isolated from the other kids growing up. He has an avoidant personality disorder. Despite this, he's very intelligent. In highschool and college he graduated at the top of his class and he's worked with complex computer systems over the years but his speciality is in security. Big companies need more than just security guards; they need someone on board when their cameras go down or the alarms won't stop going off.?Gideon?is that guy. He basically gets paid to watch the staff on camera and make sure the system stays up and running. He loves his job because he gets to be left alone?to watch people- this one doll in paticular. He obsessively watched her on the cameras and then started following her after work. He stalked her constantly and was convinced she loved him as much as he loved her. There was one problem; she had?a boyfriend. One night he decided to get him out of the way so he snuck into?their house and butchered the guy with a knife. Then he patiently waited for her and when she came home, he forced himself on her. The courts could easily tell he was crazy and now he'll spend the rest of his life here in the loony bin.

I may join, I'll just need to think of some character ideas first


(I'm going to start this but Sunshinee you can still join =]] )

Ric poured himself a cup of coffee in the staff break room and looked over his notes. He needed to do some therapy sessions?with his more difficult patients and it was going to make for a long day. "Morning Cormier." he said when he saw Rachel. He enjoyed her company.

"Good morning." Rachel said sipping her tea.
Ben strolled in and flopped his McDonalds bag on the table "Sup bitches."

"You shouldn't use that language here. Not where patients can hear." Ric told Ben.

"They're all dangerous criminals I'm sure they've heard worse." Ben pointed out opening his egg mcmuffin.
"Just try to be more respectful." Rachel said sweetly "we lead by example."

Moira laid on the couch in the Tv room her feet hanging over the back head down near the floor
"Change the channel this show sucks." She complained.

"Morning already?" Rebecca yawned as she walked into the break room and went straight for the coffee. She wasn't meant to be night shift but she stayed to help her sick patient through a difficult night. Little did they know it was her fault that he was sick.
"Theres nothing else. I already checked." Adrianna pointed?out as she picked at split ends in her hair.

"You sleep at all last night?" Cormier asked Rebecca.
"There's gotta be something." She griped "I'm sick of teletubby bullshit. When are we getting cable!?"

"A little." Rebecca said and sipped her coffee. "You should go home." Ric told her. "No I'm okay. We're short handed as it is." she assured them.
"My guess? Never." Adrianna smirked. "They're forcing us to find other forms of entertainment."

"Are you sure?" Rachel asked "At least take some extra breaks."
"They won't like my alternate form of entertainment." Moira smirked.

"I will. I'll take a nap at lunch." Rebecca told her.
"They'd like mine..maybe a little too much." Adrianna smirked.

"I can cover some of your patients if you need more time." Rachel suggested finishing her tea.
"Ladies." Ben smiled handsomly as he walked past the tv room. Winking at Adrianna and Moira.

"I'm really fine." Rebecca assured her. "You can rest for a while now. I want to start group soon." Ric said as he checked the time. He thought it would be good to start with group therapy today.
"Benny. Can you get us some real movies? We're tired of cartoons." Adrianna asked as she gave him her best flirty eyes

"I'll see what I can do. If you make it worth my while." Ben smiled.

"Don't I always?" Adrianna grinned at him.

"I can help out in group." Rachel said. She liked spending time with Ric because he could protect her if another patient lost it.
"And don't you know it." Ben winked at her.

"That would be perfect. Let's get started." He suggested and closed his folder.?
"We'll make a date then." Adi smiled at him.?

"Rebecca take a long break." Rachel told her as she got up to leave the breakroom.
"See you after lights out sweet thang." Ben whispered with a smirk and headed out to do his rounds.
"Ugg I can't stand that perv." Moira groaned after he was out of earshot.
"Guys lets go." A nurse with a clipboard said authoritativly "Group A therepy session in 10 minutes you know what to do."

"whats there to stand? Hes a horny errand boy and he's completely infatuated with me." Adrianna smiled, feeling pleased with herself that she could get an orderly to eat out of the palm of her hand. "Ugh what I can't stand is group."

"Hes infatuated with vagina, not you." Moira pointed out breezing past Adrianna towards group.

"I don't see him drooling over you." Adrianna pointed out as she caught up to Moira.

"Think whatever you like as long as it gets us some good tv." Moira shrugged entering the common room where group therepy wad held.
"Dr. Threadson. Dr. Scarface." She smiled brightly as she sat down in her seat

"Careful Moira. Don't make us write you up first thing in the morning. You've already got 3 strikes this month." Ric pointed out while everyone took?a seat.

Moira smiled "Sorry Dr. Threadson."

"You need to apologize to Dr. Cormier. Not me." Ric informed her.

(i sent you a message with an idea. did you get it?)

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